How To Get Ancient Technology Points In Palworld

Unlocking new tech.

As you progress and level up, you will need more and more resources and equipment. However, before you can build anything in Palworld, you need to unlock its recipe from the Technology menu by spending Technology points. Some of these like Egg Incubators or grappling guns cost Ancient Technology points instead of simple Technology points.

Unfortunately, Ancient Technology points are much harder to collect compared to Technology points. In this guide, we will list down all the possible ways to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.


You will often gain Ancient Technology points in tandem with Ancient Civilization Parts which are required to craft items unlocked with Ancient Tech points.

Best ways to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

As stated earlier, Ancient Technology Points are scarce and limited in Palworld. This is because you can only acquire them by defeating bosses for the first time.

Capturing or killing a boss for subsequent turns will not grant any more ancient tech points and after reaching a certain number, you will find yourself struggling to beat higher-level bosses for their Ancient Technology points. Thus, we recommend spending them carefully and only on essential items.

3. Alpha Pals (World Bosses)

Alpha Pals are the massive Pals that serve as Area Bosses around the map of Palworld. You might encounter them either roaming about a designated area or in the Sealed Realms. Alpha Pals will grant 1 Ancient Technology upon being defeated for the first time.

2. Dungeon Bosses

Dungeons in Palworld are a great source of mining resources but each dungeon also has a boss room at the very end. Defeating the bosses in the Dungeons for the first time will also grant you 1 Ancient Technology Point.

These dungeons are harder to find as they are not naturally marked on the map but they are more frequent compared to the Alpha Pals. The bosses at the end of these dungeons are usually easier to beat or capture than an Alpha Pal, making them a better resource for farming Ancient Tech points.

There are about 100 dungeons discovered so far in Palworld.

1. Syndicate Towers

There are five Syndicate Towers in Palworld, one tower in each biome. These towers serve as the final boss for each of the five major factions in Palworld and you will receive 5x Ancient Technology Points for clearing them the first time.

This means you can acquire 25 Ancient Technology Points for clearing all 5 Towers but most of them are pretty tough and will require you to be at least 25 or above.

We recommend you only attempt these towers in the following order after reaching the recommended level:

  • The Tower of Rayne Syndicate (112, -434) at level 16
  • The Tower of Free Pal Alliance (185,28) at level 32
  • The Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-588, -518) at level 41
  • The Tower of the PIDF (561, 334) at level 45
  • The Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit (-149,445) at level 50
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