Persona 5 Strikers Intel Gathering Locations Guide

In this Persona 5 Strikers Intel Gathering Locations guide, we have included all the locations where you can gather intel on the various Jail Monarchs in Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Intel Gathering Locations

Much needed information in Persona 5 Strikers is obtained through different sources, including intel and rumors spread by the NPCs. All of them are not easy to find and there is a strong chance that you might miss out on them.

Shibuya Jail

  • Level Headed Girl is the first NPC that can be found in Shibuya central. Look for her between Ann Takamaki and Haru Okumura. About 6% intel will be gathered.
  • Dedicated Women can be found in front of the Big Bang Burger. Your Intel will increase to 8%
  • Passionate Young Man can be found across the Level Headed just beside the lamp post. Your intel will be at 31%
  • Apparel Shop Manager can be found in the new shop between the Passionate Young man and the Beef Bowl Restaurant (62%)
  • A Brunette man, a young man with a hat, can be found in front of Untouchable Shop at Rijuji’s location. This should result in 100% intel gathered for Shibuya Jail.

Sendai Jail

  • Beautiful girl is the first NPC that can be found near the Sendai Station. Find her beside the protagonist and the Makoti Niijima. Intel gathered will be 27%
  • The skeptical girl can be found in Arcade city, where you need to look for her beside Ann Takamaki. Intel will be 29%
  • General Store Owner will increase your intel to 66%. Him in the General Store, opposite Skeptical girl.
  • Fan Girl can be found at the north dead end of the city, standing in front of NEON Supermarket. Intel will be 100% for Sendai Jail.

Sapporo Jail

  • Hollow Eyed man can be found in Suzushino. You need to go south of the Ann and look for a man wearing a black suit near the Campaign board.
  • From east of the main road, reach Ryuji’s Spot and look for the Old man( Political Expert) near the vending machine ( 60% Intel).
  • The Slant Eyed Woman can be found near the East Side Walk of the main road. The NPC can be seen standing by some Bicycles( 62% intel)
  • The last NPC in Suzushino is the Bad Public Servant that can be found to the west side of the main road, in front of the Akagire Drug Store. Intel will reach a 100% for Sapporo Jail.

Okinawa Jail
There is only one location that needs to be disclosed in Okinawa Ferry Station. You need to go far north and then east, where you will find Zenchiki standing near the laboratory entrance. He will provide you the necessary intel.


Kiyoto Jail
There isn’t any intel to be gathered for this one.

Osaka jail
Head towards New World District, then the tower.