Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Ways to Make Money Fast

Learn how to farm money in RDR2 quickly to be able to buy outfits, weapons, and materials. Our Guide will tell you all about it.

There are numerous ways to farm money in Red Dead Redemption 2. You will need to work hard to earn money, but there are ways of doing it better. After finishing the Prologue, you can earn money however you like in RDR2. The easiest way to earn money is looting people’s carriages, houses, and a lot more and then selling them to the nearby general stores.

You can also do other activities like gambling and completing quests, or you can also be a good citizen by selling and buying legal goods and avoiding having bounties on your head. In the following guide, we will familiarize you with in-depth information about ways of farming some quick dollars in the game.

Use Money Cheat In RDR2

The easiest way to earn money in Red Dead Redemption 2 is by using cheats. Rockstar games have by default always included a way to cheat your way through, and RDR2 is no different. To use the money cheat, pause your game and go into settings. Press the key to enter the cheats menu and enter the following code:

Greed is now a virtue

Note that this is case-sensitive. Once you enter it, it will be unlocked on the cheats menu. Each activation nets you $500, so enter it as many times as you want to get the desired amount. But remember that once you activate any cheat, the game will not save your game. This is to ensure that you don’t break your game unintentionally.

Looting and Stealing Items

Looting is one of the easiest and main ways of making money at the start of RDR2. You can loot houses, carriages, horses, people that you kill, etc. You will also find some loot while exploring the wild west. When you loot someone, make sure to pick all the weapons, cash, consumables, as well as their accessories, like jewelry, which you can sell at a Fence. Check the horses’ saddlebags, as you can also find some cash and consumables there. Later on, you will also have other ways to increase your cash flows.

You can find different fences and general stores around the world to sell stolen items, including horses, items, and more.

Selling Horses, Carriages, and Trinkets

Sell whatever you do not need and get the money in RDR2. This will also mostly be useful at the start of the game as you do not need to do this often towards the end.

When you kill people, you can take over the Horses and Wagons and then sell them. In addition, any horse that you get can be taken to your stable, where you can pawn it or upgrade it. If you are selling the horse, the type of your horse will also play a part in the deal.

You can go to the salesman at Emerald Station, east of Valentine for trinkets and stolen carriages. Selling him these things will earn you a good amount of cash.

Hunting Animals

You can hunt down various animals and sell them. The butchers, trappers, and store clerks will buy these hunted animals at a good price. However, remember that the pelt money depends on how the animal was killed. Have a better aim for a headshot to have a better quality pelt. Killing the right type of animal with the right weapon will farm your perfect pelts. You have to sell these animals before they degrade over time.

Hunting can get you a fair amount of money. It would be better to take the animals to your camp and donate them. However, a few animals may net you a lot of extra cash and can be sold. A prime example of those animals is the Legendary ones.

Story and Side Missions

This is not the fastest way to make money, but it will net you a fair return over the long run. Just continue doing the storyline and side quests individually, and the money will start to rack up slowly but surely. However, not all of them will result in huge cash.

After Chapter 2, you will start farming more money from the story missions. During Chapter 3, you will start getting optional missions from the gang members. You can skip these if you want but on attempting these, you will farm some cash out of these.

The side missions usually contain robberies of homes, banks, and, after some time, wagons as well.


It works like the real world, so you better find a table in the nearest saloon and sit until you earn some cash to shop around. You can play gambling games like Five Finger Fillet, Blackjack, dominoes, and Poker.

Your profits in the game depend upon your destiny and your skills. It’s not an efficient way of making money because of the small profits, and your winnings can go to waste, but there’s also a chance of winning, so it’s worth a try!

Robbing Camps

This is a great way to make money throughout the game. You can spot numerous bandit camps in various locations by the smoke in the sky. These camps come with worthy loot as you get better gear and become a better player, but you must deal with the outlaws first. Therefore, shoot them all down then you’ll be free to loot everything from

You will need to take your chances and attack the camp. If you kill all the bandits, you’ll be free to loot everything from their bodies, horse satchels, corpses, chests, and more to get a lot of valuables, consumables, and cash out.

Bounty Hunting

During the game, often you will go to the Sheriff’s Office and the Post Office where you will find some wanted posters. After looking at that poster, you will notice a huge marker on the map detailing the criminal’s last known location. You can go and hunt down the criminals and bring them unharmed to them over to the sheriff. This is going to cost you around $20 to $100.

Lockboxes and Chests

Always keep an eye out for the Lockboxes and Chests in the game. You will find these scattered in completely random places like abandoned buildings, and these will have very valuable items like gold bars, so make sure to get these.

If you head to Limpany, to the Sheriff’s office, and under the desk, you will find a loot box. The loot box will contain a gold bar and pause the game. Save it from the story menu and the save menu, load the game you saved. You can again go to the Sheriff’s office to get the loot box and get another gold bar. You can repeat this to earn a lot of money in RDR2.

Treasure Maps/Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt

Talk to Maximo west of Flatneck Station, and he will offer you a Treasure Map for $10. The map contains the potential to find two gold bars worth $500 each. Explore the map and complete the hunt to receive two gold bars. Later, you can sell these gold bars at the Fence at Emerald Station.

Grab a horse and gather some supplies for a very long road trip.

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