Remnant 2 Primogenitor Boss Guide

The Primogenitor boss is a bug-like boss in Remnant 2 that can inhabit other bodies. We have written an article to help you defeat him.

Remnant 2 Primogenitor is a parasite-like boss that you need to defeat to progress further. Do not take its small size as a sign of weakness, because it packs quite a punch.

Coming from the race of Bugs, this tiny creature can become a pain due to its abilities. The boss can even fly around and use Hatchers as its puppets against you.

You will encounter Primogenitor in one of the earliest dungeons of N’erud. Each player, irrespective of their dungeon interior, will fight this boss at the end of the area in Remnant 2.  

Where to find Primogenitor in Remnant 2 

You will find Primogenitor by exploring The Hatchery in Remnant 2. This dungeon is filled with multiple dangerous parasites that you must defeat. Ultimately, you will have the chance to battle Primogenitor and defeat him. 

How to defeat Primogenitor in Remnant 2 

Being one of the earliest bosses, Primogenitor is fairly easy to take on. He can only perform two attacks in Remnant 2. However, this fight requires you to have superior mobility throughout the battle. 

The battle will begin with the boss entering a large flying creature. You will find several holes in the body of the creature, making it possible to hit the boss even through the boss. Target the boss through these holes and damage him as much as you can. This is the weak spot that you can exploit.

Watch out for the poison attacks that the boss will unleash from the holes of the flying bug. You need to move away from the line of the attack and reach a safe spot to catch a breath. 

With the progression of the battle, the number of bugs will increase, making the fight much harder. Try to kill the bugs and then focus your attacks on the bigger bug. The boss will drop out of the bug once you kill it, which will allow you to use your most powerful melee attacks. 

The boss can also jump on your arms but you can throw the enemy down and free yourself by performing melee attacks in Remnant 2. After the same attack patterns, Primogenitor will get inside another bug after moving into a valve. 

You must use the long-range weapon this time around to inflict as much damage as possible. During the second phase of the battle, there will be two flying bugs. Only one contains Primogenitor, so you need to focus your attacks on that particular bug. 

Try to move around the arena and kill the bugs so the boss can come down on the ground. After this, the next phase will start, and you will encounter three flying bugs. Take down the ones not carrying the boss before focusing your attacks on the boss. Keep with the strategy and defeat all enemies along with the boss to finish the fight against the Primogenitor in Remnant 2. 

Rewards for defeating Primogenitor 

You will be rewarded with the Cracked Shell after defeating Primogenitor in Remnant 2. This crafting can be used to craft Space Crabs weapon mods in the game. Moreover, you also receive Lumenite Crystal and Tome of Knowledge as a reward for this battle. 

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