Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail Walkthrough

In this Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about to...

In this Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about to get through Sendai Jail in P5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail

Before we get to the P5 Strikers Sendai Jail walkthrough, Let’s take a look at the Mini-Bosses and Main Boss you are going to encounter as well as some loot items you can expect to find.

P5 Sendai Jail Mini-Bosses

Morgana can take out that Boss using the Wind attacks since it is weak against them. You have to do follow-up attacks and perform the All-Out attack for saving the SP, which you can use moving further in the game.

For defeating that Boss, you have to Down Gauge her and perform an All-Out Attack. You can use the ice crystals around the tower for defeating that easily.

This Boss is also weak against ice. You can use the Soul Drops to causing damage as there is no ice here. You have to watch out for that Boss when they start conjuring blue orbs as they can harm you pretty bad.

This Boss is weak against the electric attacks, so you have to attack him with Zio or stronger skills till you can perform an All-Out Attack. He can use the lung attack three times in a row so watch out for that as it can cause much damage.


Doramu the Loyal
This Boss is weak against the fire attacks, so you can use your weakest Fire attack and keep using follow-up moves to whittle down his Down gauge. Use the monuments in the room for your dodging and attacking.

War-Hungry Horseman
This Boss is also weak to electric attacks but not that easy to beat. You have to Spam Zio and ensure that it hits the foes in the area so you can take out them quickly. He can kill you as well, so you have to perform the All-Out attack as quickly as possible.

Lock Keeper
You have to defeat that Boss depleting its Down gauge quickly by taking advantage of the elemental weakness of that Boss. This Boss can summon minions as well, so make sure to hit all of them, so you don’t face much of a distraction and focus on the Boss.

Main Boss

Nightmare Dragon Ango
Nightmare Dragon Ango is the main Boss you are going to fight. All of your party members should have a Full Showtime Gauge ready for fighting this Boss.

Take two members with you who have strong Bless or ice attacks for depleting the Boss’s Gauge. After shattering the Boss’s gauge, you can perform the All-Out attack.

You have to act fast and avoid the Boss’s attacks as much as possible. You can use both ice crystals and sword monuments in the room for interrupting the boss attacks.

If you use the available things correctly, the Boss will be staggered and you can get the chance to hit the Boss. Continue to do so and the Boss will eventually be defeated.

The loot you can get during a playthrough of Sendai Jail in Persona 5 Strikers is given below:

Item Location
Luck Incense Inside the chest on the Sendai Station Square: which is blocking the door.
Patience Belt At the Sendai Station Square
Artistic new crane Close to the Castle entrance west path.
Orchid Pattern At the Sendai World Center after climbing up the stairs.
Sandy Stuffed Toy At the Sendai World Center between the centers of hedges.
 Hammer Inside the Sendai World Center
Brain Shake Inside the Sendai World Center
Beautiful Piece Cross the Azadori Ichibancho path to get it.
Soul Drop x3 This can be collected from the Aoba Ichibancho
Degunda You will find this at Aoba Ichibancho
Artistic Paper Cranes On the way close to the Frozen Blue Jewel.
Beautiful Book In the street after opening the blue door.
Beautiful Sky After unlocking the yellow door.
Beautiful Destination On the way to the panel.
Beautiful Sky On the roof after going through the transparent floor.
Portrait At the roof after going through the series of floating pillars.
Skin Ribber Inside the chest in the northwest end of the map.
Bhuula This can be found in the Hirose Communication
Power Anklet You will find this in Devil’s Castle

Sedai Jail Walkthrough

Royal Castle
First of all, you need to go to the Royal Castle and for that, you have to stop at the Aobayama Park and buy these things, Victory, Traffic Safety Seal, and Toramasamune’s Eyepatch.

Take these things from Ryuji and Futaba and get into the Camper Van and get to the Royal Castle gate. Here you will encounter the first mini-boss Heavenly King Doma (Jack-o’-Lantern).

After defeating the Boss a cut scene will be played after which you have to go upstairs which will starts another cut scene. After that cut scene, you will get to the entrance door and you have to infiltrate the castle from the door at the backside.

You have to follow the “!”  Which you can see on the map to get to Sendai World Center.

