Persona 5 Futaba’s Palace Walkthrough

Persona 5 Futaba Palace Guide will help you through the entire palace so you can solve puzzles and defeat the Ishiki Wakaba at the end of this palace.

Futaba Sakura, the socially anxious hacker of the Phantom Thieves, has constructed a pyramid palace in her mind as a defense mechanism against the outside world. Persona 5 Futaba’s Palace is a complex maze of puzzles and traps that reflect her fear of betrayal and abandonment.

But fear not, you are not alone in your quest, as our Persona 5 Futaba’s Pyramid Palace Guide will walk you through the treacherous palace and help you steal Futaba’s heart

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Persona 5 Royal Futaba’s Pyramid Palace walkthrough

Futaba’s Palace in P5R can be infiltrated after 7 July and will be available until the deadline arrives on 21 August.

Palace Infiltration

As soon as the mobile lands on its destination, a conversation between the party members starts when the team arrives at the perimeter. Listen and follow the incoming sound of steps that will lead the way to the Palace entrance.

Remember that you may find Futaba’s Palace’s environment more dangerous and hostile when you first time try to enter it. So, be prepared before planning to do so.

The Great Corridor

Once you head inside the Pyramid, move toward the left staircase, and at the end, a cutscene will play. Now return to the entrance and as you get closer to the entrance, Sakura will meet you in the meantime. Have some talk with her for a while, and return to the entrance.

Pyramid Entrance

Turn first right from Town square, then another right turn to the square itself, where you will meet a bandit. Beware, as this place tends to have some foes. Next, you will find a bandit, whom you should defeat and take back what he had stolen. Defeating him is not much of a task, as you can easily take him down through his weakness, i.e. Guns.

The thug had stolen Papyrus, which originally belonged to Futaba. Head back to the Pyramid to meet her and give her what she longed for. It will be revealed that the Papyrus was nothing else but the Pyramid’s map. Futaba will then drop you and the party into a pond of quicksand.

Underground Passageway

After some difficult steps, move out of the quicksand to go through the underground passage. Having regained the Joker’s control, reach the tomb’s northeast corner and head up using the shelf. You will have to use the sarcophagi for climbing up to the area next to it. Look around to find the treasure clearing out the floor, and repeat the process.

Once you have arrived at the top floor, there will be a huge green door ahead of you. Pass through it to make an exit.

After exiting from this door, there will be a dark dungeon corridor. Beware, because this place is filled with many enemies. Clear them out in the way, and move toward your right ahead.

You will also get a chance to confront a strong-looking guardian, but ignoring it for the moment is the best strategy. Keep a steady walk up front until you find a glowing chest in some corner.

Head upstairs in order to scale to the uppermost floor after looting the chest. Opening the front door will let you inhale fresh air after a while. You will find that you are back where you started, i.e. the Palace entrance. Make your way back through the gate to the strong-looking guardian to engage in a fight.

This enemy is tough to take down, as it possesses the “Rattled” ability which turns your party members into rats. Carefully save them from the trick, or else they will lose their strength for a while. Consider applying Wind attacks at the beast, as it is vulnerable to wind.

After taking it down, cross the bridge from the next room, and then take a right turn. Climb up to the sidewall after walking for a while, where you will face a familiar large door.

After crossing through the door, go towards the glowing pillar to examine it. After that, exit from the place, moving towards the right side.

Open the Large Door

You will find a hidden path there from where you will have to climb up the sidewall and crouch to approach the button. Pressing the button will activate the Ballista, which will throw a huge arrow inside the cracked wall.

The large door will be unlocked, and you along with your allies will be able to pass through it. Doing so will allow you to reach a new place in the Palace.

Escape the Underground passway

Moving ahead will expose you to a green-lighting tablet, placed between two statues. Turning left will lead you to a large room with an enemy waiting there for you. Defeat him and then climb up the Sarcophagi.

From there, take two more left turns to enter from the door located at the end of the great hall. You will reach a narrow room with 2 statues of Anubis. Grab the gemstone that is held by the statue there.

Now, take an exit from the room and climb up the ledge from your left side. Climb straight continuously until you reach two doors.

Enter the smaller door to find another status of Anubis. Take one more gemstone from the statue’s grip and pass through the other larger room.

The Pedestal Room

This room contains a pair of pedestals. Place both gemstones into each of the pedestals one by one. Doing so will open up a path through the door; this is one of the major pathways that you have successfully gone through and are now able to scale the pyramid up further.

