Red Dead Redemption 2: Random Encounters Guide

You have a good chance of encountering random events while exploring the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Here's what to expect.

Rockstar Games has implemented many moving parts in the world’s exploration system to ensure the world is always brimming with life. One of these is confronting strangers and participating in randomized events around the map. Let’s take a more detailed look at what these RDR2 random encounters mean for your character.

Indicated by grey dots on the mini-map, Red Dead Redemption 2 random encounters are special set pieces or scripted events. Your character will “happen” upon as he explores the world around him.

You can ignore them by turning the corner. But if you’re looking to get more involved in the world and increase or decrease your Honor rating, you may want to inquire about the particular incident you observe before your eyes.

Treasure Hunter

Your objective would be to steal a Treasure Map from an individual roaming the New Hanover region, all the way to the northeast of West Elizabeth. As a result, the “High Stakes Treasure” mission gets unlocked.

Confrontations with Night Folk Gang

These include minor random encounters that involve the “Night Folk Gang” in RDR2 at the Bayou region in Lemoyne. Completion of this encounter will unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission.

Murder Scenes

This mission can be acquired from two possible locations i.e. northeast of West Elizabeth near Wallace Station or in the town of Valentine. It prompts you to solve three murder cases.

Upon completion, you gain access to “American Dreams” Stranger Mission.

Del Lobo Execution

After completing Epilogue 1, you can participate in the Tumbleweed random encounters in RDR2. This is an event you witness in which the Del Lobo outlaw is about to be executed by the local sheriff.

Free him, and you’ll receive -2 Honor Points. Upon observing this incident, two Bounty Hunter Missions, Joaquin Arroyo and Esteban Cortez, unlock.

Animal Attack

Help a man before some predators attack him lethally. Changes in Honor Level as below:

  • +10 Honor on rescuing him
  • -10 Honor if you stand by through the whole incident without saving them.
  • -5 Honor if you just ignore the event.
  • -20 Honor if you rescue him, just to murder him needlessly after.

Animal Mauling

Help a man before a predator attacks him lethally. Five points will be deducted from Honor Level for staying long enough to watch the man die or ignore the whole incident and leave the site.

Otherwise, you are awarded 2 Honor Points of either of these actions:

  • Scaring away the predator.
  • Handing the man medicine or whiskey.
  • Delivering a mercy-kill when the man asks you to.


You will be awarded +2 Honor for helping a lone man but you won’t be losing any points if you decline his offer. This is because the incident ends with him attempting to fool you into stealing your horse.

Arms Deal

While outlaws are arranging a shipment of firearms, you can steal some ammo from the chests in these random encounters in RDR2.

Bear Trap

Help a man unshackle the bear trap he finds himself in. Changes in Honor Level as below:

  • +10 Honor for rescuing him and an additional +5 for handing him some whiskey.
  • -2 Honor if you rob him but still save him.
  • -5 Honor if you ignore the incident.
  • -20 Honor for watching him bleed out or murdering him after you’ve rescued him.

Boat Attack

You can loot some corpses that are being dumped out into the water body by Murfees.

Booby Trap

After you stumble and fall down a hole, you’ll need to fight off the ambushing party and escape the hole.

Bounty Transport

Intervene in an incident where two bounty hunters are carrying the WANTED target. If you kill the bounty while he’s tied up, you get -2 Honor.

Otherwise, for turning in the bounty yourself, you receive +5 Honor. No points are added or deducted for killing the Bounty Hunters or freeing the bounty.

Burning Bodies

When you observe a man over at Coots Chapel, he’ll be busy burning bodies instead of burying them. If you kill him, you’ll have 15 points of Honor deducted from your total Honor rating.

Camp Attack

While roaming the camps of Murfees or Skinners, you’ll be warned to leave the campsite, or they’ll attack you straight away in these random encounters in RDR2. So it’s best to stay away!

Camp Stranger

Give a strange woman some company by the campfire. For doing this, you receive +5 Honor. Otherwise, for being rude after you’ve allowed her to sit, you incur -5 points of Honor.

Declining the offer altogether, gets you -2 Honor and if you kill her for no apparent reason, you receive -10 in Honor.

Campfire Ambush

Fight the Murfees off when they’ve ambushed you. Using the Deadeye System here will make things easier.

Chain Gang

Watch as some prisoners escape by killing off the guards. You get -8 for each lawman you eliminate.


Lemoyne Raiders will be investigating a wagon and attempting to steal its possessions. If you intervene in the matter, you get +5 Honor.

Otherwise, you get -10 Honor for killing the driver or -1 Honor if you steal the possessions from the wagon yourself.

