Palworld: Best Electric Pals, Ranked

A shocking tier list for the best Electric pals in Palworld.

The Palpagos Island is swarming with cute little Pals for you to find and capture. Though all of them may look cute enough, some aren’t to be messed around with. The Electric-type Pals in Palworld are one such example. Even though they look harmless, they have the potential to annihilate any Pal in front of them.

But, since there are over 12 different Electric Pals in the game, you can’t tell which one is the best or the strongest right off the bat. This is because each Pal serves their purpose – some might excel in combat, while others might be suited to camp work.

Regardless of that, we can still determine one Pal as better than the other. This mainly depends on the Pal’s ease of capture, its work suitability, and its overall power.

Don’t start catching all of them and testing them out though – we’ve done that job for you. We have made a tier list of the best Electric-type Pals, ranked from the best to the worst.

Palworld Tier List: Best Electric Pals Ranked

Figuring out whether one Electric Pal is better than the other is a difficult thing to do. This is because regardless of whether you look at the ease of capture, abilities, and work suitability of each Pal, whichever one works best for you mainly depends on what kind of player you are and what purpose you have for them.


Some Pals are a combination of two elemental types. An example of this is the Electric/Dragon elemental type – which we have also included in this tier list.

That said, when we ranked the best Electric Pals in Palworld, we considered everything, and included every individual Pal that proved to be the most proficient in their work suitability, had the best skills, and was also worth the trouble to catch.

We’ve ranked all the 11 Electric-type Pals starting from Tier S (the best) to Tier C (the worst) below.

TierElectric Pals
SGrizzbolt, Orserk, Beakon
AUnivolt, Mossanda Lux, Dinossom Lux
BJolthog, Sparkit, Relaxaurus Lux
CRayhound, Dazzi,

Starting from Tier S, you have the best Electric Pals in terms of ease of capture, work suitability, and combat prowess. As you move on towards Tier C, the worth and value of the Pals decrease, and are not preferable for long-term uses.


Electric-type Pals are strong against Water-type and weak against Ground-type Pals.

Grizzbolt (Electric)

Partner Skills: Yellow Tank (Can be ridden and fires a minigun while mounted)
Work Suitability: Handiwork (Lv.2), Lumbering (Lv.2), Transporting (Lv.2), Electricity (Lv.4)
Location: No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary

With the highest Electricity work suitability of level 4 in Palworld, Grizzbolt makes one of the best Electric Pals to generate Electricity at your camp right off the bat.

That’s not all though, the Pal also comes with a lot of other useful abilities like Lumbering, Transporting, etc. This is the only Electric Pal that has four different work suitabilities – other than the Mossanda Lux, which has the same ones but at lower levels. This is one of the reasons why the Grizzbolt takes its place in the S tier.

Apart from the camp, what makes Grizzbolt amazing is that this guy absolutely excels in combat as well and is quickly becoming popular as one of the best Pals in Palworld overall. It does this with the help of its Partner Skill, which allows you to fire a minigun that devastates anything standing in its path.

You may see that yourself when you fight the boss as one of the first Tower Boss Pals in the game.

Orserk (Electric/Dragon)

Partner Skills: Ferocious Thunder Dragon (Water Pals drop more items when fighting together)
Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv2, Transporting Lv3, Electricity Lv3
Location: No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary

Also with the level 4 Electricity work suitability, along with other abilities like Handiwork and Transporting, the Orserk takes its spot as one of the best Pals to use at your base as well, especially for generating electricity.

Though this Pal does not have the level 2 Lumbering ability, what makes this one equally as good as Grizzbolt is the addition of an extra elemental type – Dragon. This allows Orserk to deal with a wider variety of Pals more efficiently – even though the damage output is almost as equal to Grizzbolt’s.

When it comes to farming without the Lumbering ability, you can make use of the Pal’s partner skills to obtain more loot from Water Pals. Remember that you can only fly to its location.

Beakon (Electric)

Partner Skills: Thunderous (flying mount, adds electric damage to your attacks while mounted)
Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Electricity Lv2, Gathering Lv1.
Location: Deep Sand Dunes

Beakon doesn’t have as many great Work Suitabilities as the former two. It is still, however, considered S-tier because it is one of the only good Electric Pals that are a flying mount in Palworld.

The flying mount can be a great advantage if you want to cover huge distances quickly – especially on an Electric Type Pal.

Movement aside, this Pal is also very capable when it comes to combat as well. On top of electrifying your attacks while mounted, it can also hold its own very well when the time requires it.

The Beakon is a great Pal to use when it comes to farming as well because the skills it offers can be a great help on your camp – especially the Transporting ability which because very useful in the later stages. 

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