Persona 4 Golden Social Stats List And How To Raise Them

Persona 4 Social stats are important to boost different social skills in the game and do different jobs, activites, investigation,…

Persona 4 Golden offers some unique mechanics as compared to other games. At the same time, you may only know about fighting skills. But, the game requires one more type of skill to be raised. These are the Persona 4 Social Skills that you need to raise, and for that, you need to increase your social stats.

All these stats are vital in Persona 4 in one way or other. Persona 4 Golden social stats will max at Rank 5. Now if you want to see the current rank, just head to the Menu and select Open Stats from there. Here you can see details about all Social stats.

What are Social Stats used for

Each of the five social skill stats is to operate various aspects of your Persona’s adventure. All of these are independent social skills, and each of them has its purpose. You will require some of these stats to investigate a case, accomplish any objectives, do any part-time job in the game, and accomplish any moral activity. Also, you will need social skills to talk with a female Persona.   

How to raise Persona 4 Golden Social stats

Raising social stats in P4 Golden is essential as they carry the game objectives. Each Persona 4 stat has to be raised and maxed out throughout the game to accomplish different objectives and missions to progress in the story.

To raise a Persona 4 Social skill stat, you must complete specific activities to raise a particular social skill. However, there are tons of activities that you can perform to raise a social skill stat. But here, we will briefly discuss the fastest and best ways to increase social skill stat.

The first stat we will talk about raising is the Courage stat. You can quickly raise your courage by eating weird items from your fridge. Also, you can work in a hospital or drive a scooter for a long ride to maximize Persona 4 Golden courage social skills.

Knowledge is the easiest to raise and max out among all the stats. To increase your Persona 4 knowledge ranks, you must study before exams and answer questions correctly in the classroom.

To boost the Understanding Social stat in Persona 4 Golden, you must work as an Origami Crane Folder. Also, if you choose a Band Club, then practicing in bands can also increase your understanding social skill.

Next, we have Diligence. To raise Diligence. You will have to play a sport after school, football or basketball. Folding envelopes in your room and working at a bar will also increase Diligence and social skill.

You must work as a translator or tutor to raise the Expression social stat. Also, if you have joined a Drama Band, attending a drama band will cause a significant raise in expression and social skills.

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