Palworld: Univolt Location (& Breeding Combos)

Get your hands on the fastest ground mount in Palworld.

Univolt, like its name, is a unicorn-like Pal that you can find quite early in Palworld while scouring the Palpagos Islands. This Electric-type Pal is one of the fastest mounts in the game and can help you gain an upper hand in battles, especially against Water-type enemies.

You can get it in multiple ways, which include hatching from an egg, breeding from other Pals, or capturing from specific locations. This guide covers Univolt’s location and explains how to breed it in the Breeding Farm. 

Where to find Univolt in Palworld?

The easiest way to access Univolt is by finding and catching it from the game world. It appears on the map in two forms; one as a Level 31 Field Alpha boss, and the second as a normal capture.

The Field Alpha boss Univolt is located in an open field at coordinates -118, – 541. It is just west of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Church, which serves as its nearest fast travel point. This is in the middle of a large grassy field, so it’s quite easy to spot.

The Alpha Variant of Univolt is quite hard to catch, especially if you are below level 31. We would recommend reaching this level and bringing your best weapons with you to the fight.

If you’re looking for an easier battle, you can try going after the normal version of Univolt. The normal version of this Pal roams around in the open fields of the western side of the Palworld map, near the Deep Bamboo Thicket.

The area where Univolt can spawn in Palworld spans from the Sealed Realm of the Thunderdragon in the south to the Azurobe Hill in the North. Make sure to scour the whole area to secure your chances of getting this creature.

How to catch Univolt

Before going out in the world to capture Univolt in Palworld, make sure to bring one of your best Ground-type  Pals. These creatures can exploit Univolt’s weakness to the Ground element and make it easy for you to lower its health.

Lower Univolt’s health by some initial attacks, and then capture it using any high-quality Pal Sphere, such as a Mega Sphere.

We were able to catch the Electric-type Pal rather easily after a few hits. Just keep an eye out for Univolt’s attacks when it is charging them up, and be ready to counter its speed by dodging in time.

If you manage to bring its health close to zero, don’t take headshots as it can deal excessive damage to the Pal. It will be a matter of a few minutes before you will have this mount in your possession. If you manage to kill the Pal instead, it will drop:

  • Electric Organ
  • Horn
  • Leather

Killing the Alpha Variant will award you with Ancient Civilization Parts, Precious Claw, and a Ring of Lightning Resistance as well.


If you accidentally kill Alpha Univolt, don’t fret, as it reappears in the same spot after an hour.

How to breed Univolt in Palworld

Breeding is one of the easiest ways to obtain Pals in Palworld. You can also try different breeding combinations to breed Univolt. All you have to do is assign your parent Pals to the breeding farm, feed them cake, and hatch the egg they produce.

There are many Pals that can produce a Univolt. Below are some of the easiest combinations that you can utilize in your breeding farm.

Parent 1Parent 2
Lyleen NoctWixen
ElizabeeFelbat/ Galeclaw
Jormuntide IgnisGaleclaw

Univolt breeding combos in Palworld

A great way to use Univolt is to breed it with other Pals and produce powerful offspring Pals that would otherwise require a lot of work and time to capture in the wild.

Some of the best breeding combinations for Univolt in Palworld are listed below. 

Parent 1Parent 1Child

Univolt weaknesses and stats

Being an Electric-type Pal, Univolt is naturally weak to Pals of the Ground elemental type. If you have bred this Pal, then its base stats would vary depending on the stats of the parent Pals.

However, generally catching Univolt in the wild will result in the following base stats:

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 105
  • Defense: 105

The Partner Skill associated with Univolt is called Swift Deity. It is unlocked using a Univolt Saddle and allows you to use the Pal as a ground mount. Your attacks are boosted by Electric damage, which helps greatly when your opponent is a Ground-type Pal.

To unlock the Univolt Saddle you will need to get its schematic at tier 14 from the Technology tab. Once that is obtained, you will require the following items to craft the saddle:

  • 15x Paldium Fragments
  • 10x Leather
  • 10x Electric Organ
  • 5x Ingot

With a level 2 Electricity and a level 1 Lumbring Work Suitability, Univolt is also a great Pal to use at your base, especially if you need Pals that can generate Electricity early on.

This Pal can also be used as an efficient combat Pal as well. It has special Active Skills like Spark Blast, Shockwave, Lightning Streak, Lightning Strike, and Lightning Bolt which give it the upper hand against most Pals in the game, especially against Water-type Pals.

Lastly, Univolt should mainly be used as a traveling Pal. This is because this Pal is the fastest ground Pal in the game, having a sprint speed exceeding even Eikthyrdeer’s.

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