Persona 4 Golden Books Guide

We have prepared this Persona 4 Golden books guide to help you with increasing your stats by reading and learning more about the world

In Persona 4, reading books will help boost the stat associated with the book. Besides boosting stats, reading can help you get the Reader King accessory after reading all the books in Persona 4 Golden. Reading 32 books in P4 Golden is also needed to unlock the Compulsive Reader achievement if you are going for 100% completion and achievement hunting.

We have prepared this Persona 4 Golden books guide to cover all the details about reading books, what stats a particular book will increase and all the locations where you can find these books in P4.

How to get books

There are different ways of getting books in Persona 4, but the most common and easiest one is buying them from the Yomenaido Bookstore in the Shopping District.  However, you could earn a book through either quest of events if you’re skilled enough.

There are some books hidden behind Strength requirements and some have a limited window for you to get them like the ones from the summer festival.

And remember you need to complete all chapters of the book to get your stat increase.

How to read books

After you’ve earned the book you’ve been looking for, it is time to read them. Inside your room, you will find a sofa near the coffee table that you can sit on and read your book of choice.

However, it is to be noted that you cannot read an entire book in one sitting since your character can only read one chapter at a time at the start. If you want to finish your books at twice the speed, you must complete reading the book Hyperspeed Reading. Hyperspeed Reading can be bought in August and will take 4 days to finish.

Additionally, reading different books will boost different stats, benefitting the players differently. This is an excellent way of targeting a stat that you think you’re lagging on or are struggling to keep up with.

Added to that, if you want a boost in the stat that you’ve gained, try reading while it is raining. Reading during rainy days doubles your stat increase.

All Persona 4 Golden books

Below is a table with all the books in P4 Golden and the places where you can find them. We have also given details of some unique books that can only be acquired through certain actions in Persona 4.

TitleAvailable onBoosted StatsLocation/Quests
The Ramen WayN/AKnowledge/ExpressionAiya’s Restaurant, Eat 8 Bowls
The Lovely Man20th of AprilCourageBook Store
Expert Study Methods20th of AprilIncreases: Knowledge when studyingBook Store
Beginner Fishing20th of AprilAble to fish moreBook Store
Off Today6th of MayUnderstandingBook Store
Office Work Manual6th of MayIncreases: Diligence when creating envelopesBook Store
Easy Origami20th of MayIncreases: Understanding when folding OrigamiBook Store
English Made Easy20th of MayIncreases: Expression when translatingBook Store
The Gentle Way23rd of MayKnowledge/ExpressionBook Store, Quest 18
Witch Detective29th of MayUnderstanding/DiligenceStrength Rank 1-3.
The Punk’s Way3rd of JuneKnowledge/ExpressionBook Store, Quest 20
Forever Macho11th of JuneCourageBook Store
100 Ghost Stories11th of JuneIncreases: Courage when working at the hospitalBook Store
Catching Bugs11th of JuneCatch more bugsBook Store
Short on Cash28th of JuneUnderstandingBook Store
Expert Fishing28th of JuneBoost reeling speedBook Store
Guide to Pests3rd of JulyKnowledge/CourageBook Store, Quest 34
Man of History15th of JulyCourageBook Store
Home Gardening15th of JulySpeed vegetable harvest by one dayBook Store
Poly-land17th of JulyKnowledge/DiligenceNeed Strength Rank 4 or 7+ (if Basketball) in your room on the 15th
Changing Careers4th of AugustUnderstandingBook Store
Hyperspeed Reading4th of AugustRead two chapters in one time frameBook Store
Picross Rules!11th of SeptemberUnderstanding/DiligenceBook Store, Quest 40
The O-Cha Way10th of AugustKnowledge/ExpressionStrength Rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9 for Basketball. Any Rank for Soccer.
The Divine Way21st of AugustKnowledge/ExpressionSummer Festival
Man-God24th of AugustCourageBook Store
Food Fight!24th of AugustBoost the effects of eating Chinese foodBook Store
Sensei’s Friend20th of SeptemberUnderstandingBook Store
Who Am I?26th of SeptemberKnowledge/DiligenceBook Store
Farewell to Man12th of OctoberCourageBook Store
The Final Lesson1st of NovemberUnderstandingBook Store
World Class Bugs1st of NovemberCatch more bugsBook Store

Coming to unique books in Persoan 4, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for players to receive them. The first book The Witch Detective requires 3 Strength or less on exactly 29th May, and to get this you should have rescued Kanji or else you will miss out on this book.

The next one is Poly-Land and it requires 4 Strength on 15th July. The way to do this is to go to your room and wait for the call from Kou, who will invite you to a study date. To get the book you have to respond with, you are allergic to Algebra.

The final Strength locked book is The O-Cha Way and it can be acquired on any strength rating from 1-9 on 9th August.

Two more books that are event locked are, The Divine Way, which can be unlocked on the 21st of August during the summer festival and The Ramen Way which is received once players have eaten at Aiya’s restaurant eight times.

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