Palworld: Killamari Location & How To Catch

Want a gliding mount? There’s nothing better than a Killamari.

Finding a Killamari is the first priority for most Palworld players because it serves as an excellent mount in the early game. This is one of the only few Pals that can be found from the start, that offer you an aerial mode of transportation. This Pal allows you to glide around the vast lands of the Palpagos islands with ease.

Killamari is a Dark-type Pal meaning it isn’t very bad at combat either, which makes it another great reason to keep it in your Party. Even if you plan to keep it at your base, it can still be very useful because of its level 2 Transporting Work Suitability.

As you can see for yourself, Killamari is a very good Pal to get your hands on in Palworld. That’s easier said though, because they aren’t as easy to find compared to other Pals. If you’re struggling to find one too, read on through this guide to learn everything about it.

How to find and catch Killamari in Palworld

Unlike other Pals, finding a Killamari isn’t as easy as running around a specific area day or night. This is because these Pals are exclusively found inside dungeons. Though you can find them in any dungeon, there are a few of them we recommend scoping out to have the best chance of finding a Killamari in Palworld:

  • The beach next to the Plateau of Beginnings
  • Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance
  • Hillside Cavern
  • Isolated Island Cavern
  • Around Grassy Behemoth Hills

It is possible that you may not find any Killamaris in any dungeon at all because their spawns are completely random. If you don’t find any, you can leave the dungeon and come back again at another time.

If you do happen to find a Killamari though, you will notice that they often hang around in groups and flee the instant they see any sign of trouble. This is why, to catch a Killamari in Palworld, you have to be very stealthy and launch a heavy surprise attack.


Though Killamari groups mostly flee if attacked, they can also fight back. This can be particularly dangerous if they attack in groups because they can overwhelm you easily.

Make sure that you attack the Pal you want as hard as possible to bring its HP down to a suitable value, securing a capture. After that, it’s as simple as throwing Pal Spheres at them when they are weak enough to be caught.


Dark-type Pals are weak against Dragon-type Pals, which is why we recommend bringing them along in case you get attacked by a group of Killamaris.

Alternatively, you can also try purchasing a Killamari from the Black Marketeer. Getting one from this merchant isn’t guaranteed though, because the Pals on sale are randomized.

How to breed Killamari

Perhaps the easiest way to get a Killamari in Palworld would be to breed it in Palworld. To do so, you can try breeding the following Pals together:

  • Lifmunk with Rooby
  • Fuack with Tanzee
  • Fuack with Gumoss
  • Foxparks with Woolipop
  • Rushoar with Cattiva
  • Gumoss with Pengullet
  • Fuddler with Pengullet

When you do find a Killamari, make sure to grab Killamari’s Gloves so you can mount it. This Pal would mostly be used at your party rather than at the base because of its excellent mode of transportation.

The Partner Skill of this Pal allows you to mount it and float around the map, making it very easy to cross large distances – especially in the early game.


To mount a Killamari, you will need Killamari’s Gloves, which are crafted from 10x Paldium Fragment, 5x Cloth, and 5x Venom Gland. You can even use Venom Glands dropped from a Killamari to craft Poison Arrows, Poison Bows, etc.

The Pal isn’t very bad at combat either because it has useful Active Skills like Poison Blast, Dark Ball, Acid Rain, etc. The Pal also has a level 2 Transporting Work Suitability, which is a great help around the base if you have a quick influx/production of resources.

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