Coach Robbery

After observing a Coach Robbery at the hands of the gang, you can perform several actions which affect your Honor rating as below:

  • Rescuing the passengers will yield you +10 Honor, while only +2 Honor is gained if you intervened but couldn’t save them.
  • Ignoring the event gets you -5 Honor while watching the victims get killed gets you -10 Honor.
  • You can grab some collectibles in a box at the back of the coach.

Corpse Cart

You hear a voice amidst the dead bodies that the Murfees are transporting. Saving the person will yield you +10 in Honor Points, while ignoring him or choosing not to save him will get you -5 in Honor Points.

Crashed Wagon

Listen to a drunk who has crashed his wagon and either watch over his vehicle as he heads to town for help or decline to do so. If you choose to help, you’ll receive +2 in Honor but should you steal during this watch, -5 in Honor is incurred.

If you steal the Valerian root from a box in the wagon, you can choose not to help and get only -2 Honor Points.

Del Lobo Posse

After completing Epilogue 1, you encounter the Del Lobo folks.

Drunk Camp

You get to know more about Fort Riggs should you hand a drunk man some whiskey at the camp one of these random encounters in RDR2.


Help a stranded woman get to her destination for +10 Honor Points. Should you decline her request, you get -2 Honor Points. Otherwise, killing her will result in -20 Honor Points and threatening or terrorizing her gets you -5 Honor.


Save the innocent victims from Lemoyne Raiders attack for getting +10 in Honor. Should you botch your attempt at saving them, you still get +2 Honor. Ignore the event, and you get -5 points of Honor.

Fleeing Trespasser

Help the members of Gray or Braithwaite families in stopping the trespasser of one of the families.

Friendly Outdoors-Man

Get to know more about a special plant from a man who knows much about it.

Frozen to Death

Collect the note off a corpse in a small frozen settlement.

Fussar Chase

After Chapter 5, help two islanders escape the pursuit of Fussar’s men for +5 in Honor Points.

Gold Panner

Observe a man as he dwells on his search for some gold in a river. Wait long enough, and you might get a chance to steal some gold off him. However, you’ll incur -2 Honor Points.

Horse Race

Race a fellow rider to a set waypoint. You can get -2 Honor if you cheat during the race (kicking or attacking the rider). For killing him, you get -10 in Honor Points.

Hostage Rescue

Help a desperate person by saving their spouse from some bandits nearby. Changes in Honor Level as below:

  • +10 Honor Points for rescuing the spouse.
  • -10 Honor Points for killing the person who you acquired the task from, or killing the spouse or waiting long enough that the victim gets killed.
  • -20 Honor Points for rescuing and then subsequently killing the spouse.


Help a man avoid the bear’s charged attack for +5 Honor in one of these random encounters in RDR2. Eventually, you will help him hunt down the bear and skin it. If you kill the man after helping him, you incur -20 Honor, or if you just rob him, you get -1 Honor Point.

Inbred Kidnap

Get rid of the Murfees in these random encounters in RDR2 and help save the woman for +10 Honor. You get an additional +5 Honor for escorting the woman to her destination. Negative Honor Points as per your actions are listed below:

  • -5 Honor for not freeing her after rescuing her, or failing at your attempts of escorting her safely back to her destination.
  • -10 Honor for observing the whole incident and not giving out a helping hand.
  • -20 Honor for killing her after you’ve rescued her.

Injured Rider

Take an injured man to the hospital for +10 Honor and unlocking the ‘Public Hanging’ RDR2 Random Encounters. You incur -5 Honor for killing the man.

Kidnapped Victim

Respond to a call of a kidnapped woman on horseback and rescue her for +10 in Honor Points. Ignoring the incident will nag you -5 points in Honor while you also receive the same deduction in Honor Points if you don’t set her free after rescuing her.

If you rescue her only to murder her, you get -20 in Honor.

Laramie Gang Rustling

After RDR2 Epilogue 1, you observe the Laramie gang terrorizing some farmers and messing up with their livestock. Help the common folk by intervening in the situation to get +2 Honor.

If you manage to kill all the Laramie Gang members, then you’re awarded +10 Honor Points. However, if you kill the ranchers after saving them, you get -20 in Honor Points or -5 if you ignore the whole event.

Locked Safe

Observing two outlaws breaking into a safe, you can intervene and collect the contents yourself.

Lone Prisoner

Seeing a shackled prisoner, set him free for +5 Honor. Alternatively, you can receive bounty reward for delivering this prisoner to the sheriff’s station.

