Palworld: Best Ground Pals, Ranked

The finest selections of Ground-type Pals in Palworld.

The most common type of Pals you find in Palworld are Ground-type Pals, but it can be difficult to determine which one is the best among them. This is because there are a lot of Pals in this variety, each having different stats and serving a different purpose. If you’re trying to find out which one works best for you, look no further!

Ranking the best Ground Pals in Palworld

When it comes to ranking Pals, the Ground elementals are special because there are a lot of unique things to consider. These elemental types are often very useful, and hence preferred, in combat. Some people, however, use Ground elemental types mostly for mining and leave combat to other elements, like the Dragon-type.

Since the preferences of each player would vary depending on their playstyle, it would be best to consider Pals as the top ones if they specialize in both aspects.

This means that the Pal would have a ferocious combat arsenal, including high HP and dangerous attacks, while also maintaining a decent set of Work Suitabilities and abilities/skills.

We have ranked the best Ground-type Pals in Palworld the same way. We took every Ground elemental in the game and put them in a tier list based on their overall effectiveness, which is as follows.

TierGround Pal
SAnubis, Warsect, Digtoise
AMenasting, Dumund, Robinquill Tera, Ice Reptyro, Reptyro
BRushour, Eikthyrdeer Terra, Menasting, Surfent Terra
CFuddler, Gumoss,

The S-tier Pals are the ultimate picks. These are the absolute best out of all the Ground-type Pals in the game and are recommended as a must-have. This is because they have everything you may possibly get out of a Ground elemental and can work in pretty much any situation.


Ground-type Pals are strong against Electric elementals and weak against Grass elementals.

The A Tier Pals are great choices as well, these Pals would also serve you well in most of your tasks and situations but are outplayed by the S-tier Pals. As you go down the list, the efficiency of the Pals decreases. Tier C Pals are the worst and are not recommended for long-term use.

Anubis (Ground)

Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert (Grants bonus Ground damage and a chance to dodge incoming attacks)
Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv.4, Mining Lv.3, Transporting Lv.2
Location: In the desert northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

Ranking first in the list, Anubis is the best Ground type Pal you can get in Palworld without a doubt. With the maximum level of Handiwork aside, what brings Anubis to the top place is its absolute dominancy in combat.

With its Partner Skill adding Ground damage to your attacks, the Pal itself dashes out tons of damage in battle as well especially against Electric elemental Pals.

When it comes to defense, Anubis is also able to hold its own with the ability to dodge incoming attacks. If you’re looking for something more on the defensive side rather than the offensive, Warsect is a pretty good choice.

Warsect Grass/Ground)

Partner Skill: Hard Armor (Applies Fire damage to attacks and boosts the player’s defenses when fighting alongside)
Work Suitability: Transporting Lv.3, Lumbering Lv.2, Handiwork Lv.1, Planting Lv.1
Location: No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

Similar to Anubis, Warsect is also considered one of the best Ground Pals in Palworld because it is very proficient in both combat and work.  The Pal achieves this with two major things – the level 3 Transporting ability and its Partner Skill.

Warsect’s Partner skill significantly increases its armor, making it one of the most heavily protected Pals in the game. Not only that, being essentially a Ground-type Pal, the extra Fire damage it gets with the skill makes it very diverse when it comes to dashing out damage.

Warsect’s normal attacks in themselves are very dangerous as well, making it a lot better in offense compared to other Pals – even though it was meant to be a defensive Pal. Hence, this Pal is also an absolute must-have in your party.

Digtoise (Ground)

Partner Skill: Drill Crusher (Uses the Shell Spin to follow the player and efficiently mine minerals along the way)
Work Suitability: Mining Lv.3
Location: Obtained from a Rocky Egg. It can also be bred.

Digtoise is only on this best Ground Pals tier list because of one reason – exceptional Mining skills. The most useful feature of a Ground-type pal is the ability to mine because having a ton of resources is crucial when it comes to building a base.

That’s why Digtoise is such a great Pal to have in your arsenal. With the help of its level 3 Mining Work Suitability and also its Partner Skill which also aids in mining, this Pal will fill your resources in no time.

Even when considering putting this Pal in your party, that’s not a bad option as well because Digtoise is also very proficient in combat. He has excellent overall defense and also has a few diverse attacks that make him a suitable option for offense as well.

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