Palworld Boss Locations Guide

All main and Alpha Pal Bosses that you can fight or capture in the game.

Palworld has many Tower and Alpha Pal bosses that you can face and defeat while progressing. You must remember each boss has strengths and weaknesses while engaging with them.

Alpha Pal bosses are easier to beat than Tower bosses, as there is no time limit. To make things easier for you, we just came up with a proper order of when you should face which boss. We will give you the order to face them and their location.

All Tower and Alpha Pal Bosses locations in Palworld

You will face 44 Alpha Pal bosses and 5 Tower bosses in the game. Going for them in random order can make things challenging for you. That’s why we have sorted them according to the level so you continue to defeat or capture them and progress smoothly. The map below shows the location of all 49 Alpha Pal and Tower bosses.

  1. Zoe & Grizzbolt, LVL 10
  2. Chillet, LVL 11
  3. Gumoss, LVL 11               
  4. Sweepa, LVL 11 
  5. Dumud, LVL 14
  6. Penking, LVL 15
  7. Grintale, LVL 17 
  8. Azurobe, LVL 17               
  9. Nitewing, LVL 18
  10. Felbat, LVL 23
  11. Kingpaca, LVL 23              
  12. Katress, LVL 23
  13. Bushi, LVL 23
  14. Broncherry, LVL 23         
  15. Quivern, LVL 23 
  16. Fenglope, LVL 25
  17. Lily and Lyleen, LVL 25
  18. Petallia, LVL 28
  19. Beakon, LVL 29
  20. Elphidran, LVL 30
  21. Broncherry Aqua, LVL 30
  22. Warsect, LVL 30
  23. Mossanda Lux, LVL 31
  24. Elizabee, LVL 31
  25. Univolt, LVL 31
  26. Relaxaurus Lux, LVL 31
  27. Lunaris, LVL 32
  28. Verdash, LVL 35
  29. Mammorest, LVL 38       
  30. Wumpo Botan, LVL 38
  31. Vaelet, LVL 38   
  32. Sibelyx, LVL 40
  33. Axel and Orserk, LVL 40
  34. Ice Kingpaca, LVL 43       
  35. Menasting, LVL 44
  36. Jormuntide(1), LVL 45   
  37. Jormuntide(2), LVL 45   
  38. Suzaku, LVL 45
  39. Marcus and Faleris, LVL 45
  40. Anubis, LVL 47
  41. Dinossom Lux, LVL 47
  42. Astegon, LVL 48
  43. Blazamut, LVL 49
  44. Lyleen Noct, LVL 49
  45. Necromus, LVL 50           
  46. Paladius, LVL 50
  47. Jetragon, LVL 50
  48. Frostallion, LVL 50
  49. Victor and Shadowbeak, LVL 50


While you are free to tackle bosses much higher level than you, the Pal boss order we have given is the best way to deal with Alpha Pals and Tower bosses in Palworld so you don’t struggle with these encounters.

1. Zoe & Grizzbolt

The first Tower boss that you should face is Zoe and Grizzlot. You will find this electric-type boss near the Rayne Tower Syndicate at the coordinates: 113, -431.

2. Chillet

The Chillet is an early Dragon and ice-type Alpha Pal boss that you will find in Palworld. You can find Chillet boss at the coordinates: 172, -418.

3. Gumoss

The next Alpha Pal in order is Gumoss, which you can find at the coordinates -113 and -629. It is a ground and grass element type boss, so bring a Pal it is weak against.

4. Sweepa

Sweepa is an Ice-type Alpha Pal boss that you can defeat easily with the help of a Fire-type Pal. You can find Sweepa at the coordinates: -227, -594.

5. Dumud

To find Damud, head to the coordinates -309, 2. It is a ground-type Pal, so bringing in a Grass element-type Pal will help you trounce it.

6. Penking

In Palworld, Penking is the next Alpha Pal boss in the order you can find at 114, -353. You can defeat this Water and ice Element type boss with the help of electric and fire-type Pal.

7. Grintale

The Grintale is a Neutral type Pal boss that you can find at the following coordinates: 355. -247.  

8. Azurobe

This water and dragon element boss is relatively easy to beat if you have an Electric and Ice-type Pal. You can find it at -52, -387.

9. Nitewing

Head to the coordinates -274 and -71; you will find the Neutral type level 18 Nitewing Alpha Pal.

10. Felbat

The Felbat is the level 23 Alpha Pal boss that you will find at -410. -55.

11. Kingpaca

The Kingpaca is a Neutral type Pal Boss found at the coordinates 49- 461. Bring in some Dark element-type Pal to take out this boss.

12. Katress

Katress is a Dark type Alpha Pal that you can find at 242. -333. To take it out, dragon-type Pals will help you.

13. Bushi

Bushi is a level 23 fire-type Alpha Pal found at coordinates –117 and -491.

14. Broncherry

Finding the Broncherry Alpha Pal is easy; you just need to head to the location at -222, -670. To take out this grass-type Pal, bring some Fire type Pals.

15. Quivern

To find Quivern next in the order of bosses in Palworld, you must head to the location at -255. -132.

16. Fenglope

To find this Alpha Pal, you must go through a waterfall and move forward in the cave until you reach -245. -443. This neutral type Pal can be defeated with your dark type Pals.