Lost Friend

Help a man search for his lost friend in the frozen wilds. The Eagle Eye will get you to where you need to be. Then come back to inform him that his friend’s dead for +5 Honor. Decline his request for help and you get -2 in Honor Points.

Lost Man

Usher a lost man to the nearest town for +5 Honor or ignore him for -2 Honor Points.

Moonshine Camp

Help two moonshiners get the plants they require. Using the Eagle Eye system, you will be guided to your goal. Hand the plants back to these folks for +2 Honor along with a reward from the chest.

Naked Swimmer

Speak to a naked swimmer near the water body to be directed to a fishing spot where you might catch a rare species.

Outlaw Looter

You observe a man looting a corpse. Do as you please, no consequences.

Outlaw Transport

You observe some outlaws shoot at a wagon and free one of their comrades. Do as you please, no consequences.


Take care of a man who’s suffering from a bad case of poisoning. You get +5 Honor for helping him find the medicinal herb nearby.

If you ignore him or stay long enough to watch him bite the dust, you get -5 in Honor Points. If you murder him after helping him, then be ready for a penalty of -20 Honor Points.

Posse Breakout

Help Bill break free of a camp of Bounty Hunters to get +5 Honor. Otherwise, decline the request for -2 Honor Points.

Prison Wagon

Lend out a hand by freeing the prisoner in the wagon for +10 Honor but make sure to avoid killing the lawmen as this will result in -5 Honor per lawman killed.

Rally Ceremony

Disrupt the ceremony for +2 Honor.

Rally Dispute

Break up the rally of hooded members for +2 Honor.

Rally Setup

You get +2 Honor for breaking the rally that intends to put up a cross.

Rifle Practice

Observe a target practice with Lemoyne Raiders. Do as you please, no consequences.

Road Ambush

A gang ambushes you. Do as you please, no consequences.

Savage Aftermath

After Epilogue 1, a camp lies totally desolate after an attack from the Skinners. One variation of the event prompts you to deal with a lone survivor who’s been scalped. Deliver a mercy kill to get +5 Honor.

The other variation is to kill a lone dog for -5 Honor.

Savage Fight

After Epilogue 1, prevent a Skinner’s attack for +2 Honor and +5 Honor if you manage to rescue the victims. You will incur -5 in Honor Points if you observe the event without helping the victims.

Savage Wagon

After Epilogue 1, you observe a wagon with its passenger and driver dead, presumably killed by Skinners. Do as you please, no consequences.


Accept a challenge related to target practice. You get -2 Honor if you cheat, and -5 Honor if you either rob him, kill him or don’t hand him the money after losing the challenge.

Honor Points are gained by walking away from your prize when you win. The Dead Eye mechanic will help you get better results.

Skipping Stones

Watch a boy skip stones and tell his story.

Snake Bite

Observe a man who’s been bitten by a snake. The changes in Honor Level as below:

  • +20 Honor for rescuing the man. This also unlocks a the ‘Consequence’ town chance encounter.
  • -5 Honor for ignoring his situation or watching him die.
  • -20 Honor for murdering him after you rescue him.

Spooked Horse

As you ride on your mount, your horse gets terrified at the sight of a dead horse left by Night Folk Gang. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission.

Stalking Shadows

A man tries to scare your horse while he’s crossing your route. Following the man will result in an ambush from the Night Folk Gang. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission.

Stranded Rider

Two variations of the same event involving a horse and its owner: In one, his horse kills the owner and in the other, the horse runs off.

The second variation has consequences to your Honor Level. Helping the owner and returning the horse to him awards +5 Honor while declining his request leads to -2 Honor. Killing him after accepting his request incurs a penalty of -10 Honor.

Torch Possession

Observe as two members of the Night Folk Gang dump a body in the swamps of the Bayou region. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission.

Torturing Captive

Intervene in a cruel act which involves two Murfees torturing an innocent man. Doing so will bring in +2 Honor and saving the person will bring in +10 more Honor. Otherwise, ignoring or watching him be killed will result in -5 Honor.

Train Holdup

Observing a train robbery, you can intervene to earn +2 Honor or watch the innocent passengers are killed for -5 Honor.

Trapped Woman

You come across a woman stuck under her horse. Answering her call, the actions and their consequences are listed below:

  • +5 Honor for helping her and an additional +5 Honor for escorting her back home.
  • -5 Honor for rejecting her request for help or failing to escort her safely back home.
  • -10 Honor for murdering her before freeing her.
  • -20 Honor for murdering her after freeing her.


In the swamp region, respond to a crying voice and move near it only to get ambushed by the Night Folk gang. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission.

