Best Ways To Level Up Fast in Palworld

Follow the fastest way to farm XP and Level Up quickly.

Palworld requires you to earn a lot of XP, which in turn helps in leveling up your character and unlocking advanced items from the Technology Tree. This can be done by performing activities like defeating Pals, capturing them, and completing dungeons.

While these things are easier in the early stages, you will feel drained and slowed down by their time-consuming nature as soon as you reach the later parts of the gameplay.

As the game progresses, you will need new structures, tools, and weapons to keep up with the adversities that lie ahead. That’s why, we have crafted this guide to cover the best ways to farm XP and level up fast in Palworld

Change World Settings

Changing the world setting is one of the best methods to level up fast. You need to change the difficulty to Custom and select Custom Settings. You will find the XP Rate slider in these settings in Palworld. All you need to do here is move the slider to 20.

This setting will significantly boost the experience you earn from different activities like defeating or capturing Pals, completing various dungeons, defeating bosses, etc.

Capture the same Pals ten times

Capturing the same Pal for up to ten times grants you an additional boost, and you can level up far quickly. Go for some easily accessible Pals, like Chikipi and Lamball, and capture them early on. With this method, you can grind tons of XP and hit the max level (50) in Palworld.

Complete dungeons and defeat Pals

You will find different dungeons throughout the Palworld map that you can visit and explore not just for leveling up but for Technology Parts. While exploring the dungeons, you will encounter many small Pals that you can take out or capture easily for a boost in experience and farming Gold.

At the end of each dungeon, there is also a boss fight in which you can defeat or capture the boss Pal to farm a lot of XP. Other methods, like building a base and taking on Alpha Pals when you reach the double figure level, can help you level up quickly.   

Fight and defeat Tower Bosses

Another interesting method to farm XP at a higher rate is by defeating the tower bosses in Palworld. The boss that gives the highest chances of leveling up resides at the tower of the Rayne Syndicate, known as Zoe & Grizzbolt. Defeating the Syndicate boss also gives you Technology Points, which can be used to build advanced structures at your base.

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