How to Unlock Angel Mythic Path in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Over the course of the game, there are 10 Mythic Paths you can choose to walk in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. We will be showing you how to unlock the Angel Mythic Path in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous.

How to Unlock Angel Mythic Path in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

The Angel Mythic path is that of the righteous and the good. Not only do they sweep across battlefields on their wings but their allies can expect heals and protection, and even resurrection if they go down in a fight.

Lann and Wenduag

The opportunity to go down this path comes to players pretty early in the game.

The path opens to you while exploring the underground area of the city after it gets attacked. There turning right at a fork will lead you to Lann and Wenduag.

Clear the Rubble

The pair will be looking for Angel’s Sword. Agree to help them, and explore the room. In your exploration, you will uncover a pile of rubble. Remove it and that will lead you to find the sword.

Choose to Show the Sword

The sword will show a vision of an Angel’s dying moments. Now Lann will urge you to go back to their camp and show the sword to their leader, while Wenduag will secretly ask you not to do that.

If you want to unlock the path of the Angel you must show their leader the sword and what Lann calls the light of heaven.

Benefits of the Angel Mythic Path

What better way to face off against demon armies than following the Angel Mythic Path? Once you become an Angel, you can gain useful support abilities like Cleric and Oracle. They can heal the allies during the battle.

If players choose Close to Heaven Path, then they get a ray of heavenly light to either heal an ally, or cause damage to an enemy of their choice within 50 feet.

In addition to these abilities, they have some extraordinary Rank 3 abilities allowing them to inflict holy damage on the enemy with the help of their Sword of Heaven. They can also cast spells like Grant Repose, Shield from Demonkind and Ward from Disease. Their abilities and spellcasting power increases with the Rank continuously.

Angel Spells and Abilities

Here are the abilities that you can get by following the Angel Mythic Path.

Summon Spirit Paladins

This ability allows you to call Spirit Paladins to your aid during battle. They appear and fight enemies by your side!

Sword of Heaven

his empowers you with Holy power to deal some extra damage. They can heal additional 2 dice of damage or cause additional 2 dice of damage. With the increase in rank, this ability gets more powerful.

Mythic Spellbook

An Angel gets access to the ability to cast mythic spells at 3rd level. The Angel is to make a choice to either use the spellbook as it is now or independently.

Angelic Halo

Each ally within the distance of 50 feet from the Angel can get a bonus equal to half of Angel’s mythic rank. Also, helps to shield yourself from the attacks and effects of the enemy. This ability continues to get better with the increase in rank.

Summon Movanic and Astral Deva

The Summon Movanic Deva and Astral Deva abilities call Movanic Deva and Astral Deva respectively to your aid during the battle. They’re ready to best any foe on their arrival!

Halo’s Holy Aura

This ability provides you with the bonus equal to a +4 deflection and a +4 resistance. This helps you to shield yourself from the attacks of the enemies. Also, they turn the enemies blind when they attempt to attack you guys.

Now, we will be listing the spells that can be accessed by an Angel along with their effects.

Giant Repose

This spell allows you to destroy an enemy if it fails to make a Will saving throw. The enemy takes 2d6 damage and 1 damage per 2 caster levels as well.

Shield from Demonkind

The enemy takes 1d6 damage and 1 damage per 2 caster levels whenever the enemy attempts to make an attack. Also, a deflection bonus of 2+1 per six caster levels is granted.

Ward from Disease, Unclean, Harm, and Weakness Spells

These spells help you to overcome the disease, uncleanliness, poison, and damage for 10 minutes. Also, the communal version of these spells allows the allies to overcome these issues as well.

Blade of the Sun

Deals 1d8 holy damage to all the targets within 60 feet line of holy energy. You are to create the line yourself, so you can easily hit the enemies according to your choice.

Pure Form and Sun Form

The Pure Form ability heals damage up to 1d8 per caster level. Moreover, it neutralizes any negative effects casted on you. The Sun Form ability allows you to deal 1d6 damage per caster level through the rays of holy fire. Also, the players can become invisible for the coming rounds equal to their caster level.

Aegis and Fortress of the Faithful

Due to Aegis of the Faithful, an ally gets access to combined effects created from Shield, Shield of Faith, Protection from Arrows, Displacement and Resist Fire, Cold, Electricity, Acid, and Sonic spells for one minute per caster level. Fortress of the Faithful does the same for all the allies in 20 feet radius for one hour.

Repel the Profane

If the target fails a Will saving throw, then it is frightened for 1 round per caster level. However, on successful throws, the target is shaken for one round.

Bolt and Storm of Justice

The players can deal 1d6 damage per caster level on a successful target. The target should at least be prone to be able to get access to the Bolt of Justice spell. The damage increases as the evilness of the target increases. The Storm of Justice extends this benefit to multiple creatures.

Holy Hymn

You and your allies can gain access to a +2 luck bonus on different moves like rolls. Your enemy will take a -2 penalty on each of the rolls.

Sun Marked

On each attack that the target makes, it deals extra 1d6 holy damage per four caster levels. The duration for the damage is one minute per caster level. When any of the creatures attempts to attack the target, it takes 1d6 damage per caster level +1 point per caster level.

Wall of Light

A wall of light can be created to deal additional 1d6 damage per caster level to the enemies. Also, any normal creature can deal 2d6 holy damage on their next attack.

Solar Chains

The enemy will be frozen by this spell and is dealt 4d6 damage plus 1 damage per caster level every round.

Bring Back

This spell brings back 10 HP per caster level. The players can heal the dead creatures with the help of this spell.

Avenger’s Blessings

This spell provides your allies present in close range with the combined effect of Divine Power, Holy Aura, and Greater Heroism spells for one round per caster level.

Wrath of the Righteous

On every failed Will throw, the demon is dealt with 10 damage per caster level. If the throw is successful, then 1d6 damage is dealt per caster level.

Army of Heaven

All the allies in a 30 foot radius get the combined effect of Avenger’s Blessing, Mind Blank, and Holy Sword spells for one hour.

Eye of the Sun

Enemy within the radius of 30 feet is dealt with 12 damage per caster level. The damage is reduced to 1d12 damage per caster level on successful Will throw.

Phoenix Gift

The hit point is reduced to zero and the target gets healed to maximum point again for one minute per caster level. Also, it deals 1d6 fire damage per caster level to all enemies in 20 feet radius.

Cleansing Flames

The enemy gets 1d6 damage due to this spell. Allies get inflicted by 1 holy damage, but they get recovered automatically as well. So, it is a good source to damage the enemy.

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