Persona 4 Golden Gardening Guide

One of P4 Golden’s more laid-back aspects includes the Gardening feature. Here, we’ll be going over in detail regarding Persona 4 Golden Gardening, and how you can get started on giving your plants the care that they deserve.

Persona 4 Golden Gardening

You’ll be introduced to Gardening at the Dojima Residence by Nanako after 22nd of May. Gardening is a great way to get some items on your own.

Gardening becomes increasingly important as you progress through the game, as it can help you get some pretty good items for both battle, and certain other situations.

To start Gardening in P4 Golden, you are going to want to get your hands on some Seedlings, which can be bought from a number of locations.

  • The woman at the front of Dojima Residence
  • Junes Department Store
  • TV Shopping Network

After you have what you need from one of the three given locations stated above, it’s time to plant the Seedling. To do so, use the bucket in your living room area to plant said Seedling in the Garden.

There is a specific time each Seedling takes to grow, try to maintain your plant a day prior to the day of harvest, to maximize the product you receive.

Note: Delaying the harvest may result in your plant withering away. Don’t keep ‘em waiting!

Seedlings and Produce

Melon Seedling
Price: 5000
Gives a Bead Melon, able to completely restore ally’s HP and SP. Takes a total of 10 days before being ready for harvest.

Wheat Seedling
Price: 1000
Grows a Crack Wheat, which is able to unlock a treasure box. Takes a total of 6 days before being ready for harves.t

Cabbage Seedling
Price: 1800
Produces a Hiranya Cabbage, which can cure most ailments besides Down and Unconscious for your party. Takes a total of 6 days to harvest.

Daikon Seedling
Price: 500
Gives a Return Daikon which can help you instantly leave a dungeon. Takes a total of 5 days to harvest.

Tomato Seedling
Price: 500
Produces a Tiny Soul Tomato which can recover 20SP for an ally. Takes a total of 5 days to harvest.

Wall Paprika
Price: 2300
Takes 7 days to harvest, and is able to give a total of four possible harvests, each giving a specific type of resistance for a total of 3 turns; Red Paprika (Fire Resistance), White Paprika (Ice Resistance), Blue Paprika (Electric Resistance), or Green Paprika (Wind Resistance).

Barrier Corn
Price: 2500
Produces either Makaracorn (Reflect one Magical Attack), or Tetracorn (Reflect one Physical Attack). Takes a total of 8 days to harvest.

Eggplant Seedling
Price: 3000
Produces a Scapegoat Eggplant which will nullify an instant death magic once. Takes a total of 9 days to harvest.

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