Wagon Threat

After Epilogue 1, you encounter The Laramie Gang in their attempts to rob a wagon. Your actions and their effect on Honor Level as below:

  • +10 Honor for rescuing the passengers.
  • -10 Honor waiting out the situation only to get the passengers killed.
  • -5 Honor for ignoring the event.
  • -20 Honor for rescuing the passengers, just to murder them.

Washed Ashore

You come across a wrecked raft to find valuables inside including a letter to Bonnie MacFarlane.

Wild Man

Follow a naked man at Roanoke Ridge who claims to have been around the wolves all his life. You’ll reach the den where you can find some collectibles. Killing the man or his wolves, or both will result in -2 Honor.

Wilderness Hanging

Encountering a hanged man, there’s a chance you may be ambushed by a gang.


Three variations of the event exist. The first one has a beggar who awards you with +5 Honor for your donations and -5 if you steal from him.

Killing and beating him up results in -10 Honor and -5 Honor respectively. The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him.

The last one, if harmed, will result in negative Honor for you. On the other hand, if he’s helped, you obtain a special snake oil as the reward.

Bronte’s Goons

No consequences but you can get into a fight with Bronte’s Goons in Saint-Denis.

Bronte Patrol

A shootout occurs as you encounter Bronte’s men in their search for Dutch’s gang members.


As a reward for helping the man in ‘Snakebit’ wilderness chance encounter, you get to select an item from a particular store for free. Avoid killing this person or the one he’s with to avoid penalty of -20 Honor.

Dark Alley Ambush

An ambush occurs as you follow a man in Saint Denis. Then next time you open your eyes, you find yourself either by the river or in a graveyard.

Dark Alley Stabbing

Save a man as he’s about to get knifed for his possessions to earn +10 Honor. Watching him be killed or ignore the incident to incur -5 in Honor Points. You receive a penalty of -20 Honor if you murder him after rescuing him from the thugs.

Dead Bodies

You encounter a man piling up bodies in a wagon but rightfully so as he thinks they have cholera. Kill the man and you incur -10 in Honor.

Del Lobo Breakout

If you continue observing the Del Lobo gang members free their comrades and kill the lawmen, you get -5 Honor in points.

Domestic Dispute

Decide what happens after a couple of fights. You can confront any one of the two and sympathize with them for +2 Honor. On the other hand, you can antagonize with for -2 Honor. Killing either one of them will result in -10 Honor Points.

Drowning Murder

As you see a man drowning a woman into the water, you can save her for +10 Honor and unlock ‘Public Hanging’ chance encounter as well. You get -5 points of Honor for ignoring the incident and -20 for watching her are killed.

Drunk Dueler

In a saloon, choose to reject a duel challenge for +5 Honor or get involved in it but end it by disarming the opponent for +2 Honor Points. After chapter 5, if you kill him, you’ll incur -2 in Honor.

Duel Boaster

At Rhodes saloon, in a duel challenge, disarm the opponent for +2 Honor or kill him for -2 Honor.

Duel Winner

Another challenge comes your way, this time from an expert challenger. You get +2 Honor for disarming him but -2 Honor for killing him during the duel or after.

Fleeing Family

After Epilogue 1, you’ll encounter a family packing up for Armadillo. You don’t get a positive contribution to your Honor Level but killing or terrorizing them will result in -10 Honor or -5 Honor respectively.

Foot Robbery

Rescue the victim from the cruelty at the hands of Lemoyne Raiders O’ Driscolls for +5 Honor. Otherwise, wait out the duration of the beat-down and earn -5 Honor.

Gang Encounter

Try not to intervene in the matters of the rival gang members.

Intimidation Tactics

Some Lemoyne Raiders try to terrorize the people by throwing some Molotovs at a building in Saint Denis. Do as you please, no consequences.

Lost Dog

Accept a man’s quest to search for his barking dog. Return it back to him for +10 Honor. Now, the boy may act cruelly to his dog, in which case you’ll earn -2 Honor for killing the boy but +2 if you just give him a little beating.

You incur -20 in Honor Points for killing either the dog or the boy.

Lost Drunk

When a drunk man wants guidance from you regarding the directions, assist him for +2 Honor. Otherwise, misleading him will result in -2 Honor.

Sticking long enough to see where your lie leads him, will result in -10 Honor. Finally, killing him while he’s passed out leads to -20 Honor.

On the Run

A person who was conned needs you to find the swindler in Strawberry. You can find the swindler across the river and bring him back to the angry man to see him be killed and receive -5 in Honor Points.

Alternatively, you can lie to the angry man and let the swindler get away for +2 Honor.

Parlor Ambush

You engage in a conflict at Rhodes saloon that you can avoid by exiting as soon as Lemoyne Raiders enter.

