Payday 3 Dirty Ice: How To Lure The Manager Inside

You need to isolate and blackmail the Manager to progress in Dirty Ice.

You need to lure the Manager inside during Dirty Ice in Payday 3 to unlock the entrance to the Jewelry Workshop of Ashton Fine Jewelry Store.

The deceptively simple heist is holding its own fair share of secrets inside. You will be robbing the new owners of Ashton Fine who have gotten their hands dirty in the past to get to where they are now.

However, things are not as simple as they seem to be because you will find yourself running into locked doors, tight security, and the watchful eyes of the cameras. To grab the precious jewels behind them, you will need to grab keycards, lockpick, or bypass biometric scans.

One such entrance is that of the Jewelry Workshop upstairs which can only be unlocked through the Manager’s biometric scan. To gain access, you need to lure the Manager back to her office, ambush her, and take her hostage.

Drag her to the Jewelry Workshop’s entrance and push her against the Scanner next to the door to clear the scan and unlock the Jewelry Workshop. After which you can either kill her or tie the hostage up.

How to get the Manager to access the Jewelry Workshop in Dirty Ice

To lure the Manager inside during Dirty Ice in Payday 3 you need to unlock the basement of the Jewelry Store first. From the door, lockpick to open the door in the corner but mind the guards and cameras if you are completing the heist in Stealth.


The room will have the Red Keycard, a switch for disabling security bars, and a safe on the table. Crack open the safe, and grab the evidence documents inside.

Go back upstairs and head over to the Jewelry Workshop, if you haven’t already. It is in the room across the Manager’s Office and standing near its door triggers Shade’s dialogue about making the Manager leave public spaces.

You will need both the evidence and the dialogue to lure the Manager during Dirty Ice in Payday 3.

Now go back to the Manager’s Office and use the landline phone on her table to call her. After Shade mentions the documents, she hurriedly returns to her office, successfully luring the Manager in during Dirty Ice in Payday 3.

Once she is inside, you can grab her and use her face to pass the biometric scan holding you from accessing the Jewelry Workshop.

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