Payday 3: How To Get Basement Code In Dirty Ice

The basement Code in Payday 3 Dirty Heist is needed to get the sensitive documents.

While progressing through the “Dirty Ice” mission in Payday 3, you might find yourself stuck to find the Basement Code. Finding this code is needed to progress in the Dirty Ice mission. Getting the code is difficult as it requires finding three similar four-digit codes.

Once you have all three of them, you need to use your intellect to guess the right one, which I will tell you at the end.

Basement code locations in the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist

In Payday 3, finding the location of the Basement code is tricky as the location changes for every player in the game. For that, there is a way for which you need to make your way to the “Manager’s Office.”

Once there, you need to find and log on to the computer located there. You need to find the “Basement Code” email inside the computer. After opening the email, you will find out that the Basement code has been changed by the “Security Division.” You will also discover that you must visit three locations in Payday 3.

One of these locations will have the Basement code you are looking for. You must visit every location and try each code to check whether it works. The location of the Basement codes are explained in detail below.

1. Storage cabinet in the VIP room

To get this code, you need to get inside the VIP Room in Payday 3. After getting there, you will find out that the room is locked, and you need to scan a QR for that. To unlock this, you need to grab a phone from the Manager’s Office and use that to scan the code.


The QR Code will be pasted on the wall beside the “Coffee Machine” along the couch. You then need to pull out your phone and scan the QR code. Doing so will unlock the room.

To avoid getting caught stealing The Basement code, you must destroy the cameras looking over the VIP Room. This can be done using any of the best weapons on Payday 3. The Room has a table you need to find, with two “Necklaces” on display.

Once you have found the table, you need to look for a notepad on the same table. Basement codes will be inside the Notepad, which can easily be opened. VIP Room is a storage for precious items, so you can grab some of these items to sell for money.

2. Employee of the Month picture in the main lobby

In Dirty Ice, you will find the second Basement code inside the “Main Lobby” of the building. To get there, you need to use the same QR code to access the VIP Room and get inside. Once there, it would be best if you found a door on the left side.

This door also has a QR that can be opened using the mobile phone from the Manager’s Office. After getting inside, you must find the “Employee of the Month” picture on the East Wall.

Once you have found the picture, you need to look for an “Employee ID” by examining the picture. The Basement Code here is disguised in the Employee ID, so you need to note down this ID to be later used as a code.

The Basement code that I find here is “5999”. After getting the Basement code, you must exit the room for the next code.

3. WiFi password in the Break Room

For the third Payday 3 Basement code in Dirty Ice Heist, you must return to the “Manager’s Room.” This is where you find the Mobile Phone to unlock locked doors.

You must go to the hallway using the Exit Door on the side. Once there, find and enter the “Break Room” on the left side of the main hallway.

After getting inside, you must find the “Whiteboard” on the room’s East wall. On the board, you will find the written text Stating “WiFi Password,” which will be your Basement Code. In my case, the code was “4550,” which may vary in your attempt in Dirty Ice.

What is inside the Basement in Dirty Ice heist?

As part of the Objectives of the Dirty Ice Heist mission in Payday 3, you will visit the basement of the building. Here, you will also find the “Red Keycard,” which is needed to open the Password Keypad of the Basement Vault. After grabbing the Keycard, you need to make your way to the entrance of the Vault.

Open the “Access Panel” and enter the vault password. This is the same Four Digit password that you got earlier. Some players here might get confused about which Basement codes to use here.

You can use the “Lantern” to light up the keypad, which will help you find the most used keys. After finding these keys, correspond to the password which matches close to these numbers.

After unlocking the Vault, you first need to take care of the cameras. One will be located on the “Right Wall,” and the other will be located right ahead on the entrance along with the guard.

You will then be able to find yourself inside the small room, which has a door on its left side. This door is not locked, and once inside, you need to find and disable the “Switches” that control the Display Case.

After that, you need to find a “Safe” in the same room, which will also be opened using the same Red Keycard. Inside, you will find some “Documents” linked to the manager. You can then use the photos of these documents to blackmail the Manager. Doing so, he will give you access to the “Jewelry Workshop.”

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