How To Get Seeker’s Keys In Remnant 2

The three Seeker's Keys in Remnant 2 are essential to complete the world of N'Erud and progress ahead and we can help you find them

Every world in Remnant 2 tasks players with completing a certain objective before they can fight the world boss. For N’Erud, players need to find 3 glowing orbs called Seeker’s Keys before the boss door opens.

Sentinel’s Keep is a locked door that can be opened when you acquire all of the Seeker’s Keys and leads to the Sha’Hala world boss. The door has 5 slots but the good part is that 2 of the slots are already glowing, which means that you just need to put your hands on the rest of the three Seeker’s Keys.

The key to finding Seeker’s Keys is within the quest description itself. It mentions that powerful enemies need to be defeated to find the keys. So basically any dungeon on N’Erud that has a boss in it will drop a Seeker’s Key for you.

How to get the first Seeker’s Key

The first Seeker’s key can be acquired once you reach N’Erud at Seeker’s Rest. This location is the entrance area of N’Erud. Once you go inside the Seeker’s Rest, you need to continue on the path along with the checkpoint until you see an elevator

How To Get Seeker's Keys In Remnant 2

Take the elevator to make your way down and you will reach the main hall where you will observe a giant tall statue.

Once you come in front of the statue, the statue will turn around and the ladder will appear that you need to follow to reach another statue, having an orb-type object. Interact with the statue that will lead you to obtain the first key.

So you basically enter N’Erud with one key already in your possession and only have to find two more.

Where to find the remaining two Seeker’s Keys in Remnant 2

As we mentioned before, any dungeon with a boss can give you the Seeker’s Key. Depending on which world roll you got, you might have access to different dungeons. That is why we will go over all the possible dungeons that can give you Seeker’s Keys in Remnant 2.

Below is the list of dungeons that can potentially get you the keys:

The Hatchery

After successfully acquiring the key from Seeker’s Rest, you have to go to the next destination to get the second key, the next destination is Hatchery Dungeon in Phantom Wasteland.

Come down the stairs after acquiring the first key, and you will see a path behind the elevator. Take that path to reach Hatchery Dungeon.

Once you reach inside the Hatchery dungeon, you will encounter the Primogenitor boss whom you need to slay. This boss is not as easy in the early game, so we recommend you bring the essential and upgraded weapons as you decide to come into this dungeon to obtain the second Seeker’s key.

Once you slay the boss, you need to discover the dungeon a bit more to find out where is Stone-made tall statue. As you found the statue, you need to interact with it which will result in the emergence of a set of stairs. You need to follow the path of the stairs which will bring you top of it and can get the seconds Seeker’s Key.

Spectrum Nexus

You can find Spectrum Nexus dungeon when you make your way to Timeless Horizon on N’Erud.

After collecting the second key, come down the stairs and make your way to the right direction where you will see a path going. Get on this path to reach Timeless Horizon on the north side.

This dungeon also has a boss named The Custodian’s Eye. You need to bring down this boss to proceed. As you defeated the boss, you must look for another tall statue in this dungeon.

As you find the statue, you can get the third Seeker’s key from the heart of this tall statue.

Putrid Domain

How To Get Seeker's Keys In Remnant 2

You can make your way to the dungeon of the Putrid Domain to acquire a Seeker’s Key in Remnant 2. Once you are inside the dungeon, reach to the end of this place where you will encounter the boss of this dungeon in Remnant 2, the Abomination. You need to bring down this boss.

Once he is killed, you have to go inside the final room where you can obtain this Seeker’s Key.

Astropath’s Respite

How To Get Seeker's Keys In Remnant 2

Another Seeker’s key can be found in the Astropath’s Respite Dungeon in Remnant 2. This dungeon also has a boss named Astropath. You need to go inside the dungeon and search the area to look for the elevators.

Once you reach the spot of elevators, take that elevator to go at the upper levels. As you arrived at the top levels, there you will confront Astropath. You need to slay him and then move towards the final room where you will see a statue that has Seeker’s key.

There is a bug in the game that does not update the number of seeker keys you’re holding past the first unmissable one, in the quest log. To circumvent this, you can simply check your inventory and see how many keys you’re holding, if you’re holding the right amount, you should be able to continue without any hitches.

How to use Seeker’s Keys in Remnant 2

If you remember the conversation with The Custodian, he mentions that the path forward is illuminated by a giant glowing orb in the sky. Look towards the sky from any part of overworld N’Erud and you should see a massive tower with a glowing white orb at its top. That is where you need to go after getting all the Seeker’s Keys.

As you reach this place, place all the collected Seeker’s Keys in Threshold of the Unknown. Placing all the keys will unlock the Sentinel’s Keep gate which will lead you upstairs and allow you to confront the final boss of this world, Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. If you have the Override Pin, make sure to use that to unlock a new weapon for defeating the boss.

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