How To Unlock The Alchemist Archetype In Remnant 2

You can unlock the Alchemist archetype fairly early in Remnant 2 by obtaining the Mysterious Stone on Losomn.

The Alchemist archetype is a support-focused class in Remnant 2. The utility-packed kit uses consumables and vials to provide powerful buffs for increased damage and protecting potential which can extend team-wide for co-op enjoyers or work just as well for self-buffing solo players without compromising any part of the kit.

Players who want to build more on their primary archetype or simply enjoy support roles will relish the damage buffs, ammo increase, status resistance, and much more it has to offer.

The Alchemist archetype is not part of the basic class and the players will definitely have their work cut out for them to unlock it. This, however, proves very rewarding for the quality it brings to builds. Here we will share how you can unlock this amazing class swiftly

How to unlock the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2

All archetypes require a special item or engram for unlocking. In the case of the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2, the Philosopher’s Stone is required which will be crafted by the merchant, Wallace using:

  • 1x Mysterious Stone
  • 10x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000x Scrap

Mysterious Stone location on Losomn

Losomn’s world descended into chaos after the merge of Fae and Dran leaving confusion and destruction behind. It is filled with darkness, damaged buildings, and decaying streets.

To get the Mysterious Stone, you will need luck as it is locked behind a random event. First, visit the world of Losomn for the Manticora from the Drain Event. This event can occur at different sewer sites across the map and the drops can vary.

For the Mysterious Stone drop, the two main locations are Ironborough or Morrow Parish depending on the storyline, Nightweaver, or Twin Usurpers respectively. If triggered in the Tiller’s Rest or Manticora Den: Dead Body, it will drop Alchemist Armor.

Keep on the lookout for sewer grates with large gaps, an event will trigger randomly where a huge rat, Manticora, will drag you through the grates, deeper into the sewers.

It’s best to stay still and let it happen or the event can be dodged. You will die and spawn in a bone pile in the rat creature’s layer where you have to fight it. Defeat the enemy to obtain the Mysterious Stone.

Make sure you are well-geared before fighting because it can be somewhat challenging. If the fight goes on longer and the creature escapes then wait around a little longer instead of leaving for it to come back for round two.

If you fall over or die at any point, the encounter will fail and you may not be able to return to the layer again. In this case and the chance that you don’t trigger the event altogether, you will have to reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode.

What to do with the Mysterious Stone in Remnant 2?

Once the Mysterious Stone is in your hands, pay Wallace a visit. He will be his makeshift shop on the docks at Ward 13.

Simply move up the stairs and give him all the required items to get the engram Philosopher’s Stone for equipping. Once equipped, you will finally have access to Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2.

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