Remnant 2 The Custodian’s Eye Boss Guide

The Custodian's Eye is a robot type enemy with high burst damage. You need to be careful dealing with it. Here's how to do defeat it!

The Custodian’s Eye hails from the race of N’Erud robots in Remnant 2. This boss can pose a challenge, as you might encounter it early if you decide to roll into its world from the start. 

The boss has devastating attacks and can quickly kill you with burst damage. So you must know the mechanics of this sentinel in order to be prepared to take it out. But before that, locating The Custodian’s Eye is also critical in Remnant 2. 

Where to find The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2 

You need to explore N’erud to get to the depth of the Spectrum Nexus to locate The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2. You will have to move through different dungeon levels to reach the boss’s location finally. 

You must defeat several enemies along the way, but none will pose a severe threat. You just have to go past them and find the lift that takes you close to your destination. 

You will reach a checkpoint before facing the boss, making redoing the fight easy if things go south. Make your way left from the checkpoint and go past the barrier of fog. 

Keep moving straight until a cutscene initiates, indicating the start of the battle with The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2. 


How to defeat The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2 

Knowing the attacks The Custodian’s Eye will use against you in Remnant 2 is important as it will help you counter them. 

The boss will initiate the battle by attacking with a purple laser. This attack makes the boss vulnerable and exposes its eye as a weak spot. You must keep shooting the eye while dodging the laser.

The Custodian’s Eye also summons tiny flying spheres before launching three laser beams. You must quickly remove the spheres, hide behind the objects, or move away from the lasers. Always look for an opportunity to hit the boss’s eyes. 

Thirdly, the boss will make purple hexagons appear on the floor. You need to move away from the marked area as soon as possible. The glowing parts will go down, and you will receive massive damage if you are inside. 

Try to use your healing skills to heal yourself and avoid the use of Dragon Heart Relic. It will heal the boss when you use it.

During the fight, keep shooting at the eyes of the enemy, and the battle will be over in no time. Moreover, try to make use of the burn mod to deal some burned the enemy for some extra damage. 

Rewards for defeating The Custodian’s Eye 

You can earn the Tome of Knowledge and Sentry’s Old Iris by defeating The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2. The Sentry’s Old Iris is crucial as it allows you to develop the Prismatic Driver Weapon Mod in the game.

This mod will enable you to unleash superheated beams to deal massive damage per second. Moreover, the beam also explodes to inflict AoE damage in a specific radius. 

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