Payday 3: Dirty Ice Stealth Guide

Clean up this high-end New York store without making so much of a peep, Ocean’s Eleven style!

Dirty Ice is the third heist that you will be doing in stealth in Payday 3. Your main objective here will be to loot a jewelry store in New York City but there is a lot of other loot to get as well.

Suffice it to say, Dirty Ice is one of the few heists in Payday 3 (the other being Under the Surphaze) where you can get a ton of loot as long as you are willing to spend the time.

Dirty Ice is split into three different locations. While you can rush through them, each location has its own loot to steal. Here is how you can get the maximum payout from the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3.

How to complete Dirty Ice in Stealth for Payday 3

This Dirty Ice stealth walkthrough is based on the normal difficulty settings of Payday 3. We will also be escaping with the maximum loot, meaning that we will be targeting all three locations: the VIP Showroom, the Jewelry Workshop, and the Vault.

Before starting the heist, consider gearing up using our best stealth build in Payday 3. Dirty Ice has a lot of objectives to complete, including the optional ones, so you will need every tactical advantage you can get.

Once you start the heist, take the time to survey the jewelry store location which caters to a lot of civilians in its public area. Take into account the camera locations, the alleyways and doors, and the positions of the guards.


For our difficulty preset, the guards’ position around the jewelry store will be:

  • One in the camera room.
  • One patrolling the back alley.
  • One inside the basement.
  • One in the camera room.
  • One guard in front of the store.

Now that you have scanned your surroundings, it is time to sneak into the restricted sections of the jewelry store and begin the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice QR codes

Your first task is to access the back alley of the bank so that you can find some smartphones. You need to hack them for QR codes that are later used to unlock certain doors; in this case, the back door which will serve as the entry point of the Dirty Ice stealth heist in Payday 3.

The back alley can be accessed by lockpicking the door on the left-hand side of the building or by heading down an alleyway on the right-hand side. Either option can be picked; it will inadvertently lead you to the back alley where a guard will be patrolling.

This guard will be carrying the Blue Keycard in Dirty Ice. Pickpocket it as it will be used later to access the security room to disable the cameras.

Your first smartphone will be in the back alley; search the floor near the white car or the crate to retrieve it. Use it to unlock the back door; you are now inside the store.

You need to locate the long alleyway and the manager’s office to locate the remaining smartphones. The manager’s office has a wooden door, pick its lock and you will find another smartphone on the couch inside. There’s also another resting on a table on the right side of the office.

The bathroom in the long hallway is also another location where a QR code smartphone can be found. Beware that a guard patrols the hallway; if he sees you it is vital to take him out and hide his body so that your cover is not blown.

Dirty Ice basement code (VIP Showroom)

The basement doors are PIN code-protected and players need to interact with the computer in the manager’s office to gain hints of the whereabouts of the PIN.

There are three possible locations where you can find the basement codes to complete Dirty Ice Stealth in Payday 3:

  •  The basement code can be the same as the Wi-Fi password which can be found written on a whiteboard in the lunchroom.
  • The basement code can be the employee of the month employee’s ID number which can be found on a plaque in the main showroom.
  • The basement code can be posted in the VIP Showroom which can be accessed by getting the QR code from a scattered smartphone.

Punch the code and get access to the basement. Sneak past the two cameras and the patrolling guard and lockpick the storage room door.

You can disable the security cameras here if you stole the Blue keycard from the guard earlier in the back alley.

The security alarms of the VIP Showroom can also be disabled by interacting with a breaker on the right side. This will allow you to loot the VIP Showroom in peace.

You also need to collect the Dirty Ice Red Keycard and crack the safe code that contains some important evidence. Take photos of the evidence and head back upstairs to the manager’s office.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Manager (Jewelry Workshop)

You need the manager to get access to the jewelry workshop in the Dirty Ice stealth heist of Payday 3 since it’s protected by a biometric scanner. You can find her in the public lobby area; she is hard to miss as she is wearing a blue shirt and yellow scarf.

Upon returning to the manager’s office after taking the photos of the evidence, use the office phone to call the manager and use the pictures to blackmail her.

When she returns, use her as a human shield and shove her into the jewelry workshop door. She’ll unlock the door for you. Tie her up and loot the valuables inside.

To get the maximum payout, use the machine inside to deposit your jewelry bags and convert them into Clean Jewelry. This however consumes more time and is risky.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault Access (in co-op and solo)

The vault requires a simultaneous action of two people pressing the button in the manager’s office and inserting the Red Keycard. It is important to get the timing right for this otherwise the vault won’t open.

If you are playing co-op, any 2 players can perform this action. One can go to the manager’s office to press the button and the other can insert the red vault key card in the vault.

However, if you are playing solo, you need to take the manager back to her office and shove her toward the button. Once she presses it, you need to run back to the vault and insert the red key card.

You can loot a rare stone from the vault which significantly boosts your final payout.

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