How To Make Money Quickly In Persona 4 Golden

Like every student, you are bound to struggle for money in Persona 4 Golden which is why we have made this guide to help you become rich.

Undoubtedly, money is one of the most important aspects of Persona 4 Golden since it is required for a series of important reasons. You could buy new weapons or spend your money on upgrading your armor. Apart from that, you could also spend an extra buck each Sunday to watch Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities and buy some very useful items he sells. The possibilities vary. 

However, if you’re one of the players struggling to save up and are wondering how you can quickly make some cash in Persona 4, then you’re at the right place. In this guide, we will be doing a proper breakdown of how you can earn money quickly in Persona 4 and go from being poor to rich in no time but, of course, with the right strategies. 

How to farm money in Persona 4

If you’re struggling to buy your favorite armor or upgrade your weapons due to a lack of money, here are a few strategies you can utilize to upgrade your equipment or buy resources like books. Do note that these strategies work best when used simultaneously instead of individually.

So, ensure that while you’re focusing on one thing, you don’t forget about the other. With that, let’s dig into the three best ways you can earn some cash in Persona 4 Golden.

The part-time jobs

This is a reasonably simple way to earn money in Persona 4 Golden. The protagonist can find and take on part-time jobs by visiting the bulletin board in the North Shopping District. These jobs help the protagonist earn money and can also initiate Social Links.

Some jobs have specific requirements before the protagonist can apply, and taking an evening job (other than those done at home) allows the protagonist to leave the Dojima Residence in the evenings, even when Ryotaro Dojima is present.

The list of different part-time jobs available in P4 Golden for players are the following:

  • Envelope Constructor
  • Origami Crane Folder
  • Translator
  • Assistant Day Care Caretaker
  • Hospital Janitor
  • Tutor
  • Pub Dishwasher

You might wonder how you can quickly earn money through a part-time job; however, a stable source of income will reward you with a fixed amount. Players can save this amount while simultaneously working on several other money-making strategies.

Selling your spoils

Daidra Metalworks is a store located within the Central Shopping District of P4 Golden. Here, players can buy and sell armor, weapons, and accessories. Visit this shop from time to time since not only will it allow you to sell items that are no longer of use to you, but it will also allow you to sell the items you’ll obtain at the end of each battle.

Additionally, since these materials pose no other purpose, there’s no point in hoarding them in your inventory. Sell them instead and earn money while also unlocking new items for purchase.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the items you buy will sometimes be sold at less than 10% of their original price; for example, the Peach Seed will be bought at 2980(¥) while it’ll be sold for only 10(¥).

You can sell almost everything, but be careful while selling certain items since you might require them later in a quest. However, this should not pose much of a problem since, if you’ve accidentally sold such an item, you can pick it up again by redoing the dungeon from where you had picked it up. 

The golden/treasure hand encounters

If you’re searching for an effective way to make quite a lot of money quickly in P4 Golden, you should try the Golden Hands method.

Sure, this way works best if you’re trying to farm XP, but if you’ve defeated a couple of Golden Hands, then you must already be aware of the amount of money you’ll be rewarded with once they’ve been defeated. Though the challenging part comes in when the players try to find Golden Hands, they can repeatedly fight to gain substantial money.

The Treasure Hand in Persona 4 has no specific weaknesses and is immune to instant kill attacks. The best strategy to defeat them is to increase the player party’s critical once the battle starts and attack with physical skills. If you manage to land a critical hit you will get an extra turn to deal damage.

Focusing efforts on one Treasure Hand at a time can be beneficial, as killing one rewards the player with experience and money. An all-out attack can be used if all Treasure Hands are landed with critical hits, but this may not be feasible if the player party is under-leveled.

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