Persona 5 Shido’s Ship Palace Guide

Persona 5 Shido's Ship Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

Another palace featured in Persona 5 Royal is the Shido’s Palace on a ship floating on a sunken city. Your main task is to infiltrate the Shido’s Ship palace. The event will start on 11/25 and last until 12/18, but you must enter the palace before 12/15. You can also send him the calling card on 12/16 and steal his heart on 12/17.

In our Persona 5 Shido Palace guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about infiltrating the dungeon and defeating the boss inside.

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Persona 5 Shido’s Ship Palace

The aim of this campaign is fairly simple. You have to infiltrate Shido’s Ship palace in P5 and collect the letters of recommendation left by Shido’s most trusted men.

But collecting them is not simple as it sounds. You must do a ton of stuff inside the palace, as each letter is hidden behind different puzzles. After that, you must fight and beat Shido to infiltrate the ship’s palace.

But before you jump into this dungeon, you must know that Shido is not an easy enemy to be defeated. So, it is recommended that your level should be at least 60-70 in Persona 5 Royal.


In this guide, we will cover Shido’s palace walkthrough, all fights, fighting and defeating Shido, and all activities inside.

Entrance Hall

Persona 5 Shido's Ship Palace

Enter the hall by just simply interacting with the door. You will confront an enemy with a sword when you go to the main stairs.

After you defeat the enemy, you will have a dialogue with a masked enemy in Persona 5.

After that, you have to proceed upstairs and fight another shadow. After defeating it, go to the top floor and enter the door of the central passageway.

Central Passageway

Persona 5 Shido's Ship Palace

Once you enter the door to the central passageway, there will be a hallway straight to another door. Go there.

On the door front, you will have a long conversation about the announcements on the speaker. That will be about opening the Representative room in Persona 5 Royal. You must obtain five letters of introduction to open that door leading to Shido.

Then you will have to split your team to talk with different guests on the ship to learn any information about Shido. Then you must go upstairs using the 2nd door on the right side of the passageway.

You will confront a shadow. But do not fight it, as it will ruin your intel-collecting procedure. There will be a shelf with information materials just before the unlocked door. Collect the map from there.

Use the map to find a safe room to rest for a while.

Central Hall

Go to the stairs on the left side of the central passageway to reach the central hall. You will fight some shadows in there.

After that, head over to the restaurant and talk to the receptionist. He will ask for your membership card. You have to find it now.

Go upstairs and talk to some guests in Persona 5 Royal. One guest will say that he lost his membership card. Go to the bar downstairs and ask the bartender about the card. He will give you the card.

Now head to the restaurant.


In the restaurant, sit at a table and order the food. After some time, two guys in a suit will come, and they will converse with you. They are the shadow politicians with the letter. Fight them to obtain the first letter of introduction.

After getting the letter, use the elevator to the Mid-starboard hallway.

Mid-Starboard Hallway

Persona 5 Shido's Ship Palace

On the mid-starboard hallway, head upstairs. When you leave the corridor, you will be turned into a mouse. Use this to find a vent to enter a bigger hall with the larger statue of Shido. Fight some shadows over there.

Use the grappling hook on the ceiling to get to the chamber on the left side of Shido’s statue in P5R.

There will be a vent in the chamber. Use that to get to the VVIP room. In the room, steal the first will seed.

Go straight from the chamber into the stairway and take the first right turn. Fight some shadows and proceed forward toward the elevator. Use the elevator to arrive at the pool deck.

Pool Deck

You have to talk to the shadow former noble in the pool deck. But he won’t comply. So, to engage in conversation with him, you must wear a swimsuit. But that requires a boarding pass.

Instead of the pass, you can use the vent on the right of the fitting room to access it. Change to swimsuits and go back to the shadow again.

He will engage in talks with you. Ask him about the letter of introduction. He won’t give it to you, so you have to fight him to get it.

Upper Starboard Hallway

Go behind from where you defeated the shadow and go into the Upper Starboard Hallway.

You can relax in a safe room on your first right in the hallway. Head to the north hallway to turn into mice again. Go through the corridor and find a vent on the right end.

