Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses, Locations, Breeding Tips

Learn everything there is to know about mounts in Red Dead Redemption 2 with the help of our guide so you don't have to walk everywhere

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses are more advanced than ever before and this guide will ensure that you know all about finding these magnificent mounts, reaching max bonding, finding stables, perma-death, and feeding them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses

Before we dive into how to care for your horse and all of the other things that go along with managing it, you need to know how to get a horse from the wild.

Once you have found your horse and caught it, you need to first break it and then tame it before you use it. When you see a horse out in the wild, you need to get out your lasso.

Select the lasso from your Weapon Wheel and then use it by holding the LT and then RT to swing it. If the aiming marker is red, then you will hit the target.

Once you have the rope on your horse, you can press X to calm it down as you get close to it slowly. When you are close to the horse, you can mount it.

The horse will try to get away from you and you need to win a mini-game in order to be able to ride it. Once you break the horse, it is yours to control for however long you want or however long the horse survives.

Horses Locations

Let’s take a look at where to find every single one of the horses in the game one by one. Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 are divided into several categories and you should choose the one that you feel comfortable with.

In total, there are 19 different breeds of horses, the types which will appear under the “Horse” heading in the table below. For each breed or specie, there may be multiple variations or skins for the horse which are labelled under the “Coat” heading.

In this section of our RDR2 Mounts Guide, we have detailed how to unlock different types of horses available to Arthur Morgan in the game as well as horses locations.


Horse Coat Location
American Paint Overo Wild/Ambient
American Paint Tobiano Wild/Ambient
American Paint Splashed White Wild/Ambient
American Paint Grey Overo Tumbleweed Stable – Epilogue 1
American Standardbred Black Wild/Ambient
American Standardbred Buckskin Wild/Ambient
American Standardbred Palomino Dapple Valentine Stable – Chapter 2
American Standardbred Silver Tail Buckskin Tumbleweed Stable – Epilogue 1
Andalusian Dark Bay Strawberry Stable – Chapter 2
Andalusian Rose Grey Van Hor Stable – Chapter 6
Appaloosa Blanket Wild/Ambient
Appaloosa Leopard Blanket Wild/Ambient
Appaloosa Leopard Van Hor Stable – Chapter 6
Appaloosa Brown Leopard Tumbleweed Stable – Epilogue 1
Arabian Black Saint Denis Stable – Chapter 4
Arabian White Go North West of Valentine.
Arabian Rose Grey Bay Blackwater Stable – Epilogue 1
Ardennes Bay Roan Scarlett Meadows Stable – Chapter 2
Ardennes Strawberry Roan Van Hor Stable – Chapter 6
Belgian Blond Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Belgian Mealy Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Dutch Warmblood Sooty Buckskin Scarlett Meadows Stable – Chapter 2
Dutch Warmblood Seal Brown Strawberry Stable – Chapter 3
Dutch Warmblood Chocolate Roan Valentine Stable – Chapter 2
Hungarian Halfbred Flaxen Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Hungarian Halfbred Peibald Tabiano Wild/Ambient
Hungarian Halfbred Dapple Dark Grey Valentine Stable – Chapter 2
Kentucky Saddler Black Wild/Ambient
Kentucky Saddler Chestnut Pinto Wild/Ambient
Kentucky Saddler Silver Bay Wild/Ambient
Missouri Fox Trotter Amber Champagne Scarlett Meadows Stable – Chapter 4
Missouri Fox Trotter Silver Dapple Pinto Blackwater Stable – Epilogue 1
Morgan Bay Roan Valentine Stable – Chapter 2
Morgan Bay Wild/Ambient
Morgan Flaxen Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Mustang Tiger Striped Bay Head South of Armadillo
Mustang Grullo Dun Wild/Ambient
Mustang Wild Bay Wild/Ambient
Nokota Reverse Dapple Roan Saint Denis Stable – Chapter 4
Nokota Blue Roan Wild/Ambient
Nokota White Roan Wild/Ambient
Shire Raven Black After you complete Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego – Chapter 2
Shire Dark Bay Wild/Ambient
Shire Light Grey Wild/Ambient
Suffolk Punch Red Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Suffolk Punch Sorrel Wild/Ambient
Tennesse Walker Mahogany Bay After you complete Outlaws From the West – Chapter 1
Tennesse Walker Red Roan Valentine Stable – Chapter 2
Tennesse Walker Black Rabicano Wild/Ambient
Tennesse Walker Chestnut Wild/Ambient
Tennesse Walker Dapple Bay Wild/Ambient
Thoroughbred Brindle Strawberry Stable – Chapter 3
Thoroughbred Blood Bay Wild/Ambient
Turkoman Gold Saint Denis Stable – Chapter 4
Turkoman Silver Tumbleweed Stable – Epilogue 1


