Persona 5 Niijima’s Casino Palace Walkthrough

Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

Niijima’s Casino belongs to Niijima Sae and is one of the main dungeons that you have to clear as part of Persona 5’s story. You should be able to infiltrate the Persona 5 Niijima Palace starting 10/30 but must not send the Calling Card until 11/18 due to major story implications.

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Persona 5 Royal Sae Niijima’s Palacewalkthrough

persona 5 royal casino

You need to enter the casino by heading to the roof via the fire escape and through the door.

Main Floor

You need to head past the ceiling’s decorations, towards the area where you fought the Shadow the first time. Find the Safe Room on the south side and head up the stairs to take the western door.

Staff Passageway

In the new area, head down the hall and towards the stairs. Head left after taking the stairs and then head west. Go past the generators to come to a door that requires a keycard. Head past this door to find a Safe Room.

From the Safe Room, head up the stairs to defeat a strong Shadow. The Shadow will turn into a couple of Queen Mabs. These enemies will use Fire and Electric attacks and they’re weak to wind attacks.


Defeating the enemies should reward you with a keycard that you would be able to use on locked doors.

Once done, head inside the room behind it and go through another room. Now head inside the farthest locked room to crawl through a vent and face another powerful Shadow in there.

After defeating the Shadow, you will receive a Member’s Card and the map of the area.

Exit the room using the air duct and then go through the door here. Go up the stairs to the right and run back into the Main Hall.

From the Main Hall, take the elevator to head into the next area.

Member’s Floor Lobby

persona 5 royal casino

Speak to the cashier before using the Safe Room, he will tell you what you need to know to get to the higher level. Then you will get a 1000 playing chips along with the map of the area for the dealer. In order to get to the higher level, you need to win 50,000 coins. Following that head to the west side to enter the Dice Area.

Dice Area

After randomly picking a room, try a few games of dice. You will come to discover that the games are all rigged. Follow on to try a few other rooms and eventually Akechi will pull you aside to confirm that the dices are rigged.

Head north to find a small vent, crawl inside the vent near the northernmost dice room.

Staff Passageway

Once you emerge on the other side of the vent, you will find yourself in another staff passageway. Continue to follow the path and head up the stairs.

Now head across the walkway and down the stairs at the very end. Continue towards the split and find a Safe Room on the west side.

From the Safe Room, you need to head through the door at the end of the hallway to find a secret Dice Area.

The path to the staircase will also lead to a searchable item with Orlov- a treasure demon inside of it.

From this safe room, travel towards the south and then around the west to reach a door up north. Here, you’ll find a chest inside a blocked room which you can enter by crawling through a vent on the northern wall.

Go through the door at the end of this corridor to progress to the next area.

Secret Dice Area

After entering the area, you will encounter a shadow directly ahead of you. You will have to defeat that shadow which will allow you to hijack the system of that dice room so that the game plays in your favor.

This shadow is named the Wandering Reviver and has the ability to brainwash your players. So beware, also it reflects Curse back at you but is vulnerable to Bliss and Wind skills, and therefore Akechi is a good opponent for it.

Defeat the Shadow and head out of the room towards the south side to open the barred doors. Make sure to pick between ’11 and 18’ before heading back to Member’s Floor Lobby.

Member’s Floor Lobby

By now, you should have enough cash to play the slots. Therefore, quickly use the Safe Room and head through the door on the east side.

Slot Room

persona 5 royal casino

After the battle against two Shadows, head inside the Slot Room. These are Life-draining Spirit that absorbs Fire and reflects Curse. They will also try to engage the members of your team. Ice attacks will be useful against these.

After defeating the shadows, mark the red monitor to your left on the map and proceed to enter the room. There will be a lot of slot machines in the room but do not fondle with them.

Continue along the path and head up the stairs. Once again, continue the path and head down the path to go through a door to find a massive slot machine.

This slot machine, unlike others, gives a massive coin bonus of 50,000. Just what you need to buy the Higher Limit Card.

Interact with the slot machine and head back to access the machine’s terminal – marked by ‘!’ on your map.

To hack into that massive slot machine, you will have to find and interact with two terminals of the machine. Futaba will be the one to tell you of these two terminals. One of them is red and the other is green.

To find the Green Terminal, head to the previous room and head south from the entrance. Head down the path and through a door to find some crates. Climb the crates over to the north side to find a chest and the Green Terminal.

To find the Red Terminal, head towards the entrance of the Slot Room from where you entered the Member’s Floor Lobby and you should be able to find the Red Terminal on the left-hand side wall.

Now return to the machine and win 50,000 coins. Once done, return to the dealer in the Lobby to buy the High Limit Card.

In the High Limit Lobby, you will first of all have to face a strong shadow named the Final Measurer or the Norn. He is persistent to all kinds of attacks except Electric, Psychic and Nuclear. It will be easy to defeat if you have strong Physical attacks and a high rate of critical hits.

After you defeat him, you’ll go up to the High Limit Floor using the elevator.

High Limit Floor

Even though you have the card now, you still won’t be accepted into the courthouse. This means that you’ll have to take Sae to court to progress further. All you need to do is get Prosecutor Niijima to spot you. If she sees you, you can return back to the Palace.

persona 5 niijima's palace

Back to the Palace – High Limit Lobby

Return to the High Limit Lobby and chat with the guy at the counter about the games on this floor. He’ll gift you a map of the area and 1000 coins. He’ll also give you some info on how to reach the Manager’s Floor.

Go up and around the door the guy talked about. Here, you’ll notice that the bridge is a scale and moving it is very expensive. Interact with the machine to see the price to move the bridge: 100,000 coins.

