Persona 5 Futaba’s Pyramid Palace Guide

Our Persona 5 Futaba’s Pyramid Palace Guide will help you through the entire palace so you can solve puzzles and defeat Ishiki Wakaba at the end of this palace.

Palaces in Persona 5 are quite lengthy and are full of puzzles enemies. Futaba Palace is not exception as it is filled with puzzles, enemies and there is a boss at the end of this palace.

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Persona 5 Futaba’s Pyramid Palace

As soon as the mobile lands on its destination it will start a conversation as soon as the team arrives at the perimeter. Make your way to the left past some columns and you will find the flight of steps that will direct you to the entrance of the palace.

Once you enter go to the left staircase and at the end, a cutscene will play. Now return to the entrance and as you get closer to the entrance another cutscene will play. Once you regain the control talk to Sakura for a quest.

Once you are done, proceed ahead to the elevated platform near some vegetation and inspect the ground to get a clear view of the town, and another cutscene will ensue.

You will arrive at an alley, go past the first intersection and keep going straight as you dodge the eyes of the shadow to your right.

Sneak past the second shadow as its back is turned on you and then go to the right. Head straight and ignore the opening to your left. As you pass the blue chalice signpost, take a right by the pole. Go through the opening by the concrete barrier lined with clay pottery to trigger a cutscene.

As the cutscene ends there will be a lot of shadows patrolling on your immediate left. Engage with the shadows ad=nd deal with several Sandman. Once done take a right and find the path that forks earlier, as you reach a dead end, turn right to find another patrolling Shadow.

Wait for the shadow to turn around and sneak past it to trigger a chance. You will have to face Anzu, use your guns to target its weakness and use Negotiate to end the battle.

Exit the shanty town and then return to find the thief idle on the path a bit nearby the first intersection. Chase him to trigger a cutscene and take note of the direction he went and go after him and you will find him idling by the opposite side.

Return to the first intersection and then defeat the Shadow and then approach him from the front and he will head straight to the square. Follow him to trigger a cutscene and he will call upon his Persona, Garuda.

Garuda will use Garudyne to attack the single party members and uses Magarudyne for multi-hit. Use the Giant Slash to deal some serious damage and prioritize Anne’s Gun Skills to whittle it down. Once you have defeated this enemy head back to the Pyramid.

Return to the main entrance and look for Sakura. Interact with her and report about the stolen item. An event will take place, go and explore the lower floor. While exploring take the right and leap across the puddle. As you reach the second obstacle, wait for the shadow to turn around to sneak past him.

A battle will start, once you have taken care of the enemies continue straight and leap across the other side with pottery lying around. Go back past the water and approach the tombs to reach the upper platform. You will find two more shadows patrolling the area.

Wait for the nearby one to turn around then use Chance. Approach the tomb to get to the next area. Reach for the Tombstone to scale to the next area. Go to the left then leap across the water, time for a Chance on the approaching Shadow to take it out. Interact with the door to move to the next location.

Go up the steps and keep going and eventually a cutscene will play. Be careful of the quadruped Shadow. Sneak past for a chance and you will then encounter the Persona Thoth and its weakness is Psi magic. Once this Persona is taken care of keep going straight past the two pillars to trigger a cutscene.

There is another Shadow at the far end, sneak behind it to take it out. Reach the steps and use Chance to find a pack of Lamia, take out one then Negotiate with the other. Reach for the door to escape the dungeon and arrive back near the entrance.

Now make your way to the left stairs from the main entrance where you encountered the dead end, only this time you will find unique guarding Shadow situated nearby two towering pillars.

Here you will face another Persona, The sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is weak to wind magic so it would be recommended to use the Anzu. Mot will summon Lamia to his side, use ice magic to cripple Lamia then focus on Mot.

Once done, head to the right tombstone to get to the upper platform. Dash towards the door ahead of you and move to the next area. Get across the board to reach the opposite side of the room, from there go left and you will reach a dead end.

