How To Get Ingots Quickly In Palworld

Early zones are filled with iron for the taking.

Iron or Ore is a crucial component for making Ingots in Palworld, and during the initial levels of your playthrough, you will need to farm a lot of ore if you want to level up quickly. As you level up, you will be able to unlock new items in the Technology section, and in order to craft those metallic objects successfully, you will require a lot of Ingots.

Luckily, you can find Iron Ore quickly from different areas by simply finding the nodes in Palworld and then setting up a base nearby to mine them regularly.

That being said, there are a ton of places that will contain the nodes with Ores, and I will be discussing how you can mine iron and turn it into Ingots in Palworld.


Unlike other crafting resources such as leather, wheat, and milk, ore and ingot can’t be purchased from Wandering Merchants. The only way to get ingot in Palworld is to mine ore and then convert it into ingot using a furnace.

Best Palworld Ore deposit locations

You can find Ore deposits by exploring various locations on the map of Palworld. These will include coming across plain areas with random nodes or finding Iron Ores in caves, etc. However, I have marked four prominent locations where you can easily discover a lot of Nodes containing Ores in the map below.

Luckily, despite being the best, these ore mining locations in Palworld are quite easy to get to, and you don’t need to be very high level to survive here.

Once you find these areas, it will be beneficial for you to set up bases at these points if you want to continue farming Ore in Palworld.

  1. Travel North, defeat the boss Chillet, and continue a little way further towards the North side to discover a small clearing in a mountain (Wind Swept Hills) with (7-8) Nodes/ Rocks containing Iron.
  2. Head towards the East side of the Abandoned Mine Shaft and near the Desolate Church fast travel point to discover the second Iron Ore location.
  3. If you have discovered the Small Settlement Waypoint, then move South and cross the bridge first. After that, you can proceed in the west direction, and you will find an open area with Giant Rocks filled with Iron Ores in Palworld.
  4. Cross the Bridge of the Twin Knights waypoint, and after exiting the Bridge, immediately turn left and move a little way in the western direction. You will come across a plain field with (7-9) Nodes containing Iron in Palworld.

Whenever you have free time, you can fast-travel to the bases you set at the ore deposit locations in Palworld and go ahead and start mining these nodes to get a decent amount of Iron Ore.

As this area respawns each time you come here, you can get some higher-level miners and even automate this and even set up a Fluffy Pal Bed, a Berry farm, Hot tub, and let the Pals run this area for you.

This way, you can come to your base after some time, loot the chests containing the Iron Ores, and go to the next base area. If you don’t have those high-level miners, then you can do it manually and load up Iron Ores to the point that you are barely moving or over-encumbered.

If you are encumbered with loads of Ore then use your Grappling hook to reach the console deck and fast travel back to your base containing the Furnace to quickly convert ores into ingots.

How to refine ore into ingots in Palworld

Once you have acquired enough ore from the rocks in Palworld, the next important step would be to simply refine them into iron ingots. However, to do that, you will need to complete certain prerequisites first.

Head over to the Technology section, scroll down to level 10, and unlock the Primitive Furnace option. This can be done by allocating two of your technology points in Palworld to this particular option. After unlocking, build a Primitive Furnace using Wood (x20), Stone (x50), and Flame Organ (x3).

Palworld iron ingot


Flame Organ is obtained easily by defeating Flame Pals, such as Foxparks, Rooby, Pyrin, Flambelle, etc., in different areas in Palworld.

Once you have the required items, craft the Primitive Furnace at your base and then select a recipe to smelt the iron ores you collected into iron ingots.

Next, you will require a Pal with the Kindling Skill, and for that, you can catch either Foxparks, Flambelle, Rooby, Arsox, etc. The Kindling skill will basically be the first fire icon above the current task heading in the Pal’s info section.

Place the Ore into the Furnace, and for crafting each Ingot, you will need to add 2 Iron Ores and then select the Start Production option.

Use the Fire Pals to kindle the fire at your Primitive Furnaces, and your ingot production will begin. Once the refining process is complete, you will be able to obtain an Ingot from each one of your furnaces in Palworld.


Make sure to capture especially those Fire Pals that contain Lvl 2 Kindling work and Minning skills to efficiently turn the Iron Ore into Ingots in Palworld.

Make sure to add Wooden Chests (Lvl 2) at your base to store the Ore and Ingots. You can use Wood (x15) and stones (x5) to create a wooden chest in Palworld.

Lastly, make sure you have enough Straw Pal Beds (Lvl 3) for the Pals working on your base to rest and also set up a Hot Spring (Lvl 9) to keep their sanity in check. Add a Feed Box to your base along with one or two Berry Farms so that your Pals never go hungry while working on your base to refine Iron Ore into Ingots in Palworld.

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