All Palworld Active Skills

Check out the abilities your Pals can use in combat.

Active Skills in Palworld are basically the main abilities or skills that your pal uses in combat, and with each new move that your Pal learns, you can become more dominant in your fights. You can equip up to three Active Skills on each one of your Pals. The elemental type of a Pal is completely independent of the active skills, as a Pal can learn skills of any element.

Apart from that, you can also switch out these three particular Active Skills with newer ones to grow stronger. However, each Active Skill offers a Power efficiency factor coupled with a certain Cooldown Time as well. You will need to keep both of these attributes in check if you want to use those Active Skills to win your fights in Palworld.

Palworld active skills

There are a total of 98 New Active Skills that are divided into various types for each Elemental Pal to use in Palworld.

Fire Element Active Skills

There are a total of 14 Fire Elemental Active Skills in Palworld. These will comprise the following Active Skills

Active SkillStats
Blazing HornPower (50), Cooldown Time (9)
Fire BallPower (150), Cooldown Time (55)
Flare StormPower (80), Cooldown Time (18)
LaigiriPower (65), Cooldown Time (9)
Ignis BreathPower (70), Cooldown Time (7)
Ignis SlamPower (85), Cooldown Time (14)
Spirit FirePower (45), Cooldown Time (7)
Daring FlamesPower (75), Cooldown Time (10)
Flare ArrowPower (55), Cooldown Time (10)
Hellfire ClawPower (70), Cooldown Time (10)
Ignis BlastPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)
Ignis RagePower (120), Cooldown Time (40)
Pheonix FlarePower (135), Cooldown Time (28)
Volcanic BurstPower (100), Cooldown Time (45)

Water Element Active Skills

You can access at least 6 Active skills for Water Elemental Pals in Palworld. Each of these skills offers a decent amount of damage with an equally low amount of CT.

Active SkillStats
Acid RainPower (80), Cooldown Time (18)
Aqua GunPower (40), Cooldown Time (4)
Hydro JetPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)
Aqua BurstPower (100), Cooldown Time (30)
Bubble BlastPower (65), Cooldown Time (13)
Hydro LaserPower (150), Cooldown Time (55)

Grass Element Active Skills

There are 10 Active Skills that your Grass Elemental Pals can utilize in Palworld. These will include:

Active SkillStats
Botanical SmashPower (60), Cooldown Time (8)
Focus ShotPower (65), Cooldown Time (9)
Sand TornadoPower (80), Cooldown Time (18)
Seed MinePower (65), Cooldown Time (13)
Spinning LancePower (70), Cooldown Time (9)
Crushing PunchPower (85), Cooldown Time (18)
Grass TornadoPower (80), Cooldown Time (18)
Seed Machine GunPower (50), Cooldown Time (9)
Spine VinePower (95), Cooldown Time (25)
Wind CutterPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)

Ice Element Active Skills

You can learn 9 Active Skills for your Ice Elemental Pals to deliver a significant amount of damage on other Pals in Palworld.

Active SkillStats
Blizzard SpikePower (130), Cooldown Time (45)
Crystal WingPower (110), Cooldown Time (24)
Freezing ChargePower (65), Cooldown Time (9)
Frost BurnPower (30), Cooldown Time (3)
IcebergPower (55), Cooldown Time (10)
Cryst BreathPower (90), Cooldown Time (22)
Emperor SlidePower (70), Cooldown Time (10)
Frost BurstPower (100), Cooldown Time (45)
IcebergPower (70), Cooldown Time (15)

Electric Active Skills

The Electric Elemental Pal has a plethora of attacks when it comes to active skills, and as such, there are 9 Active skills in Palworld.

Active SkillStats
Blast PunchPower (80), Cooldown Time (14)
Electric BallPower (50), Cooldown Time (9)
KeraunoPower (100), Cooldown Time (30)
Lightning ClawPower (90), Cooldown Time (22)
Lightning StreakPower (75), Cooldown Time (16)
Plasma TornadoPower (65), Cooldown Time (13)
ShockwavePower (40), Cooldown Time (4)
Spark BlastPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)
Tri-LightningPower (90), Cooldown Time (22)

Ground Active Skills

The Ground Elemental Pals utilize their ground attacking skills to deliver heavy damage, and you can learn 10 Active skills to add to those Ground moves in Palworld.