Inspect the corner to trigger a cutscene then return to the bridge and this time head left to the intersection that we ignored earlier. Scale the platform to reach the upper level, as you scale the second one wait for the shadow to turn around and use the chance to take it out.

Use the lever on the right to open the door, examine the mechanism to trigger a cutscene then inspect the wall near it to find more clues on how to operate it.

Make your way to the opposite side of where the Ballista was. Scale the path on your right to chance on the nearby shadow.

Defeat the Lamia and proceed to the huge gate for another dialogue. Drop off to the lower platform and cross the bridge, go to your left then scale the platform then inspect the left wall to scale to the ledge hovering above.

Cross the ledge and activate the switch to trigger the mechanism which will open the huge gate and return to the Hige gate.

GO through the door and inspect the inscription for another cutscene. Stick to the wall and wait for the patrolling shadow to turn around and then strike with the chance to take it out and you will encounter Thoth and Isis.

Take out Thoth and use the negotiate to add Isis to your compendium. Climb to the upper level and proceed to the door. Enter the room and inspect the Anubis statue bearing the orb to trigger a cutscene. Collect the item and more shadows will appear outside.

Wait for the nearest one to turn around and use chance then defeat Isis and head to the row of the sarcophagus. Scale the second one from the left and scale another one to get to the upper-most platform. Take out the shadow above and head to the end and scale the middle sarcophagus.

Enter through the door nearby to find another Anubis Statue and collect the second orb. A shadow will pop up from the other room.

Use the chance to find a swarm of Lamia and take them out. Reach for the door at the far end to enter a new room with another contraption reflecting light to the adjacent wall, a cutscene commences immediately.

Inspect the contraption and another cutscene will play. Go to the corners and check the two urns there and place the orb in each of the urns and another cutscene will play and the door will open. Descent the inclined plane and drop off and you will find yourself back near to the main entrance.

Simply leap from pillar to pillar, ascend the steps to trigger another cutscene. Follow the straight path and examine the door to commence a cutscene. Follow the trail to find a door at the end, enter it for a cutscene with Sakura.

Follow Sakura and another cutscene will play. Ignore the area where Sakura is now, instead go to the left and ascend the stairs and use the chance to face off the Persona Anubis. Whittle it down and use the Negotiate to add it to your compendium.

Follow the path where the shadow was guarding and leap to reach to the other side. Use the chance on the shadow to encounter four Lamias.

Enter the door on the right. To your right is a single file line of pillars, jump across them then at the far end is another column of pillars to cross, with a door waiting at the end of the path.

Just ignore the Anubis statue on your left and proceed through the door. Sneak behind it and use the chance to take it out. As you approach a dead end there will be another contraption, interact with it to trigger another cutscene.

Now return to the door and acquire the orb from the Anubis Statue and drop down to the lower platform and head back to the area where the Spike trap and Sakura went through.

Use the Chance on the patrolling quadruped Shadow and fight a Thote and Naga and defeat them. Head to the left door and again use the Chance on the patrolling Shadow to take it out. Reach tot the door at the end but don’t enter yet as there will be a quadruped Shadow close by.

Once it turns around sneak behind it and enter the middle door. Exit the door to find that the shadow has disappeared and enter the door it was guarding. Go to the right and climb the sarcophagus on the left and enter the room.

Scale the wall to reach the upper platform and then open the door and use Chance on the Shadow that spawns from the sarcophagus.

Scale the platform to your left and then make a right and inspect another Anubis Statue. Place the orb on this statue and the descent the steps and go through the door to reach the next area.

At the end of this area, there is another switch, interact with it to activate the mechanism.

Now drop down to reach the ground and head left and scale the second tomb to your right. Go past the reflected light, then inspect the chest at the room on the end, use the Lockpick to receive some items. Exit through the left path.

Now inspect the contraption in the middle and a cutscene will play. Once the cutscene is done interact with the control panel and it will bring up the painting in front of you.