Descend down and open the giant room’s door by returning to the same place. Go upstairs until arriving at the barrier. From there, your sole destination will be the Safe Room.

Futaba’s Palace puzzle solutions

Heading out of the safe room in Futaba’s Palace in P5R, you will find Futaba waiting for you there. Follow her from that point. Joker will nearly get sliced down by the spikes in the way, which implies that you will have to head to the other way for the time being.

Keep walking straight until reaching the room, go upstairs, and then turn left. Pass through the following gate after clearing out the enemies in the way. Do not give attention to the gem you see in the next room, as it has a curse inflicted on it.

You will be easily allowed to pass through the next path, as you did not play around with the cursed gem. Press the button after walking down at the very end.

Now, instead of heading down from here, go back to lift the cursed gemstone. Carry it with you and come back at the Spiky place where you followed Futaba a while before. It will let you pass safely this time, so do so. Defeat the minor enemies in the way, and head to the treasure chest at the backside of this room.

Head to the Anubis statue after climbing your way through its room. You have to place the gem you previously acquired in the hands of the statue, which will start to glow subsequently.

Walk upfront until you reach another button. Pressing it will let you move forward, after which you must return to the room with huge light Pillar in it. Climb up there and move toward the glowing door.

Egyptian Painting Puzzle Solution

After passing through the glowing door, you will reach an unfamiliar place, which contains the first Futaba Palace Puzzle in Persona 5 to be solved to move ahead.

For this puzzle, you will have to re-arrange the sections of the painting so that it may form a logical sequence. This is a quite straightforward one, and you will see something like this after it is solved.

The device will turn on, a cutscene will start, and the door will open. Then descend to the bottom floor and ascend the stairs. Another cutscene will start, as you get closer to the entrance up ahead. Save your game before continuing.

Hooray! The first part of the Puzzle solving is completed, and you have just reached halfway through Futaba’s Palace.

Investigating Chamber of Guilt

A cutscene will start if you go through the door across from the safe chamber. Move to the right and take advantage of the opportunity to eliminate another shadow. Continue down the route, descend to the lower level, and Futaba will appear in a cutscene.

Another cutscene will appear if you follow her. After the animation, crawl through the wall. After that, the floor in front of you will begin to collapse. Move to the left and through the opening between the sarcophagi. Ascend the stairs, and then move towards the switch.

Be careful of the shadow and use the Chance to fight the Anubis and two more Anzu. After you’ve defeated them, keep going straight, pass by the entrance, and engage with the incline plank to build a bridge. Reach the entrance on the other side by passing through.

Coffins Puzzle Solution

Examine the slab at the end of this room; interact with the tablet and it will provide a code: B01010. Exit the area and return to the Coffins room for interacting with the purple stone slab.

Go down the steps and inspect the switch you will find beside the stone tablet. Activating the switch will spawn a shadow. There will be illuminated coffins in the hall.

Use the code you acquired to solve the Coffins Puzzle of Persona 5 Futaba’s Palace. Examine the second coffin to turn it off and then go to the fourth coffin and turn it off, then go to the sixth one and turn the cooling off. Return to the switch and interact with it to solve the puzzle and the door near the stack of wooden planks will open up.

Go through the door to destroy the Shadow and there will be quadruped Shadow nearby. Fight against a Thote and some Naga. Defeat them and proceed through the door on the left to enter the room with another slab. Interact with it and another cutscene will play.

You will find two codes here, R01100 and B10011, return to the site and you will find that Coffins are now projecting light.

Make sure that the Blue ball section matches B10011, while the Red one matches R01100. Once done, you are good to press the button. The solved puzzle would look as below.

Second Egyptian Puzzle

Don’t enter the indentation yet, instead scale the sarcophagus to reach the platform to find that the balls have chained together and won’t budge. Another cutscene will play here, after that face to the right and scale the platform and leap to the ball and jump across one to another until you have reached the end.

As you turn to the left, look for a ledge to leap onto, cross, and descend. Before turning left and climbing the stairs, proceed to the entrance on your left.

After getting to the ending part, ascend the third sarcophagus to the upper platform. A light-emitting passage is to your right; turn on the device there to activate a cutscene and the next puzzle involving Egyptian Painting.