Sendai World Center
Enter the Sendai World Center and take stairs and go to the prison Tower. Now you have to come back to the center to get to the east side to find the drawbridge. Now go to the north side and jumps and reach the roof.

Now you have to get down from the roof to get into the park. From there you have to use stones for crossing the river and get to the other side of the river. Take the steps up and on the right, you will find the lever for operating the drawbridge.

After that, you have to get into the temple and loot the Jewel, which will start the fight.

Here you will again encounter the mini-boss for another battle. Defeat that Boss and go forward and enter the garden. In the garden, you have to grab some items for starting a cut scene.

After the cut scene is finished, you have to go to the Persona to start the fight. After the fight, check the door of the rain temple and after that go to the third floor of the apartment in front of the temple.

Here you will find a checkpoint; go there and the fight with mini-boss Mischievous Girl will be started.

Rain temple
Now it’s time to go through the searchlights and infiltrate the temple. You have to loot the Jewel and take out the enemies you faced there. After that, you have to get back to the Sendai World Center.

Prison Tower
Now get to the prison tower monument and get inside. Here you will encounter a boss, King Ante. Defeat that Boss and go upstairs for testimony. Now follow the end get to the left side. A cut scene will be played at that time.

Azadori Ichibancho to Nishi Garden
Once the cut scene is over, you will be in a street and you have to move forward and disarm the traps you find in your way. You will reach the end from where you have to robe the red Jewel and defeat the shadows.

After defeating them, you have to check the door in the center of the area. Now get out of here for a while and wait for the shadow to get back. You have to defeat the shadow and after that go to the parking lot and kill the enemies you find there.

Once all the enemies are defeated and the way is clear, you have to steal the Frozen Blue jewel.

Blue Jewel
For finding the blue Jewel you have to find the blur door and kill the shadows you find there. After that, you have to go through the residential area and get to the roof. You can move across the buildings using the platforms there.

You have to find the Jewel for starting another fight. Loot the Jewel and go to the parking lot to get inside the yellow door. Here you will encounter another boss named Snake Woman Lurking.

Aoba Dori Ichibancho (Prison Tower)
Now is the time to interact with the panel and protecting Futaba from the shadows. After that, get inside the Prison Tower and beat the mini-boss.

Hirose Communication
Now it’s time to pick up the trophy and for that, you have to climb the tower. Now you have to slide down using the pole and find the Hirose Dori.

For that, you have to go through the building across the street by dodging the searchlights. From here, enter the next building and disarm the traps here and beat the Boss.

Now again, get to the roof and kill the shadows there and cross the floating pillars. Don’t fall from here; otherwise, you have to do it again. You have to see the west path and go through the transparent floor and jump through more pillars.

Now it’s time to get to the top left corner of the map. From there, you have to drop down and go through the transparent floor to find a small platform. From here, you have to open the chest and loot the Skin ribber.

Go back and cross other transparent floors to get to the south side building. Here you have to beat the enemies and again cross the transparent floor on your left. Now you will see the Prison Tower for a cut scene after crossing the last of the transparent floors.

Now you will encounter a mini-boss named Heavenly King Betero (Eligor) and kill it. Now again, you have to get to the top for the testimony and after that, the third infiltration will be started.

Now you can make the request for which will send you back to the Shibuya Jail. Once the request is completed, you will get an email and after that, you have to talk to Kyou to initiate the request. Now again, get into the van and go to the Sendai jail.

Sendai Jail
Here you have to enter through the backdoor and make your way through. You will encounter mini boss Secret Agent Doramu (Pisaca) here as well. Defeat that Boss and go to the Dungeon of Devil’s Castle.

Dungeon of Devil’s Castle
Here you will find it in the shape way and you have to pass it which go through the ventilation hole. Locate the vent using the third eye and get to the entry point of the Devil’s Castle.

Main Entrance of Devil’s Castle
At the main entryway, you will encounter few enemies and after that, a boss as well. Defeat them all and go to the back door. Now it’s the time to enter the upper corridor of the Devil’s Castle

Aobayama Park to Maou Castle
Now you will enter the real world in which you have to go to Aobayama Park. Head to the location given on the map and start the fight against the mini-boss the Lockkeeper.

After defeating the mini-boss, travel to the Maou castle from the checkpoint and go through the upper corridor. Beat the boss Nightmare Dragon Ango at the end of Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail.

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