Remnant 2 The Executioner Boss Guide

The Executioner is one of those optional bosses that you can only find based on the RNG mechanics in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 is packed with tons of different bosses. The majority of them are easy to come across. Some a tucked away in some shady corner and there is one category that is hidden deep underground. The Executioner in Remnant 2 belongs to the last category.

Take earth manipulation abilities and lightning abilities, pack them in one character, and also give it an axe. That’s Executioner for you. It is an aberration tucked deep in an underground dungeon that you will need to find.

The Executioner is one of the harder bosses to take down but with a little help from this guide, you should be good to go. In this guide, we will be discussing everything there is to know about The Executioner in Remnant 2, where to find it, how to defeat it, and the rewards you will get for it.

Where to find The Executioner in Remnant 2

The Executioner is not an easy boss to come across in Remnant 2. It is one of the few bosses, you really have to dig deep, literally, to find. The RNG works its magic once again and there is no single spot where you might find the said boss.

You can find The Executioner roaming the dungeons that appear randomly beneath three possible locations in Remnant 2:

  • Council Chambers
  • The Great Hall
  • Shattered Gallery

You will be able to access the dungeon through a special room. This room will also appear randomly at three of the above-given locations. In the grand room, you will come across shiny pillars with lots of tables with candles on them spread across the room. You will also find a strange statue in the middle.


Go around the room and you will come across a picture frame, as shown below. You will find that the frame is covering a secret passage. Shoot the frame to gain access to the underground dungeon.

Drop down and follow the path. You will find a lot of petrified figures, you can roll and break them or you can also do that with a melee weapon as well.

Keep following the path and there will be a slight drop with waist-high water below. As soon as you jump down, The Executioner will notice you and the battle will begin.

How to defeat The Executioner in Remnant 2

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you run straight toward the boss – The Executioner. When you drop down into the dungeon, there won’t just be one enemy. There is a good chance you will come across another one during your altercation with the first one.

There is a trick where you can clear the catacombs first and then engage in battle with the Executioner. If you drop down normally the enemy is going to notice you before you can make it to the tunnel on your left. The movement speed inside the water is already hindered so what you gotta do is jump.

Instead of leaping into the water from the high ground, run and jump as close as you can to the tunnel on the left. That way, you can make a turn before Executioner takes notice of you. Once you are in the safe zone, roam around and clear the rest of the catacombs.

Make sure to clear all the obstructions blocking the path because you will need ample breathing room if you are going to engage in battle. Once you are confident, go back and face the boss to start the battle.

The Executioner, which by any means isn’t an easy one to tackle, only has three attack types; Earthquake, Lightning Strike, and Triple Slash. All of them can be avoided if you keep your eyes open and act quickly.

It is jump into the air and stomps its feet on the ground to cause an earthquake that only travels in a straight line. Though the AoE is unusually large. Roll to either side if you are directly in front of it when it jumps.

For the lightning, he will take a second to summon the spell and the lightning will fall on the pre-marked spots on the ground that can easily be dodged. Finally, the triple slash is where it will run toward you and do an upward slash, a side swipe,  and a downward slash, in that order.

Finally, let’s talk about the weakness of The Executioner. Every boss has a weak spot and so does this one. In this instance, there are multiple. Its body is covered with armor, except for arms and legs, which are also the weak spots taking the most amount of damage.

Now that we are completely familiar with the enemy, let’s look at how you can take it down. The trick largely depends on the Archetype and the type of build you are running. If your arsenal has more ranged attacks then just gain a distance, avoid the attacks, and unload tons of bullets into its arms and legs.

If your character is more melee-focused then the trick is to get behind and deal as much damage before it can turn around. Repeat the process and you should have no trouble defeating The Executioner.

Make sure to have a decent supply of healings because every blow is going to hit like a truck and you can taste the dirt with only a couple of direct hits.

Rewards for defeating The Executioner

This battle is not going to be an easy one but the game makes sure that you are compensated handsomely. As always you will receive one mutator along with other items which are as follows:

  • Steadfast
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2
  • Rune Fragment
  • Scrap

Remnant 2 The Executioner alt kill

Since The Executioner is not a world boss so there is going to be a lack of an alternate method to take it down. This also means that no matter how you defeat it, the outcome of the battle is going to be the same.

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