How To Unlock The Explorer Archetype In Remnant 2

The Explorer archetype is pretty easy to unlock in Remnant 2. You only have to defeat the final boss of the game for its Engram.

As the name already suggests, the Explorer archetype is all about finding hidden treasures scattered around the worlds in Remnant 2. With this class, you are never going to miss a single item in the wild.

In addition to highlighting all nearby items, even those beyond your reach, the Explorer archetype increases the chance of enemies dropping rarer items upon death. You, furthermore, loot more items than normal.

All of that, however, does not mean the class has no offensive skills. Preferably used as a secondary archetype, the Explorer class can boost team damage as well as their movement speed in Remnant 2. Here is how you can get this wonderful support archetype.

How to unlock the Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2

The Explorer archetype can be unlocked by crafting the Golden Compass Engram, which requires you to beat the main story of Remnant 2.

Progress through the main storyline until you reach Root Earth, a location that marks the end of your journey. You need to defeat the final boss Annihilation here, after which you are going to receive the Broken Compass. This is a vital crafting material that you need for the Golden Compass Engram.

What to do with the Broken Compass?

Once you have completed the final quest, you will return to Ward 13 after a few cut scenes. You now have to pay a visit to an old friend, Wallace—the trusty old merchant who can always be found at the docks.


Make your way to him with the Broken Compass alongside 10x Lumenite Crystal and 1000x Scrap to craft the Golden Compass Engram. Equip it and boom, you just unlocked the Explorer archetype in Remnant 2.

You can either use it as a secondary archetype or as a primary when starting a new playthrough.

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