Pokemon BDSP All HM Locations Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with the locations of all the HMs in Pokemon BDSP so you don't have to struggle to find them.

Remember when you had to teach your Pokemon HMs? In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl you will now use HMs through the Poketch. In this guide, we will provide you with the locations of all the HMs in Pokemon BDSP so you don’t have to struggle to find them.

Pokemon BDSP HM Locations

As mentioned above, HM’s are no longer taught to a Pokemon in your party. It was very limiting since you were forced to keep an HM dedicated Pokemon in your party.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, HMs are now installed within your Poketch where your trainer can summon a wild Pokemon to help you out!

They are also given to you as a single-use TM. Some TM’s are found during the campaign while others can be gifted by NPCs.

Here is a brief list of all the hidden moves available in Pokemon BDSP.


Location: Eterna City

Pokemon BDSP Cut HM Location

It is impossible to not get this HM. After you defeat the Eterna City gym leader, Gardenia, head to the northern road of the city. You will meet Cynthia who, after a brief introduction, will gift you with Cut.


Location: Team Galactic Warehouse, Veilstone City

Pokemon BDSP Fly HM Location

Within the warehouse in Veilstone City, you will find this sneaky TM within a Poke Ball.

Access the building after defeating the Galactic Grunts with either Dawn or Lucas. Go inside and don’t forget to nab this item, that sits between two blue containers, before continuing.

You need to beat the Veilstone City gym leader Maylene in order to use this move outside of battle.


Location: Celestic Town

Pokemon BDSP Surf HM Location

Defeat Fantina before venturing out to the Celestic Town Ruins. Defeat Team Galactic within the Ruins before interacting with the walls within the ruins.

Cynthia’s grandmother will enter and talk to you thus gifting you with TM 95 or Surf.


Location: Lost Tower

Pokemon BDSP Strength HM Location

Head to the Lost Tower located on Route 209. Climb through the floors to read the top where you will find two old ladies.

Talk to them, one on the right will give you a Cleanse tag while the other will give and she give you TM96, Strength.

In order to use it outside of battle, defeat Byron whose gym is located in Canalave City.


Location: Great Marsh

Pokemon BDSP Defog HM Location

You will obtain the TM 97, Defog from an Ace Trainer located in Great Marsh. You will find this Ace trainer standing near the exit of this location.

You can use this ability outside of battle after defeating the Pastoria City Gym leader, Crasher Wake.

Rock Smash

Location: Oreburgh City Cave

Pokemon BDSP Rock Smash HM Location

The is one of the earliest HMs that you will receive in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Simply talk to the helpful hiker found standing near the entrance of the Oreburgh city cave.

He will gift you with the TM98, Rock Smash but you can’t use it until you defeat the Oreburgh City gym leader, Roark.


Location: Sunyshore City

You can’t miss this HM since you will be meeting up with a Gym Leader from the past. Jhoto’s Steel Gym Leader, Jasmine will gift you with TM99, Waterfall.

You will find her standing on the beach of Sunyshore City. But before that, you need to defeat Volkner, the eighth gym leader of Sinnoh.

Rock Climb

Location: Route 217

This one is a bit tricky. Route 217 is blanketed by thick snow so its not your fault if you miss Rock Climb.

You will find this HM within a Pokeball, thrown behind a house on that route. To use it outside of battle, defeat the Snowpoint City gym leader Candice.

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