This puzzle is much like the first one, but there is a twist, it is divided into 8 isosceles triangle divisions and you will also able to rotate the parts.

Place the last panel in the fourth slot, the first one in the third slot, put the 5th panel in the first slot, 6th panel in the second slot, place the 5th panel in the third position, then the 6th in the fourth and last panel on the sixth slot.

Now, highlight the 7th one and rotate it upside down and place the 7th one of the 5th slot. Finally, 8th one should be placed on the 6th slot. The puzzle will be completed now.

Final Puzzle Solution

A path will suddenly appear; follow it to the entrance up ahead by stooping to the ground. After a short cutscene, you can continue and move on to the following area. After beating the Shadow, proceed to the platform at the end and confront Anubis.

After passing the spikes and entering the next room, turn right and enter the entryway. Leave through the opening on the left and ignore the door on your right. Avoid the Shadow path and proceed directly ahead until you come to a door.

There will be lined up coffins inside the room, and there will be a shadow inside. Use the chance to fight the Anubis and a Naga.

Once they are done, head through the center edge and examine the switch. Head through the opposite door and use the Chance on the approaching shadow to fight the Isis and Thote. Enter the labyrinth and proceed to the upper corner by turning left from the alcove. To eliminate the barricade, climb up the sarcophagus and then press the switch there.

Drop down to the ground and reach for the indentation. Go through the door and head to the corner of the room while avoiding the Shadow in the way. Interact with the upper right sarcophagus at the corner to find a switch. Interacting with the switch will open another path.

Move into the next room and be careful of Persona that will ambush you. Now, head back to the main square with the giant Anubis statue and enter the doorway to the right side of the statue. Use the switch to open a room with a statuette bearing the Orb and watch out for the shadow that will pop up.

Turn around and you will face another door, go through it and then save your progress in the save room ahead of you.

From there, go left and continue walking straight until you reach a door and another cutscene with Futaba will play. Prepare yourself, as you will fight with Mot, Lamia and Naga. Once you defeat them, proceed to the next path.

Head aside and climb the sarcophagus. There will be an Anubis statue with a Gem; take it from its hand. Now go to the coffin at the corner to climb up to the floor above. Leap across the platforms and reach the opening straight ahead.

To create a passageway across the top level, descend and place the gem inside the Urn. Following the ray of light hanging above, continue straight before turning right. Look inside the chest on the left before entering the entryway.

Jump across to get to the statue of the sphinx. Keep yourself to the left, drop down from the narrow ledge, and keep going straight ahead. Head back to ascend back to your starting position.

Approach the cheek of the statue and climb to the top of its head. Head across to reach the platform beside another statue. Climb on top of it, and then leap across to the platform with a pyramid resting on top.

Move around the Pyramid, vault over it to the other statue’s top, and then jump to the platform in front of you. To enter, take the path on your right and then ascend the steps. Another Puzzle will appear if you interact with the device in the center.

This is the third Egyptian Painting puzzle. This puzzle has 10 square divisions, 5 on top and 5 at the bottom. The trick is to put pieces with the border on the edges first before fixing the rest in the middle.

A cutscene and another route will open once the puzzle has been solved. From there, descend to access the room in front of you, where you will find it barred with tapes and bearing a warning sign. There will be a lengthy cutscene, so save your work before going through the entrance.

Now that you have secured your route, it is time you sent a calling card. Prepare yourself for the boss fight ahead, and leave via the Safe room.

How to defeat Wakaba Isshiki in P5

Isshiki Wakaba’s Shishion’na no mōgeki attack deals some severe damage to the entire party, so raise guard each time she hides underneath to minimize the damage suffered when she resurfaces.

She will use this attack in about three turns after concealing herself. Arahabaki is recommended to pair for the hero, he becomes a durable ally when Physical attacks are kept in check using Makarakarn.

Halfway through the boss battle, Futaba’s Persona will awaken. This will enable the party to wield the Ballista. One party member is required to operate the ballista, dealing some significant damage to the boss.

Isshiki Wakaba will fall down after the hit from the Ballista, this is the window of opportunity to deal some heavy physical damage as you power up an ally by casting a de-buff Rakunda, and buff Tarukaja. After she flies away for the second time, fire the Ballista again that will cause her to fall down on the ground.

Deal physical damage to her with whole might. Once Isshiki’s health is substantially down, you will have a chance to throw the final shot and finish the fight for good.

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