17. Lily and Lyleen

Lily and Lyleen is Grass-type Tower boss that you will find at the coordinates 181 and 29. To defeat it, you need to bring in some Fire element type Pal,

18. Petallia

Finding Petallia, the Grass-type Alpha Pal, is pretty straightforward. Head to the coordinates, -19. -265, and you will find it roaming around.

19. Beakon

Beakon, a level 29 Alpha Pal boss, is under an arch at -344 and -254. Bring some Ground-type Pals with you while heading towards this Pal.  

20. Elphidran

Head to the coordinates 44 and -284, and you will find this Dragon-type Alpha Pal boss in Palworld.

21. Broncherry Aqua

Broncherry Aqua is another dungeon boss that you can fight by entering the cave at the coordinates -141 and -439. Bring some Fire and Electric-type Pals for this Water and Grass-type boss.

22. Warsect

Warsect is an Alpha Pal boss you will face inside a dungeon at coordinates 162 and -224. Fire element-type Pals will help you take out this boss inside the dungeon.  

23. Mossanda Lux

Mossanda Lux is a level 31 electric-type Alpha Pal boss that you will find at 449, -183.

24. Elizabee

To find the Elizabee Alpha Pal boss, you must find the cave entrance at the coordinates 37, -190.

25. Univolt

The Inivolt is a level 32 Alpha Pal boss that you can find at the mountain peak at –117, -543. It is an electric type Pal, so bring some Ground type Pal to defeat it.

26. Relaxaurus Lux

You will face the Relaxaurus Lux Pal boss inside a dungeon whose entrance is at the coordinates 203 and -347.

27. Lunaris

Lunaris is a Neutral type dungeon boss that you can find by heading to the location at -146, -660.

28. Verdash

Verdash is another Alpha Pal boss that you will find inside a dungeon whose entrance is at 285, 8. You can bring in Fire-type Pals to defeat and capture this grass-type Pal.

29. Mammorest

Mammorest is a giant grass-type Pal boss that you can find roaming around at the coordinates 190 and -478.

30. Wumpo Botan

You can find the level 38 grass-type Alpha Pal Wumpo Botan at coordinates 450 and -52.

31. Vaelet         

The Vaelet is another boss that you will find inside a dungeon. To find the dungeon entrance, you can head to the coordinates: 130, -52.

32. Sibelyx

The Ice-type Alpha Pal Sibelyx is inside a dungeon in the frozen area whose entrance is at 253, 69. You can defeat it with the help of a fire-type Alpha Pal.

33. Axel and Orserk

To find the Level 40 Tower bosses Axel and Orserk in Palworld, head to the coordinates –587, -517. Bring some Alpha Pals of Ice or Ground type to defeat it.  

34. Ice Kingpaca

The Ice Kingpaca is inside a cave whose entrance is at coordinates -254, 478. After reaching the entrance of Forgotten Mineshaft, head to its end to find this Ice-type Alpha Pal boss.  

35. Menasting

The Menasting Alpha Pal is on the map’s northern side inside a cave at 492, 79. Head to the end of the cave to find this boss.

36. Jormuntide(1)        

To find Jormuntide (1), head to the coordinates: -176, -267. Bring some Ice and Water-type Alpha Pals to capture this dragon-type Pal.  

37. Jormuntide(2)        

This one differs from the first Jormuntide you face as it is a Water and Dragon-type Alpha Pal. You can find it flying over water at 350 -85.

38. Suzaku

This fire-type Pal can be found at the coordinates 404 and 255 flying around.

39. Marcus and Faleris

Marcus and Faleris tower boss in Palworld is in the desert region at coordinates 556 and 336. Water element Pals will help you capture this boss easily.  

40. Anubis

The Anubis is a Ground-type Alpha Pal boss that you can find at coordinates -133 and -96 right next to his big rock statue.

41. Dinossom Lux

The giant Alpha Pal boss Dinossom Lux is inside a cave in the desert area at the top right of the map at coordinates 351 and 571.

42. Astegon

Another Alpha Pal boss that you will find inside a cave. The cave entrance for the Astegon Alpha Pal is in the Volcano area at the coordinates -569 and -416.

43. Blazamut

The Blazamut one is also inside the cave that you can find in the Volcano area close to the last Pal boss location at -434, -532. You can bring in some water element type Alpha Pal to defeat it.

44. Lyleen Noct

You can find the cave entrance where the Lyleen Noct boss is at coordinates -141, 317. You can spot it quickly as some wooden structures are outside the cave entrance.  

45. Necromus    

To find Necromus, head to the desert area at coordinates 447, 679.

46. Paladius

You can find this Neutral type Pal right where the Necromus is roaming around.

47. Jetragon

To find this dragon-type Pal, head to the Volcano area at -789, -321.

48. Frostallion

This Alpha Pal boss is at the top left snowy area of the map at coordinates –357, 509. A fire-type Pal will help you capture this Ice-type Alpha Pal.

49. Victor and Shadowbeak

Victor and Shadowbeak are the last tower bosses that you will face in Palworld. It is in the snowy region of the map at coordinates -146, 448. Dragon-type Alpha Pals can significantly aid you in the fight against this boss.

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