How to Call your Horse

Often times, your horse will be far away from you and you will need to call it. There is a specific range at which you can call your horse and the horse may not come to you at all.

In order to overcome both of these problems, you need to increase your horse bonding level. You can go to a stable to respawn your horse if you are unable to call it.

You can call your horse by pressing up on your D-pad. The horse follows you around when you go around on a train or a stagecoach.

Remember that your horse will sometimes only come in your close vicinity and you will need to go and get on it.

Bonding and Loyalty

There are a total of 4 different horse bonding levels all of which can be seen if you take a look at our Horse Bonding Guide.

You can increase your horse bonding level by creating waypoint markers and using the automatic travel which will give you experience with the horse.

There are other ways to increase your horse bonding level too. You have to feed your horse. The food is found in stables and you can use your Weapon Wheel to feed your horse.

Remember that not feeding your horse will have negative consequences. Also, make sure that you calm your horse down by pressing L3 if you find enemies agitate it.

Lastly, remember to groom your horse and clean it when it is dirty. This can be done by pressing L2 to look at it and then left on D-pad. If your horse is already clean, then this will not work.

You need to reach a certain amount of XP to get to the next bonding level. The more stats your horse has, the more XP you need in order to get to the next level.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how much XP you need to progress to the next level with your horse. Remember that the stats are represented by adding all 4 of the stats that your horse has.


Bonding  Level Stats 1-12 Stats 13-16 Stats 17-21 Stats 220-30
Level 1 50 XP 50 XP 50 XP 50 XP
Level 2 200 XP 250 XP 300 XP 350 XP
Level 3 300 XP 450 XP 600 XP 750 XP
Level 4 400 XP 700 XP 1000 XP 1300 XP


Now that you know the amount of experience that is required for you to level up, let’s take a look at the actions that grant you that aforementioned XP and enable you to level up.


Action XP
Tame the Horse 25
Equip Saddle Up to 50
Riding a specific amount 15
Calming 15
Patting 5
Cleaning When Dirty 15
Feeding Treat 5
Feeding standard food 5
Feeding nutritious food 15
Walking 2/5 seconds
Gallop 1/5 seconds
Leading 2/5 seconds
Unloading (after carrying load for 2.5 hours) 15
Hitching (1 per area and 1 every 12 hours) 15


How to Revive your Horse

Your horse can die for a number of different reasons. When your horse dies, you can revive it. In order to revive your horse, you need a special item known as the Revive Tonic.

It can be bought from numerous different vendors across the world and at stables. If your horse does not have a red icon next to it, then it is permanently dead.

If you do not want to get a tonic, simply exit the game and lose a little bit of progress but get your horse back by respawning into the world. Always remember to take note of your horses’ health so that it does not die in the first place.

Stopping Dead

If you want to stop your horse immediately, there is a way to do that. Normally, you can simply let go of the button that is used to move the horse and it eventually grinds to a halt after methodically slowing down.

However, you can press the RB button and it will come to a stop immediately. You can use this technique to avoid running into other people, avoid falls, and deal with enemies in your way.

Horse Stables Locations

At the stables, you can manage your own horses. You can own up to 4 different horses which can be accessed through the stables. You can also buy new horses which are available. Different stables will have different horses for you to buy.

All of the horse equipment is also available such as saddles, stirrups, and blankets among other things. Not only that, all of the food items required for your horse and the reviver is also sold at these stables.