Head into the vent, unlock the door, and fight the Persona 5 shadow upstairs. After that, head east to gain access to the switch room.

In the south of the room, there is an unlocked door. You don’t need to flip the switch to unlock it. Instead, you will be turned to the mouse in the corridor again. Use the vent on the right and get into the room.

Fight a shadow and turn to the east hallway and unlock the door. Now get back to the switch room. Head towards the north and find a way to head to the very east by using an elevator. You will reach the door leading to the back deck.

Back Deck

In the back deck, fight the shadow and head downstairs. Engage with some guests. After a while, speak to the Extremely Vulgar Man and fight the shadow. Now proceed towards the entertainment hall.

Entertainment Hall

Persona 5 Shido's Ship Palace

In the entertainment hall, head straight and go downstairs and fight a shadow. After that, proceed towards the east wing.

You will have to fight a lot of shadows. Find your way downstairs towards the gambling area.

Speak to the Shadow TV president. He has the third letter. Fight him to obtain the letter of introduction. After that, Akechi will speak to the audience.

Now, use the safe room and pass towards the lower port hallway.

Lower Port Hallway

In the hallway, go east and then fight some shadows to proceed toward the first western doorway.

A switch on the left will be at the end of the doorway. Flip it, turn it into a mouse, and unlock the door by going behind it using a vent. Find your way toward the west wing and locate the VVIP room south of the west wing.

In the room, you will find a second will seed.

Return to the main hallway and go south towards the side deck door.

Side Deck

On the side deck, fight some shadows and eat. Find a place to climb the rank from the side deck towards the east of the upper floor. There you will find the third seed as well as you will be able to meet the Shadow IT president. Fight him to obtain the 4th letter of introduction.

Engine Room

To get to the engine room, go to where you climbed from the side deck. There will be a vent right there. Use the vent to get to the engine room.

When you arrive at the engine room, you will face the highly vulgar man again. You will fight his three other minions. The fight will be challenging, so be prepared.

Then you will have to follow the vulgar man to the engine room. But the door he went in will be locked. You can find another route by going north from the door and using a vent.

There he will reveal himself as Shadow Cleaner and ask Yasuke to draw a tattoo. He will draw the tattoo, but that will not work, and you have to fight him to obtain the last letter of introduction.

Akechi boss fight

Just as you are about to leave the engine room, Akechi will surprisingly appear. You will have some dialogue exchanges in which he will tell you that he is the son of Shido. Also, conversing with him will rank your justice level to 9. Your conversation with him will have no specific result, and you will have to fight him. After the fight, you will learn he was behind all the chaos and betrayed you.

Then he will reveal his black mask persona form in Persona 5. You will have to fight him once again.

When you defeat him, another surprise will appear as another version of Akechi known as Shido’s Cognitive Version of Akechi will appear. A partition wall will be placed between you and two Akechi. The two Akechi will fight each other while you will head to the treasure room.

Treasure Room

Head towards the Central Passageway and open the representative chamber. Use the elevator there to get to the treasure room in Persona 5. You will have a bunch of exploring, and then you will finally face Shido.

Shido boss fight

After confronting Shido in P5, you will have a long dialogue exchange with Shido. Then he will reveal his shadow and fight with you.

There will be 5 phases of the Shido Boss fight with five different shadows of Shido in Persona 5 Royal.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Shido will release his first shadow. The fight will be tricky, and you have to defeat him.

Phase 2

After defeating his first form, the second phase will begin with wings attached to his shadow form. Now he will attack you while flying.

Phase 3

In the third phase, he will turn himself into a strange golden pyramid. This form will be very resistant to your attacks.

Phase 4

After you defeat his pyramid shadow form, he will reveal another form in the fourth phase.

Final Phase

The fifth and final phase is the longest and most challenging of the forms you will face. You will have some resistance level up to help you defeat Shido in Persona 5 Royal.

After that, you will have some post-fight conversation and a cutscene. Then a golden steering wheel will appear for you to collect. After that, the ship will sink, and you will have an animated cutscene.

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