How To Crack The Safe In The Dirty Ice Mission In Payday 3?

The Dirty Ice Mission has a pesky little safe you need to crack in Payday 3. The best way to do so is with a friend in coop. But you can also do it solo.

Dirty Ice is one of the first heists you do in Pay Day 3. It pays very handsomely and takes place in the Ashton Fine Jewelry Store. The store contains many premium items and precious jewelry with a maximum value of $300,000. You can tackle this heist solo or with teammates, and you can take several different approaches to complete it.

The Safe in the Dirty Ice Mission contains a rare, extremely valuable stone. It will allow you to complete the mission by covering 50% of the required loot value. Accessing it, however, can be quite difficult and confusing.

This guide will walk you through how exactly you can open the safe in the Dirty Ice Mission. We will tell you the items you need, the locations you need to visit, and what you need to do.

How to Open the Dirty Ice Mission Safe in Payday 3?

This method requires minimal contact with the NPCs in the store and allows you to do it in complete stealth, maximizing your take. You can find the safe on the first floor of the store during the Dirty Ice Mission in Payday 3. You need the basement code to access it, which can be found in several different areas.

Go to the manager’s office and access the computer. Look for an email that explicitly talks about the basement code. The code will spawn in one of four locations: on a whiteboard, across the manager’s office, a cabinet in the VIP room, or on an employee of the month portrait, which is found within the main section of the jewelry store.

Make your way to the basement. From the vault, head straight and take a right at the corridor. Enter the code you just acquired on the keypad on the right. Head in and take out the guards and cameras. Here, you need to find a keycard. It is in a room in the far-right corner of the area, right next to the mini-safe.


Once you have it in your possession, head back up. The next step requires two people to complete. You need to press a red button in the manager’s office. At the same time, you need to use the key card to open the vault.

If you are playing with a friend, have them stand next to the button in the manager’s office. You should be next to the vault. Use the key card right as they press the button, and the door will unlock.

If you are doing this heist solo, take an employee hostage and use the Take Human Shield or Hostage prompt and move them to the office. Here, you can direct them to press the button. Use the keycard when they do; you can go inside after turning the crank.

The vault contains the rare stone, which is 50% of the total value you need to succeed.

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