How to Get the Best Horses

The best horses in the game can be bought from the stables of Saint Dennis or Blackwater. As you move on with the story, better horses will be available for you to buy.

Blackwater is an area that only becomes available towards the later stages of the game and thus, Saint Dennis will be your destination to buy some of the best horses.

There are 3 different types of horses. Standard Handling Horses have medium speed and stamina, Race Handling ones have low stamina but amazing speed, and Elite Handling great stamina but medium speed.

Elite horses are the most expensive and better than anybody else.

Perhaps the best horse in the game is the Arabian horse from Blackwater. The horse can be bought for $1,250 and has amazing starting stats for you to build on from.

It can accelerate well, spring well, and has the amazing stamina that goes along with a horse which possesses Elite Handling.

Horse Items

Here are all of the items that can be consumed by your horse. They range from food to medicine to performance enhancers. As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of items that you can give you to horse in order to increase its Stamina and HP Cores.

In addition to standard food items, you can also provide your horse with Medicine and Stimulants in order to increase its various attributes.



Item Health Core Stamina Core
Beets 62 62
Carrot 62 62
Hay Cube 62 62
Oat Cakes 62 62
Celery 12 25
Corn 50 50
Apple 25 25
Peach 25 25
Pear 25 25
Ginseng 12 25
Oregano 25 12
Wintergreen Berry 25 12
Bay Bolete 25
Chanterelles 25
Ram’s Head Mushroom 25
Wild Mint 25
Blackberry 25
Raspberry 25
Creeping Thyme 25
Sage 25
Currant 25
Wild Feverfew 25
Sugar Cube 25
Peppermint 12
English Mace 12
Common Bulrush 12


Health Items


Medicine Health
Opened 10
Regular 10 + 2 hour fortification
Potent 10 + 4 hour fortification
Special 10 + 10 hour fortification
Horse Reviver 5
Special Horse Power 10




Stimulant Stamina
Opened 10
Regular 10 + 2 hour fortification
Potent 10 + 4 hour fortification
Special 10 + 10 hour fortification


How to Autopilot

Horses are more than just important in RDR2. They play a very huge role and you will need them most of the time to travel across the map.

You will need to put a waypoint to the location you want to go to and it’s the fastest way to travel to any destination. Here’s how to use autopilot step-by-step on PS4 or Xbox One.

Grab a horse and put a waypoint on the location where you want to go. Once done, just keep holding the X button on PS4 or A on Xbox One to start the ride.

Now hold on your touchpad on the PS4 controller or the view button on your Xbox One to initiate a cinematic view. With this cinematic view activate, take your fingers off the controller and the horse will travel to your destination automatically.

Now just make sure that you are on the road to initiate this autopilot feature. This feature will not work when you are not on the road.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you get attacked while riding the horse then you will be thrown off and that’s something you don’t want to happen in the world full of outlaws.

Therefore, just make sure to keep your eyes on the screen when you are using the autopilot feature and you’ll be ready to go wherever you want across the Wild West.

Best Horses

Although each horse breed is suited to different functions like some for labor-intensive work, while others purely for racing purposes, we couldn’t help but choose a top pick in each category.

In terms of overall performance including high speed, acceleration, and strength, the Arabian Horse excels due to their huge health and stamina pool.

As for horses that do well in the midst of action and combat, the Turkoman breed should be your top pick. It has good stability and can get out of tight spots thanks to its lean figure and good agility. They are also blessed with high durability.

Finally, the perfect riding horse, the one that can go long distances without tiring and hold much on them without showing a sign of lethargy, is the Missouri Fox Trotter species. Their tough build is ideal for a working horse class. Sadly, you can only purchase these horses from stables. They can’t be found and tamed in the wild.

The Nokota is a pretty good racing horse because of its speed. The different coats give it different boosts but you want to go for the Reverse Dapple Roan boasts since it offers the highest speed and acceleration. You can purchase it from a Stain Denis stable after Chapter 4.

Similarly, the Thoroughbreds are a great pick for their speed and acceleration. Pretty much all of their coats provide great acceleration but you should especially go for the Brindle coat that you can purchase from the Strawberry stables after Chapter 3

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