Peeping Tom

You observe two men looking through a window. Follow in their footsteps and look through for -2 Honor. Continue long enough to incur -10 Honor. Otherwise, you can stop them at once for +2 Honor.


Upon entering a store, a man expertly pickpockets you and starts running. Chase after him to retrieve your money.

Piss Pot

Some people on the balcony of Saint Denis empty piss pots over the passers-by below. Do as you please, no consequences.

Police Chase

Observe an officer go after a thug down an alleyway in Saint Denis. Do as you please, no consequences.

Public Hanging

Viewing the incident of this hanging, you can free the criminal but at a cost of -5 Honor and an additional -5 points for killing the lawmen.

Rat Infestation

Help the bartender of a local saloon in Saint Denis with the rat infestation for +5 Honor. Decline his request for -5 Honor.

Rowdy Drunks

Observe a group of drunks exit a local parlor in one of these random encounters in RDR2. Do as you please, no consequences.

Self Defense

Listen to a hooker in Valentine and respond to her call of disposing of the victim she killed off. You get +2 Honor for reporting her.

You earn -5 Honor if you hide the body but still report her. The event is encountered once again. Similarly, you earn +2 Honor for reporting her but only -2 for helping her get rid of the corpse.

Show Off

See a man fumble his newly purchased firearm. Do as you please, no consequences.

Slum Ambush

A woman in the Saint Denis slum saloon asks you to follow her into a dark alley. Doing so will result in an ambush. Don’t kill her before such occurs, as this will result in -5 Honor.

Street Fight

Observe two men fight with bare knuckles outside a saloon in one of these encounters in RDR2. Do as you please, no consequences.


Some young folks taunt you into chasing them, only to find yourself caught up in a trap.

Town Burial

Attend the burial of an outlaw. If you mess around his grave, you incur -2 Honor or else killing anyone around will set you back -10 Honor Points.

Town Confrontation

A man claims to have witnessed your crime in one of these random encounters in RDR2. Killing him will result in -5 Honor.

Town Robbery

Enter a deal with man in Valentine about a robbery. You can proceed to steal the money and keep it for yourself. The cash is inside a drawer in room 1B. You can also lie to the man about the money and earn -5 in Honor Points.

Town Terror

Some Del Lobo folks terrorize Armadillo by shooting blindly at some settlements. You get +2 Honor for intervening in the situation.

Town Widow

A widow shows up claiming that you killed her husband. Offer her money to earn +5 in Honor, or refute her claims to earn -2 Honor. You can also murder her for -10 Honor.

Unpaid Debt

Listen to the threats of a bandit and help the debtor for +5 Honor. Otherwise, the debtor may get killed at the hands of the bandit, and you get -5 Honor for viewing the incident.

Wealthy Couple

After a wealthy couple is robbed, you can help them to get +10 Honor. Otherwise, not helping them results in -5 Honor and seeing the woman killed results in -10 Honor. Helping them both only to kill them afterward results in -20 Honor.

The Feral Man

You Get to encounter Feral Man more than once in a game. What makes this encounter rare is that he starts to run away as soon as you spot him. Going after him can lead you to the cave where he lives with his family. But upon going there, he will lose the wolves on you, so make sure before sitting inside the naked man’s den.

Meditating Monk

If you are ever going to make your way to the Grizzlies East, then don’t forget to look out for the monk who appears to be sitting on the cliff and doing meditation. If you try to interact, then he just looks back for a while and then again concentrate on his mediation.

Aberdeen Pig Farm

You come across the welcoming couple at the pig farm, and they offer you a meal in one of these random encounters in RDR2. The choice is all yours; you either want to stay or leave. But here is the real thing: you don’t have to get fooled by this friendly behaviour if you decide to stay, then you will get robbed, so be aware!

The Vampire

If you are more into spooky random encounters in RDR2, then you will definitely like this one: the encounter with the vampire in Saint-Denis. But in order to find him, you will have to look for the five pieces on which things will be written in some mysterious writing. And by going to the alleyway south of the city’s cathedral you can spot the vampire. Make sure you go there around between 12 and 1 am as this time he can be found there.

Agnes Dowd

Another one of the random encounters is with the Ghost of Agnes Dowd in RDR2. You can hear and spot the ghost while making your way through the Bayou when it gets all dark and foggy. The recommended location where you can spot her is the Northwestern area of Bluewater Marsh. Head to this place between 9 pm and 3 am, and you will be able to hear her voice. Go after the shouting voice to find out the ghost’s exact location. Players get to encounter Agnes Dowd 16 times, which allows them to know more about her.

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