Palworld: Sweepa Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Do not be deceived by its aloof looks.

Sweepa is one of the Ice Pals that you can acquire during the early stages of your Palworld gameplay. This is one of the most underrated Pals in the game in the sense that it is fairly easy to capture, but, with some planning can be turned into one of the most powerful Pals in the game.

Sweepa’s Ice attribute already makes it a strong opponent against Dragon pals like Chillet, but in this guide, you will discover where to find Sweepa and how to make it overpowered. We will also be discussing how to breed Sweepa and what other Pals you can breed by pairing it with other Pals.

Where to find Sweepa in Palworld?

You can find a level 11 Alpha Pal version of Sweepa south of the Small Cove fast travel point at the coordinates -225 and -592.

Finding and defeating this version of Sweepa comes with its pros and cons. On one hand, you get an Alpha version of the Pali on the other – the fight against it is only for advanced levels.

The other option is to look for a higher-level version of Sweepa in one of its habitats. In its normal, basic form, Sweepa usually spawns around the Twilight Dunes and the Frostbound Mountains. If you manage to catch a Lucky version of this Pal it will have additional bonuses to its health, speed, and attack.

In the former case, this area is the northeastern side of the Bamboo Groves area, stretching to the southern border of the Twilight Dunes. The center of this area is the Invigilator’s Fork fast travel point, just south of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.


You can also find a lot of Quiverns in the area around the Invigilator’s Fork fast travel point.

How to catch Sweepa

Sweepa does not put up much of a fight and is fairly easy to capture. The only obstacle is that it is usually swarmed by several Swees that will join in the fight. Both Sweepa and Swee are Ice types and are inherently weak against Fire pals. Thus, be sure to bring your best Fire-type Pals with you to ensure your victory.

Try not to kill the smaller Swees during the fight. It is much better to capture them instead for the additional EXP and you will need a lot of Swees to make Sweepa overpowered.

Once you have managed to lower its health enough, throw a Palsphere to capture it. The Pal isn’t very hard to capture, so at least a Giga Sphere would suffice to capture this Pal. If you are at around level 22, you can use a Stun Baton to increase your chances.


If you manage to kill the Alpha variant of Sweepa, it has a chance to drop Ancient Civilization Parts, Precious Pelts, Wool, and a Ring of Ice Resistance.

If you are lucky enough to find a Large Frozen Egg scattered randomly throughout the world, you may get a Sweepa by hatching it. The chances of that are very rare though, as there are many different Pals that can hatch from this egg, and you may not always get a Sweepa.

How to breed Sweepa in Palworld

If you’re not in the mood to go for a hunt or fight a boss, you can also get more Sweepas through breeding. To do that, you need a pair of different male and female Pals. In Palworld, it is easier to breed Pals rather than look for them every time.

You must have a Breeding Farm and a few cakes at your base to start the breeding process. Assign any pair of Pals from the following list to the Breeding Farm and place cakes in the Breeding Farm chest.

When fully prepared, you can use the following combinations of Pals to have the best chance of obtaining a Sweepa.

Parent 1Parent 2

Best breeding combos for Sweepa in Palworld

Other than combat and working at your base, another way to make good use of Sweepa in Palworld is to breed it with other Pals to produce stronger and rarer offspring.

Although you can breed this Pal with any other, there are a few specific Pals that can produce rare offspring Pals if bred with Sweepa. To obtain some of these Pals otherwise, you would have to wait till the mid to late game.

The best breeding combinations for Sweepa in Palworld are listed below.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
SweepaSurfentWumpo Botan

Sweepa weaknesses and stats

Being an Ice-type Pal, Sweepa is primarily weak against Fire elemental Pals and strong against Dragon-type Pals. Its base stats are as follows:

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 90
  • Partner Skill: King of Fluff – Allows you to mount Sweepa and increases your stats for each Swee you have

After capturing Sweepa, you might not think too highly of it as a combat. There is, however, a way to make this one of the best Ice-type Pals in your Paldeck. This is thanks to its Partner Skill “King of Fluff” which increases its stats for each Swee you have in your team. Pair a Sweepa with 4 Swees and you will notice the increased damage output but there is a way to go even further.

This involves capturing multiple Sweepas and Swees and using the Pal Essence Condenser to increase the stats of your main Pals. With each new Sweepa in your team, the added buff will result in a nonlinear increase, making it worth the effort to max out on its stats and add it to your build.

To do this select the Pal with the best passive skills and sacrifice all duplicates to improve it. We recommend enhancing Sweepa to at least 3 stars and 4 Swees to at least 2 stars each.

This will take a considerable amount of time and effort but it will turn your Sweepa into an OP Pal – a walking weapon of mass destruction.

However, do note that the Partner Skill will not be in effect until you unlock and craft Sweepa’s saddle. This is fairly easy to unlock from the Technology Menu at level 14 and craft it with the following ingredients.

  • Leather x3
  • Paldium Fragment x10
  • Cloth x8

If you want to use Sweepa as a worker at your base, you can make use of its level 2 Gathering and Cooling Work Suitability to help around.

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