Palworld Egg Hatch List

Don't waste time on eggs for Pals you don't need.

Apart from capturing Pals using Pal spheres, you can also get a pal by hatching an Egg. Each type of egg in Palworld can be added to an incubator in your base to get a Pal of that specific Element type. Which Pal you get is random, and they all start at level 1.

So, if you have found a lot of eggs and don’t want to go hunting for Pals, you can use those eggs and get Pals by incubating them. This way, you can even get Pals that would otherwise be found in high-level areas.

To help you figure out which Pal can be born from which type of egg, we have compiled a list of all the Pals and their egg types in Palworld.

Pals from Common Egg

The identification of a Common Egg is White and Pink stripes. It contains Normal type pals.

Common EggDirehowl, Eikthyrdeer, Fenglope, Galeclaw, Melpaca, Nitewing, Ribbuny, Tocotoco
Large Common EggGorirat, Grintale, Lunaris, Lovander
Huge Common EggKingpaca, Grintale

Pals from Verdant Egg

Verdant Egg is identified by light and dark green curved zig zag stripes. This egg contains Grass-type pals.

Verdant EggBeegarde, Bristla, Caprity, Cinnamoth, Flopie, Gumoss, Lifmunk, Tanzee
Large Verdant EggBroncherry, Dinossom, Mossanda, Robinquill
Huge Verdant EggElizabee, Verdash, Vaelet, Mammorest, Wumpo Botan

Pals that hatch from Electric Egg

Electric eggs are pale yellow with some black marks on them and are home to some Electric-type pals.

Electric EggDazzi, Jolthog, Sparkit
Large Electric EggRayhound, Dinossom Lux, Beakon, Univolt
Huge Electric EggGrizzbolt

Pals from Damp Egg

If you see a Dark blue egg with light blue swirly lines and drops, you’ve found a Damp Egg. This egg hatches Water-type pals.

Damp EggFuack, Celaray, Kelpsea, Pengullet, Surfent, Teafant
Large Damp EggPenking
Huge Damp EggSuzaku Aqua

Pals from Frozen Egg

As the name hints, Frozen Egg is for Ice-type pals. Its design is of white snowflakes over a light blue base.

Frozen EggChillet, Mau Cryst, Reindrix, Swee
Large Frozen EggCryolinx, Foxcicle, Ice Reptyro, Sibelyx, Sweepa, Vanwyrm Cryst, Wumpo, Penking
Huge Frozen EggIce Kingpaca, Mammorest Cryst

Pals from Rocky Egg

Rocky Eggs are identified by their light brown base and block pentagon pattern. When hatched, rocky eggs give out Gound-type pals.

Rocky EggDigtoise, Dumud, Fuddler, Hangyu, Rushoar, Fuddler
Large Rocky EggSurfent Terra, Digtosie
Huge Rocky EggWarsect, Anubis

Pals from Dark Egg

Dark Egg is designed in a purple base color with pink circle designs on it. It hatches to release Dark-type pals.

Dark EggHoocrates, Depresso, Daedream, Killamari, Mau, Cawgnito, Leezpunk, Loupmoon
Large Dark EggKatress, Maraith, Nox, Tombat, Felbat
Huge Dark EggMenasting, Lyleen Noct

Pals from Scorching Egg

As the name suggests, Scorchings eggs are for Fire-type pals. These can be identified from a fiery yellow and red design.

Scorching EggArsox, Flambelle, Foxparks, Kelpsea Ignis, Leezpunk Ignis, Rooby, Vanwyrm
Large Scorching EggBushi, Kitsun, Pyrin, Pyrin Noct, Ragnahawk, Reptyro, Wixen
Huge Scorching EggBlazehowl Noct, Suzaku

Pals from Dragon Egg

Dragon eggs are purple and black eggs that can be incubated to get Dragon-type Pals.

Dragon EggAstegon, Chillet
Large Dragon EggOrserk
Huge Dragon EggJormuntide Ignis, Relaxaurus

How long does it take for an egg to hatch in Palworld?

The hatching time for each egg in Palworld is slightly different depending on its type and the base location of the incubator. In a normal setting, an egg takes up to 2 hours to hatch. If you want, you can change the time settings of the game by setting the time from anywhere between 0 to 240. This setting is present during loading the save file in the World Settings section.

You can speed up or make the process of hatching eggs in Palworld slower by catering to its different conditions. See what the egg’s description says and follow it.

For example, if the egg has the statement Looks very cold, make sure to have a heat source nearby and wait for the egg to respond. Once the prompt turns to Comfortable, the hatching process will increase.

Where to find eggs in Palworld?

Eggs in Palworld are found randomly as loot all over the map. Their location changes all the time, along with their type, so there is no specific spot or type of area from where you can get specific eggs. That being said, the area of the map you are in has somewhat of an impact on what kind of eggs you will find.

For example, you are more likely to find a scorching egg near Mount Obsidian than close to Snowy Mountain. This works most of the time, so use this method to farm needed eggs. Despite that, you will occasionally find Scorching Eggs even in grassy biomes in the earlier areas of Palworld.

Eggs will appear as a big enough item that you can see from a few yards away. If you find a lot of eggs in one location, use a fast travel point to reset the area and visit the location again to hunt for eggs.

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