How To Get Deceit In Remnant 2

Deceit is a long gun in Remnant 2 that is both the finest and more accurate weapons you can find on your journey.

The Deceit Long Gun is one of the finest and most accurate weapons in Remnant 2. It is also one of the deadliest ones. Boasting a sleek and sharp design along with brilliant stats, this is the weapon you want in your loadout.

The Deceit is bejeweled with ornate filigree and fires extremely accurate shots. It is an excellent choice for medium and long-range combats thanks to the precision its devastatingly dynamic blows hold. The entire quest to unlock this weapon is very enjoyable.

This guide will simplify the entire process of getting the Deceit long gun. So, let’s get started.

The Deceit location in Remnant 2

The Deceit long gun is a craftable weapon in Remnant 2 that requires you to obtain a unique crafting material called Imposter’s Heart on the world of Losomn.

Getting that unique item is not going to be easy. You need to choose to defeat Faelin, one of the two story bosses you encounter at the end.

Choose the Palace Courtyard as your starting location in Losomn. This path is going to lead you to Faelin and Faerin, the supplanters of the throne that killed the one true king.


Once you load up the Palace Courtyard, you’ll eventually find yourself in the Beatific Palace. You will have to locate the Mural pieces. You’ll require two masks to complete the mural.

To find the first mask, you have to locate the library. There will be a little room past the library, where you’ll see a mask glowing red.

Next, you’ll have to go to the basement and find the Jester. You’ll be provided a magic quill to open the gilded glowing doors. Now you must progress through all the exclamation point doorways. You’ll face a few bosses along the way.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the Malefic Palace. You’ll collect the second mural from here. Once both murals are collected, return to the Beatific Palace in the courtyard and complete the mural with the shiny side of the circle pointing towards the door.

Now that we have everything in place, it’s time we meet the Imposter king, Faelin. Faelin is the light king you have to defeat. Remember that Faelin’s head is his weak point; you’ll have to target that to defeat him. After defeating the boss, you’ll receive the Imposter’s Heart item. This material will be needed to craft the Deceit.

Crafting the Deceit long gun

Once you claim the Imposter’s heart, it’s time to meet Ava McCabe so she can craft you the Deceit long gun. You’ll require the following items:

You can find Ava in a Wearhouse in Ward 13. The Wearhouse can be found near World Stone. Interact with McCabe and provide her with the items so she can craft you the weapon. And that’s it. That’s how you get the Deceit Rifle in Remnant 2.

Is the Deceit good in Remnant2?

The Deceit is one of the coolest weapons you can lay your hands on in Remnant 2. This long gun has a gorgeous design that masks its ability to cause very high damage. The weapon shoots two penetrating rails with great accuracy. This makes this long gun a perfect choice for killing your enemies from long range.

Once you master the precision of this weapon, it becomes a tool of destruction. The gun boasts the highest damage capabilities in the game, which only get better with upgrades, starting from 144 at level one to 360 at level 10. The Deceit has a 15% Critical Hit Chance and a 5% Stagger modifier.

The Mod called Ouroboros, exclusively equipped with this weapon, is one of the coolest things about this weapon. By activating the Mod, three sword fragments start to encircle you. Each time you perform a Melee attack, you’ll be sending one of the swords out onto your enemies.

After the sword is embedded in your target, you can unleash major critical damage onto your foes. This quality makes this weapon an ideal choice for high burst damage.

As for mutators, the weapon does not have any built-in ones. However, you can equip mutators in the empty slots available. The weapon works best when paired with the Gunslinger and Hunter class.

Now that you know everything about the Deceit weapon, enjoy blasting the heads of your enemies from long range.

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