How To Get And Use Grappling Gun In Palworld

Zip around like Batman and grapple from mountain to mountain.

The Grappling Gun is a highly useful tool in Palworld that can help you not only traverse mountainous areas but will also be useful if you want to zip yourself quickly to another point. If you are worried that your stamina might not be enough to climb a mountain in Palworld, the grappling gun is there to help you out.

There are four types of Grappling Guns in Palworld and it will consist of the Grappling Gun (base version), Mega Grappling Gun, Giga Grappling Gun, and Hyper Grappling Gun. If you are a beginner, then getting your hands on the Grappling gun will be highly useful for your playthrough as it will make your gameplay experience more enticing.

However, you will need to unlock this particular ancient technology in order to use the Grappling gun. There is also a certain level that you need to reach to learn how to craft the Grappling Gun in Palworld, so I will be assisting you with all the details in this guide.

How to unlock Grappling Gun in Palworld

In order to unlock the Grappling Gun in Palworld you will need to focus on leveling up first. This way, once you reach level 12, you can visit the technology section and look towards the right side to observe ancient technology items.

However, to unlock the Ancient Technology items, such as the Grappling gun, you will need to amass some ancient technology points as well. This can be done by defeating Alpha Pal bosses like Chillet or the 4 main Tower bosses. Whenever you defeat one of those bosses for the first time in Palworld, you will get one Ancient Technology Point.

Keep in mind that this is just for the basic version of Grappling Gun. You will need to reach level 17 and spend more ancient technology points to unlock the Mega Grappling Gun. As the name suggests, the Mega Grappling Gun is a superior version.

How to craft the Grappling Gun

Now that you have successfully unlocked the crafting requirements for the Grappling Gun, it will require the following resources: Paldium Fragment (x10), Ingot (x10), Fiber (x30), and lastly, Ancient Civilization Parts (x1).

You can easily mine a lot of Paldium Fragment by traveling a little way south from the Plateau of Beginning waypoint. It will consist of medium-sized blue and back nodes, which will shine from afar and shouldn’t be hard to miss.

After that, you can focus on getting Ingots quickly using your stone pickaxe by visiting different areas such as Abandoned Mine Shafts, etc. Fiber can be acquired by chopping down trees, and as for the Ancient Civilization Parts, these can be collected by defeating bosses.


Tower bosses don’t drop any Ancient Civilization Parts. So, to farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld, your best bet is to defeat Alpha Pals or random boss encounters at the end of dungeons. Unlike technology points, you can defeat Alpha Pals multiple times to get more Ancient Civilization Parts.

Once you have collected all the resources, you will need a specific workbench for crafting a Grappling gun. This will happen to be the Weapon Workbench in Palworld. Weirdly, the Weapon Workbench requires you to be level 20 before you can unlock it.

To craft the weapon workbench, you will need Ingot (x15), Nail (x10), and Wood (x50). Then you can simply initiate the crafting process for the Grappling gun and this weapon workbench can also later be used for crafting the Mega Grappling gun as well.

Crafting requirements for Mega Grappling Gun

If you level up and unlock the Mega Grappling Gun then it will increase the amount of these same resources needed for crafting a normal Grappling Gun in Palworld. So that means you will need Paldium Fragment (x20), Ingot (x20), Fiber (x50), and Ancient Civilizations (x5) to craft a Mega Grappling Gun.

How to use Grappling Gun in Palworld

The Grappling Gun will serve a lot of purposes, whether it’s to increase your movement speed from one point to another, close distance on a Pal, or even traverse you to a waypoint if you are unable to move due to a full inventory.

Moreover, climbing normal-sized mountains is also way easier if you have a grappling gun equipped on your character, as you can point, shoot, and zap up to that exact point effortlessly without climbing halfway up in Palworld.

The best part about having a grappling gun is that it can prevent you from enduring fall damage, as you can use it to get down from a high place as well.

You can also pair this weapon with your glider and swing and shoot like Batman to reach higher places, but if you are at a very high mountain, then you will be able to come down safely in Palworld. However, you also need to keep one thing in mind: the Grappling Gun also has a cooldown period of about 12 sec, and the range is also somewhat limited to close and medium distances.

Compared to this weapon, the Mega Grappling gun has a 2 sec lesser cooldown period comprising of 10 sec and offers you a far better range at reaching higher heights and covers more distance in Palworld.

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