This floor has two games: a maze called ‘The House of Darkness’ and a Battle Arena. These games have a crazy payout but they require much more skill to beat.

House of Darkness

persona 5 niijima's palace

You have to play the House of Darkness first. The entry cost is 1000 coins. This maze contains a ton of Shadows and you’ll barely be able to see inside it. Head to the safe room and prepare yourself for the numerous fights you’re about to get into.

The even sketchier thing about this maze is that there’s no map for it. If you get noticed by a Shadow, a spotlight will illuminate the area just enough to attack them without being blinded.

Stick to any one wall of the maze and you’ll eventually find the exit. You can also see a bit better if you use your Third Eye ability.

Travel towards the east and go along the straight path. You’ll reach an open area containing a lot of people. Find the locked door and crawl through to progress further.

Drop down to the next area and you’ll have the choice to either follow the path to the south or the south-east. Follow the latter one and after you pass the blue light, you’ll again have the choice to either go to the left or right.

Go to the left and you’ll reach a ramp with some yellow lights. Go up this ramp and crawl through the vent above. Once you reach the illuminated room, go through the door to the left.

After the cutscene, crawl through the vent on the southern wall. Here, you can enter the door which was locked before. Keep going down this path and go down the stairs, then through the door on the other side.

Get rid of the card block by flipping the switch and then enter the door at the end of the corridor to reach a safe room. You’ll have to face a Shadow here, who’ll turn into a Snake King. It’ll use Electric attacks and it doesn’t have any weaknesses.

Protect Mona at all times and make sure to have a healer on your team. After you defeat the Shadow, you can return to the High Limit Lobby.

High Limit Lobby

Before entering the Battle Arena, remember to save in the safe room inside the lobby.

Battle Arena

This area has another safe room which you can get once you talk to the first Shadow. The entry cost of this game is 10,000 coins and the payout is 100,000 coins.

Once you’re prepared for the game, talk to the receptionist and you’ll get signed up. Do note that only Joker is allowed to fight in the arena so prepare properly.

The fights start out super easy, but their difficulty keeps ramping up. Make sure to bring someone strong against Electric attacks and the Persona Rangda into the arena.

First Fight

persona 5 royal sae palace

Unfortunately, you’ll be cheated once again in this palace and you’ll have to take on two Shadows instead of one. They’re similar to the Persona Ganesha and are weak against Psychic.

If you brought, Rangda, this will be a walk in the park for you. Overall, this fight will be really easy since it’s just the first one.

Second Fight

The second fight will be against a trio of Rangdas/Dancing Witches (Magician). They’re weak against Electricity and Bless skills but they negate Ranged and Physical damage.

Their health is extremely low, about 600 collectively, so this fight will be very easy as well.

Third fight

The third and final fight will be against Thor, the Thunder Emperor. It deals Electric and Physical damage, meaning that you need to switch every other turn if you use Rangda. It is weak against Psychic skills.

You need to watch out for its Megaton Raid Physical skill, which he charges up. When it does so, equip Rangda or block the turn.

If you see it Concentrating, it means it’s going to a heavy Electric skill called Ziodyne. Equip someone strong against Electric when it does so.

The Bridge

After you beat all the enemies and claim your reward, you are now allowed to head to the bridge.

A cutscene will play and then you can lower the bridge by depositing some coins. On the other side of the bridge, you’ll find Sae’s treasure and your Infiltration Route will be secured.

Since you have a lot of coins to spend, head to the stores on the floors of Member and High Limit and buy all the rare items from there.

Steal Niijima’s Heart 11/18 – 11/19

Send the calling card to Sae Niijima on 11/18 and then head back to the palace on the next day. Make your way to the treasure and go to the treasure room up the stairs. From here, go up the lift to fight Shadow Sae

Start off the fight by attacking Sae until she uses her Roulette Time ability. While the table spins, don’t touch her.

After some time, you’ll be prompted to make your first bet. You can make whatever you want as it’s going to be in Sae’s favor anyway. Pick a small bet so you don’t lose too much.

Expose the glass lid on the pocket and the glass will be broken on the next bet. For this bet, you’re going to win no matter what; so bet a large amount.

Persona 5 Shadow Niijima boss fight

Now, Shadow Niijima will actually fight you. Her moveset is as follows:

  • Roulette Time: Starts spinning the roulette table.
  • Desperation: Gives a boost to her attack, at the cost of reducing defense.
  • Gatling Gun: Attacks your entire crew using a Heavy Gun attack.
  • Berserk Dance: Targets your entire crew with this Almighty skill.
  • Makarakarn: Generates a reflective shield to protect herself againt magic attacks.
  • Megidola: Attacks your entire crew using a Heavy Almighty attack.
  • Heat Riser: Increases all stats.
  • 100 Slaps: This Physical attack targets a single person and can cause them to get Dizzy.
  • Severing Slash: Singe target Heavy Physical attack.

She’ll spin the table when you bring her health down to one-quarter and one-third, and then between half and two-thirds. Make sure to not attack her while the table is spinning.

If she uses Desparation, block immediately. Even if you’re guarding, you’ll take some damage.


You’ll be able to rank up with the Justice Confidant and Makoto will be able to talk to her sister’s Shadow form. However, things start to get a bit awry from here.

The entire area will get ambushed. It seems like someone called the police to capture the Phantom Thieves.

You have to now escape the casino all by yourself. Fight with your original Persona until you get captured. Then, admit your crimes to complete P5 Sae Niijima’s Palace.

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