How To Raise Diligence Social Stat In Persona 4 Golden

Higher Diligence stats show that you are more committed to your job and can better complete tasks in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden is not all about solving murders, as it includes a very advanced social system. You will grow your character while revolving around your society and performing different activities. There are a total of five social stats that you need to take care of in Persona 4.

Diligence is part of the social stats system in P4 Golden. The stat measures your commitment to your society under challenging situations and your dedication to taking on the game’s tasks.

You need to work hard and make your way through the game by boosting your Diligence using different activities. The stats will increase with your social interaction, so it is essential to get a hold of the things you should do to raise Diligence in Persona 4 Golden.

What does P4G Diligence stat do?

Diligence is the measurement of your commitment to your tasks. The better levels show that you are committed to your job and will easily tackle difficult situations.

So it is vital to boost Diligence as soon as possible in Persona 4 Golden. You can gain different part-time jobs by improving your level of Diligence.

You need to move through your ranks in Diligence to make the most out of the situations and earn extra bucks. The levels of Diligence in Persona 4/Golden are as follows:

1CallowLess than 15 
2PersistentBetween 16 and 39Origami
3StrongBetween 40 and 79Hospital Janitor
4PersuasiveBetween 80 and 139 
5Rock SolidGreater than 139 

You will also meet new social links while working at the Hospital after achieving a Strong rank in the stat. You will meet Sayoko Uehara and Hisano Kuroda, opening social links to earn more social stats and build a stronger character in Persona 4 Golden.

Fishing is also an important activity that helps restore your allies’ health depending on your catch. Raising Diligence in Persona 4 allows you to fish more, making you more beneficial for your allies. You will gain their trust and progress through the game.

How to raise Diligence in Persona 4 Golden

Complete Mega Beef Bowl Challenge

Completing this challenge at the Chinese Diner Aiya allows you three social stats to improve, but the stats are randomly selected. You might get an increase in your Diligence stat after completing the Mega Beef Bowl. Additionally, it is better to attempt something that improves your character, making this challenge worth it.

The cost of each bowl is 3,000 Yen, but the gains are more, so do not hold back just to save a few bucks. Get out and enjoy the bowl, along with some stats boost.

Do Part-time jobs

Jobs sound scary, but to develop your character and raise Diligence in P4 Golden, you have to do many of them. You will get the Envelope Constructor job at the start level when your Diligence is at level 1. Take on the job as it does not require prior experience or skills. The job is listed on 4/23, and you earn money while performing it.

Your Diligent stats receive a raise if you start working as Pub Dishwasher. The job can be taken after it becomes available on 5/25. To your benefit, you need no prerequisites or traits to do the job. Work with Diligence to achieve higher social stat and earn more bucks. Additionally, start conversations with the customers in the Pub to raise your Diligence.

Practice Sports

Sports are a fun way to improve your social and physical character. Choose any sports you want, from Football or Basketball, turn to their practice sessions, and raise your Diligence stat in Persons 4 Golden. Remember, do not skip your sessions after school to earn Diligence.

Take Gardening

You can raise your Diligence by gardening in Dojima Residence. You can buy seeds from women that are located near Inaba. Help Nanako in her gardens by planting the seeds and taking care of the plants.

Your diligence stat will rise every time you go to help Nanako or take the gardening on your own. This works in both ways, as improvement in Diligence boosts your crop yields and vice versa. So take gardening as seriously as possible.

Play with Cat

If you love playing with animals, you will love Persona 4 Golden even more, as it allows you to earn Diligence while playing with a cat. You can find the cat at Dojima Residence. So play your heart out and raise your Diligence.

Read Books

Reading books might seem hectic, but the benefits of reading books are beyond your imagination. You can read certain books during different chapters to raise your Diligence in Persona 4 Golden.

Some books that raise your Diligence are given below:

  • Who Am I? (Chapter 4)
  • Poly-Land (Chapter 4)
  • Picross Rules! (Chapter 4)
  • Witch Detective
  • Office Work Manual (Chapter 3)
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