Egyptian Painting Puzzle Solution
For this puzzle, you will have to re-arrange the sections of the painting so that it may form a logical sequence. The painting is divided into five sections.

The right order is bird-Egyptian woman-Egyptian woman’s hand-treaty-businessman-businessmen. To achieve this sequence, place the fourth panel on the first panel, the second panel in the third slot and place the fifth panel to the third slot.

A cutscene will play and the contraption will be activated and the door will be unlocked. Now drop down to reach the lowest level and then scale the steps. Approach the door ahead and another cutscene will play. Before you move ahead save your progress to this point.

Enter the door opposite to the save room and a cutscene will trigger. Make your way to the right and use The Chance on the nearby shadow to take is out. Keep following the path and drop down to the lower level and a cutscene with Sakura will trigger.

Follow her and another cutscene will play out. Crawl through the wall and after the cutscene the floor ahead of you will start to crumble, make your way left and pass through the gap between the sarcophagi. Ascend the steps and approach the switch.

Be careful of the shadow and use the Chance to fight the Anubis and two more Anzus. Once they are defeated head straight and ignore the door and interact with the inclined plank to create a bridge. Pass through and reach the door on the other side.

Examine the slab at the end of this room, touch the surface of the tablet to obtain a code: B01010. Exit the area and a cutscene will commence.

Coffins Puzzle Solution
Go down the steps and inspect the switch you will find beside the stone tablet. Activating the switch will spawn a shadow, use the Chance to defeat this shadow. There will be illuminated coffins, but ignore the first from the left as it does not seem to respond after inspecting it.

Use the code you acquired to solve the puzzle. Examine the second coffin to turn it off and then go to the fourth coffin and turn it off, then go to the sixth one and turn the cooling off. Return to the switch and interact with it to solve the puzzle and the door near the stack of wooden planks will open up.

Go through the door and use the Chance to destroy the Shadow and there will be quadruped Shadow nearby. Use the Chance to fight against a Thote and some Naga. Defeat them and proceed through the door on the left to enter the room with another slab. Interact with it and another cutscene will play.

You will find two codes here, R01100 and B10011, return to the site and you will find that Coffins are now projecting light.

Inspect the coffins as before and start from the right. Leave the blue one be and turn off the fourth and third coffin. Go to the other line of coffins and turn off fourth and fifth coffins. However, the count will be from right to left this time thus it should look more like 00110R. Press the switch for a cutscene.

Don’t enter the indentation yet, instead scale the sarcophagus to reach the platform to find that the balls have chained together and won’t budge. Another cutscene will play here, after that face to the right and scale the platform and leap to the ball and jump across one to the another until you have reached the end.

Now face the left to find a ledge, and jump onto it, cross the ledge and drop down. Head to the door on your left, then turn left then ascend the steps. Reach the end then climb the third sarcophagus to reach the upper platform. Go to your right and you will find a light emitting passage, interact with the mechanism and a cutscene will play and another Egyptian Painting puzzle will commence.

This puzzle is much like the first one, but there is a twist, this time the sections are divided into 8 isosceles triangle divisions and you will also able to rotate the parts.

Place the last panel on the fourth slot, first one to the third slot, put the 5th panel on the first slot, 6th panel on the second slot, place the 5th panel on the third position, then the 6th on the fourth and last panel on the sixth slot.

Now, highlight the 7th one and rotate it upside down and place the 7th one of the 5th slot. Finally, put the last panel on the 6th slot to finish the puzzle.

A path will open, drop down to the ground and head to the door ahead. A cutscene will play, save your progress and enter the next area. Head to the platform at the end, use the Chance to kill the Shadow and face the Anubis. Reach for the door at the far end with Anubis busts on either side.

Enter the next area head past the spikes then turn right to pass through the doorway. Ignore the door on the right and head left through the indentation. Avoid the path with quadruped Shadow, and follow the straight path until you reach a door.

