Palworld: Penking (King Penguin) Location & How To Defeat

Don’t underestimate its cute looks, it can annihilate you within seconds.

Palworld offers a lot of Pals that are quite cute-looking, but are equally as deadly. Penking is one such example – a cute-looking Pal but of massive size and aggressive nature.

You can get your hands on this Pal from quite early on in the game. It appears mainly as a level 15 Alpha boss called the King Penguin in the Windswept Hills, but can also be found as a normal spawn.

Be it at a lower level, the Penking boss isn’t something to be taken very lightly. The boss fight can be extremely hard if you don’t know what you are doing. If you’re struggling to find or beat Penking in Palworld, let us show you how it’s done.  

Where to find the Penking in Palworld?

There are three different ways you can find a Penking. The first is to encounter it as an Alpha boss inside a dungeon. The second is to find a normal one in its spawn site, and the third is to hatch it from an egg.

Dungeon boss location

How to find Penking as a dungeon boss.

Penking is one of the low-level bosses you can fight in the earlier stages of the game. This boss is located in a dungeon called the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. This location is in the Windswept Hills at the coordinates 114, and -352.

The closest fast travel point to this dungeon is just next to it – the Sealed Realm. The other closest FT point from here would be Fort Ruins, which is just southeast of it. Once you reach this location, you can simply step inside the yellow circle and enter the dungeon, starting the boss fight.

Natural spawn site location

Where does Penking spawn in Palworld?

Other than the boss, you can also find a normal Penking as a spawn. They are found on a small island all the way at the southern end of the map – the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to breed Penking in Palworld

Perhaps the best and simplest way to obtain a Penking would be to hatch it from an egg. They can only be hatched from Large Damp Eggs though, which are randomly found throughout the world.

When you find one, you can place it in an incubator and wait for it to hatch. There is no guarantee that you will always find a Penking this way though, as the chances of getting one are random.

How to beat the Penking boss

Before starting the fight against the Penking boss, you first have to learn about its weaknesses. This is a level 15 Water and Ice type-boss, which means that using good Fire type and Electric type Pals would be particularly effective against it.


Fire and Electric type Pals like Sparkits, Kitsun, Felaris, Univolt, etc. would be good choices when fighting the Penking boss. You can even bring some fire-type weapons yourself.

As you start the fight, you will notice that the King Penguin has multiple little minions fighting alongside it. These are Pengullets, a lesser form of Penking. Though these may be tiny, do not overlook them because if they swarm up on you, they can tear down your health very fast.

This is why your first priority in this boss fight is to eliminate all the Pengullets first. Once they are out of the way, you can turn your attention to the Penking and attack it with everything you’ve got.

When it comes to defending yourself, you must stay a considerable distance away from the boss at all times to avoid its attacks. Therefore, using ranged attacks yourself would be a better option.

Whenever Penking does close the gap though, you can use the pillars in the arena to take cover and then step back from it again in Palworld. Make sure not to get caught in its attacks, because they do a lot of damage and can even freeze you and your Pals.

Using this simple strategy, you can make quick work of the boss without much trouble. In the end, you will have two choices – either to capture Penking or to kill it.

In both cases, you are granted your rewards for completing the boss fight. These rewards include:

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