Palworld Merchant Locations

Merchant locations to help you buy resources and trade Pals.

Merchants in Palworld deal in pals, ammunition, medical items, or farming supplies that are useful for survival. Some merchants solely sell or buy certain items like Pal Merchants or Black Marketeers. The inventories of these merchants are constantly rotating, so if they don’t have something you need, be sure to check back later.

While Merchants in Palworld are friendly, be careful not to accidentally hit them as, like every other NPC in the game, they can be triggered to become hostile towards you, making it impossible to access their shops for a while.

Typically, these merchants are level 30, so you will have a tough time defeating them. On top of that, if you kill a merchant, you will end up with the Wanted status, and PIDF Officers will hunt you down.

Wandering Merchants locations

Wandering Merchants, as their name suggests, are the merchants that you will occasionally find roaming around. Wandering merchants in Palworld are basically general merchants who will sell you a variety of goods like seeds, crafting schematics, and more. The Wandering merchants deal in the following items

  • Ammunition
  • Armor
  • Schematics
  • Farming supplies
  • Food
  • Crafting items

In Small Settlement

The first Wandering Merchant is found in the Small Settlement. This is a small village northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings starting point. As you reach the village, go straight ahead to the last cabin, and you’ll find the merchant there.

Inside Duneshelter city

There are two wandering merchants in Duneshelter at coordinates 359, 349. Travel to the Duneshelter in the desert and go inside towards the main square. Straight ahead, you’ll find two Wandering Merchants.

One of the Wandering merchants sells ammunition, armor, and schematics. The other merchant on his right, the one in the red robes, sells basic farming or crafting stuff.

Fisherman’s Point

Head to the coordinates -478, -738 to reach Fisherman’s Point. Climb up, and after a few steps, you’ll find a Wandering merchant on your right. He sells some ammunition, schematics, and sometimes weapons.

Another wandering merchant can be found here as well. From the point of the first wandering merchant, turn left, and soon you’ll find the merchant overlooking the sea.

North of Forgotten Island Church Ruins

Another location where Wandering Merchant can be found is the Forgotten Island. Go north towards the shore until you spot a Pal Merchant and a Wandering Merchant sitting together on the beach at the coordinates -400, 20.

Frostbound Mountains

Reach the Tower of Free Pet Alliance and go North from it to find another Wandering Merchant. The merchant appears here a lot less than in other locations, but it is a location nonetheless.

Pal Merchant locations

Pal Merchants deal in buying and selling Pals. They have five Pals in their inventory, which are mostly unique or not from the location they appear at. These merchants’ inventories rotate often which means you may not find the same pal every time. Also, selling them extra pals can make you a lot of money.

In Small Settlement

A pal Merchant is also found in the small settlement. Take a sharp right turn as soon as you enter the village, and you’ll find the Pal merchant inside the cabin.

Inside Duneshelter city

If you take a left turn after entering the main square of Duneshelter city, you’ll find a Pal merchant on the side.

Fisherman’s Point

Once you reach the Fisherman’s Point, go straight ahead until you reach another set of stairs. Climb down, and you’ll find a Pal merchant facing the ocean.

North of Forgotten Island Church Ruins

A Pal Merchant is found in the same location as the Wandering Merchant. Go north from the Travel point of Forgotten Ruins until you reach the shore, and you’ll find the merchant.

Goblin’s Turf

Once you reach Goblin’s Turf, head north by the water, and you’ll see a Pal trader being attacked. Help him by defeating the thugs. Once done, he will thank you, and now you’ll have a location for a Pal Trader.

East of Marsh Island

Go to Marsh Island at coordinates 435, -273, which is present on the north of the Plateau of Beginnings. Here, go further east towards a small island on its side. Use a flying mount to reach this small strip of land. Here in the middle, you’ll find another Pal merchant.

Black Marketeers Locations

If you reach a location and can’t find the black marketeer, don’t worry. Wait a little bit, or travel via the travel point. Then come back to check, and you’ll find the trader at the mentioned spot.

Inside Abandoned Mineshaft

Starting off with a location close to the starting point, go northwest until you reach the travel point of Desolate church. From here, go down as the location is below the platform where the travel point is. As you go down, you’ll find a path leading to a wall, opening up to a mine.

Go inside the Abandoned Mineshaft, and after a few turns, you’ll find the Black Marketeer here.

Near Fort Ruins

The second location is nearby. From the Fort Ruins travel point, cross the stream and go up the stacked ground levels. After a while, you’ll see a long protruding rock/cliff up ahead. Go closer, and on your left, you’ll find the Black Marketeer.

Inside Secret Mineshaft

Once you have access to the Desert, go towards the PIDF tower. As this is a tower, you can spot it from afar. From there, go down and into the path by the two large rocks.

Turn right, and you’ll find the Secret Mineshaft. Inside, you’ll find yourself in a large oven cave area with Black Marketeer in the middle.

By Duneshelter city walls

There is another Black Marketeer location in the desert, which is just west of the first one. Go up to the Duneshelter city and observe the walls around it. Now follow the walls closely towards the back of the city, and you’ll find the merchant here.

Above Icy Weasel Hill point

Travel west again, and this time, stop at the Icy Wesel Hill. From here, mount a pal or find a trail going up. After you’ve reached the topmost point of the area, you’ll find Black Marketeer up here. This location is sometimes easy to miss as the location of Marketeer is too high to know if going there is possible.

Cliff North of Frostbound Mountains

This is another peculiar location that is easy to miss. Go to Frostbound Mountain or use your pal to fly across the water body from Icy Weasel Hill. Once you reach the land, you’ll see a long protruding cliff overlooking the water. Land here, and on the very tip of the cliff, you’ll find the Black Marketeer.

Mount Obsidian Beach

Travel to Mount Obsidian Beach and look at the westmost corner of the beach. You can follow along the shore to find him easily. Keep going until you spot him standing in front of a rock facing away from the sea.

Near Ruined Fortress City

The last known and confirmed location of Black Marketeer is still on Mount Obsidian, but this time, it’s on the Northern side of the mountain. As you get off the mountain, you’ll find yourself at the Fortress City Ruins.

Follow the river from the ruins until you find a destroyed bridge. Cross it and go a little ahead until you find the Black Marketeer standing by a wall.

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