There will be lined up coffins inside the room, and there will be a shadow inside. Use the chance to fight the Anubis and a Naga.

Once they are done head through the center edge and interact with the switch. head through the opposite door and use the Chance on the approaching shadow to fight the Isis and Thote. Go inside the labyrinth, from the alcove head left and then reach the top corner. Scale the sarcophagus, then push the switch at the edge to remove the barricade.

Drop down to the ground and reach for the indentation. Go through the door and avoid the Shadow to enter through a door in the corner. Interact with the upper right sarcophagus at the corner to find a switch. Use the switch to open another path.

Go through the room and watch out for a bunch of Persona that will ambush you. Now, get back to the main square with the giant Anubis statue and enter the doorway to the right of the statue. Use the switch to open a room with a minuscule statue bearing the Orb and be careful of the shadow that will pop up.

Turn around and you will face another door, go through it and then save your progress in the save room ahead of you.

From there go left and keep going straight until you reach a door and another cutscene with Sakura will play. Prepare yourself as you will fight with Mot, Lamia and Naga. Once you defeat them another cutscene will play.

Go to the side and climb the sarcophagus. There will be an Anubis statue with an Orb and take it. Now go to the coffin at the corner to scale up to the floor above. Leap across the platforms and reach the opening straight ahead.

Drop down and place the orb inside the urn to open a path to cross the upper floor. Head straight then turn right, follow the ray of light hovering above. Before you go through the doorway, examine the chest on the left.

Jump across to get to the statue of the sphinx. Keep to the left and drop down from the narrow ledge and keep going straight ahead. Head back to ascend back to your starting position.

Approach the cheek of the statue and to scale to the top of its head. Go across to reach the platform beside another statue. Climb on top of it, then leap across to the platform with a pyramid resting on top.

Go around it and jump across to land on top of the other statue then jump to the platform ahead. Head to the path on your right then up the stairs to enter. Interact with the contraption in the center and another puzzle will pop up.

This is the third Egyptian Painting puzzle. This puzzle has 10 square divisions, 5 on top and 5 at the bottom. The trick is to put pieces with the border on the edges first before fixing the rest in the middle. The finished puzzle should look like this.

Once the puzzle has been solved another path will open and a cutscene will play. From there drop down to enter the room in front of you and you will come across the room barred with tapes and a warning symbol. A long cutscene will play and before you enter through the door, save your progress.

When ready go through the door and a cutscene will play. Operate the panel to bring the lift upwards, this will trigger another cutscene. Turn around and ascend the steps on your right and go up another set of stairs. Descend to the right and use the Chance on the Shadow nearby to find Isis, Anubis, and Anzu.

Once they are defeated, leap across to reach the platform in front of you and again use the chance to fight Anubis x2 along with Thote. Jump across to approach the row of coffins and go back to the original position then take the left path up the steps.

Go upstairs, then jump across to reach the platform on the other side, drop down to reach a group of coffins, then head up the steps ahead of you. Keep going straight ascending the steps, then take the left side to scale another flight of steps. Eventually, you should be facing a door, interact to trigger another long cutscene. A boss fight will start.

Ishiki Wakaba Boss Tips

Ishiki Wakaba’s Shishion’na no mōgeki attack deals some severe damage to the entire party, so raise guard each time she hides underneath to minimize the damage suffered when she resurfaces.

She will use this attack in about three turns after conceals herself. Arahabaki is recommended to pair for the hero, he becomes a durable ally when Physical attacks are kept in check using Makarakarn.

Halfway through the boss battle, Futaba’s Persona will awaken. This will enable the party to wield the Ballista. One party member is required to operate the ballista, dealing some significant damage to the boss.

Ishiki Wakaba will fall down after few hits from the Ballista, this is the window of opportunity to deal some heavy physical damage as you power up an ally by casting a de-buff Rakunda, and buff Tarukaja.

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