Palworld: Mozzarina Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Just the Pal to establish a perfect, never-ending Milk factory.

Trying to get some Milk to make a cake? Well, the Neutral-type pal, Mozzarina can help you out with that in Palworld. This Pal has the Milk Maker Partner Skill, which means you can assign them to your Ranch to produce an infinite amount of Milk.

This Pal serves as a good option for this task especially because it can be found in the early game and isn’t very hard to find either. Read on to learn about Mozzarina’s location, its breeding combinations, and stats in Palworld.

Where to find Mozzarina in Palworld?

Mozzarinas are peaceful cow-like Pals that are often found in green areas, feeding on any vegetation they see – especially in the southern parts of the Bamboo Groves. Specifically, you can find many of them roaming across the green pastures just north of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster.

This Sealed Realm serves as a Fast Travel Point in itself, but another one closest to it is the Ravine Entrance FTP, which you can consider as the eastern border of the spawn area.

In the north and west, the Mozzarina spawn location spans the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon FTP and the Ascetic Falls FTP respectively.

Finding a Mozzarina in Palworld isn’t a very difficult task because of two main reasons. You not only have a small spawn area that you need to search, but the Pals also spawn in groups of 2 and 3, which makes them even easier to spot and farm. Also, Mozzarina spawns in both the day and night, meaning that you can just pop up at its location to catch it anytime you want.


You can also purchase a Mozzarina from a Pal Merchant for around 2620 Gold.

Lastly, you can hatch Mozzarina from a Common Egg in Palworld. Common Eggs, along with other types of eggs, are easily spottable during your journey in the Palpagos Islands.

How to breed Mozzarina in Palworld

Catching a Mozzarina in the wild is easy enough compared to many other Pals in the game, but breeding one would be the easiest way you can come by one. To breed a Mozzarina, you may try the following combinations of Pals:

  • Nitewing with Foxparks
  • Cinnamoth with Fuack
  • Tanzee with Surfent
  • Melpaca with Eikthyrdeer
  • Melpaca with Caprity
  • Penking with Killamari

Best breeding combos for Mozzarina in Palworld

Apart from being a perfect base worker, Mozzarina can be bred with other pals to produce many offspring creatures. You can try many breeding combos with this pal, and some of the best are below:

Parent 1Parent 2Child

Mozzarina weaknesses and stats

Mozzarina is a cute pal with passive nature. However, to avoid any possible trouble while catching it, make sure to bring your best Dark-type pals to encounter this cow-like creature. By doing so, you can exploit Mozzarina’s weakness to Dark-type enemies. (as it is a neutral type itself)

The Pal may initially try to flee if you approach it, but will not hesitate to attack once you land a hit on it. Unlike other Pals though, you don’t have to attack a Mozzarina to catch it – just throw a Pal Sphere when you find it.


If you find a Mozzarina sleeping at night time, you can take advantage of this and make a surprise attack followed by throwing a Pal Sphere at it.

If the level of Mozzarina exceeds 15, then make sure to use Mega Spheres as their catch chances are reduced with standard ones.

The base stats you will notice after capturing Mozzarina are quite promising, especially in the early stages of the game.

Crafting Speed100
Melee Attack100
Shot Attack50
Running Speed580
Sprinting Speed700
Slow Walk Speed55

Mozzarina Skills 

The standard Mozzarina comes equipped with many useful Active Skills that help it greatly in combat. These include skills like Sand Blast, Stone Blast, Air Cannon, Power Shot, Power Bomb, and Stone Cannon.

Though these are great Ground skills, combat isn’t really what a Mozzarina is made for. This Pal is mainly used as a Milk producer in your base since it’s the earliest one with this ability you can get in the game.

With its Partner Skill, Milk Maker, you can simply assign this Pal to your Ranch and let it produce the good stuff. You can then use the Milk in several recipes like Cakes, which are an essential resource when it comes to breeding and hatching eggs.

If you manage to kill a Mozzarina, then it has a chance to drop Milk and Mozzarina Meat, which is a useful resource as well. If it’s the Alpha boss variant, the drops will include the above two as well as Ancient Civilization Parts, Ring of Resistance +1, and Precious Pelt. However, we don’t recommend killing them in Palworld as farming milk is a much better option.

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