Active SkillStats
Earth ImpactPower (100), Cooldown Time (30)
Forceful ChargePower (120), Cooldown Time (28)
Giga HornPower (75), Cooldown Time (11)
Ground SmashPower (140), Cooldown Time (35)
Rock LancePower (150), Cooldown Time (55)
Sand BlastPower (40), Cooldown Time (4)
Shell SpinPower (65), Cooldown Time (9)
Spinning RoundhousePower (100), Cooldown Time (21)
Stone BlastPower (55), Cooldown Time (10)
Stone CannonPower (70), Cooldown Time (15)

Dark Active Skills

Moving onto the Dark Elemental Pal skills, there are a total of 12 Active Skills assigned accordingly to those Dark Moves in Palworld.

Active SkillStats
Dark BallPower (40), Cooldown Time (4)
Dark ChargePower (85), Cooldown Time (14)
Dark LaserPower (150), Cooldown Time (55)
Divine DisasterPower (160), Cooldown Time (45)
Jumping ClawPower (55), Cooldown Time (7)
Nightmare BallPower (100), Cooldown Time (30)
Phantom PeckPower (55), Cooldown Time (7)
Poison BlastPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)
Poison FogPower (0), Cooldown Time (30)
Shadow BurstPower (55), Cooldown Time (10)
Spirit FlamePower (75), Cooldown Time (16)
Twin LancePower (120), Cooldown Time (40)

Dragon Active Skills

For the Dragon Elemental Pals, you can find at least 6 Active Skills in Palworld. These will include:

Active SkillStats
Beam CometPower (140), Cooldown Time (50)
Draconic BreathPower (70), Cooldown Time (15)
Dragon BurstPower (55), Cooldown Time (10)
Dragon CannonPower (30), Cooldown Time (2)
Dragon MeterPower (150), Cooldown Time (55)
Mystic WhirlwindPower (70), Cooldown Time (10)

Neutral Active Skills

The Active Skills for the Neutral Element Pals exceed the rest, and you will discover that there are 20 Active Skills assigned for Neutral Pal types in Palworld.

Active SkillStats
Air CannonPower (25), Cooldown Time (2)
Antler UppercutPower (50), Cooldown Time (5)
Bee QuietPower (200), Cooldown Time (55)
Cat PressPower (60), Cooldown Time (9)
Chicken RushPower (30), Cooldown Time (1)
Fierce FangPower (45), Cooldown Time (2)
Fluffy TacklePower (40), Cooldown Time (4)
Gale ClawPower (60), Cooldown Time (8)
Ground PoundPower (85), Cooldown Time (14)
ImplodePower (180), Cooldown Time (55)
Kingly SlamPower (100), Cooldown Time (21)
Muscle SlamPower (80), Cooldown Time (12)
Pal BlastPower (150), Cooldown Time (55)
Power BombPower (70), Cooldown Time (15)
Power ShotPower (35), Cooldown Time (4)
Punch FlurryPower (40), Cooldown Time (1)
Reckless ChargePower (55), Cooldown Time (2)
Roly PolyPower (35), Cooldown Time (35)
Spear ThrustPower (120), Cooldown Time (40)
Tornado AttackPower (65), Cooldown Time (13)

How to learn new Active Skills in Palworld

There are two methods that you can exploit if you want your Pal to learn New Active Skills in Palworld. You can start by using Skill Fruits (depending on element type), as this specific item can be fed to your Pal. Once you do that, you will be able to teach your Pal a new Active Skill.


You can purchase the Skill Fruits from various merchants, and these will be priced according to their rarity in Palworld. If you don’t have the required amount of gold, you can find Skill Trees, which will glow blue to obtain Skill Fruits as well.

However, you need to be aware of the Skill Fruits as these come in various shapes and sizes. These shapes typically represent the element of the active skill that can be unlocked from a Skill Fruit like a Water Skill fruit resembles raindrops, etc.

While the locations of the fruit trees are fixed, there is no way to tell if it will have the skill fruit that you need as those are randomized. So you will have to keep harvesting skill fruit trees in Palworld until you get the active skills you need.

Apart from this method, there is the traditional XP grinding and leveling up method too, which will enable your Pal to learn new Active Skills in Palworld. In short, each time you achieve a certain milestone in Palworld, your Pal will gain a new Active Skill, giving you the option to switch to that attack move in your battles.

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