Palworld Astegon Location And How To Capture

Astegon is one of the best flying mounts you can capture in the game.

Astegon is a Dark and Dragon-type Alpha Pal that you can use as a flying mount in Palworld. Its partner skill makes it an excellent Pal for mining ore that can help you craft items like nails.

If you want to find and capture this Alpha Pal, you have come to the right place. I will cover all the locations where you can find it and details about catching it.

Palworld Astegon Locations

There are two locations where you can find this Pal. The first is the Destroyed Mineshaft at the Volcano region, and the second is the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary at the top right corner of the map.

In the Volacno region, you must find a cave entrance at the coordinates: -575, -416. After locating the entrance, move forward in the cave, and you will find this Alpha Pal in Palworld.

There is no fixed spot where you can find this Pal on the second location, so you must explore. Moreover, as the second area is not connected to the mainland, you should use a flying Pal to get there. Once you spot the Pal, the next thing you need to know is how to capture it.

How to catch Alpha Astegon

To capture Astegon in Palworld, make sure you have an element-type advantage. Astegon is a Dark and Dragon-type Pal, so to defeat it, Ice and Dragon-type Pals will help you a lot.


Never use Neutral Pals against Astegon, as it is strong against them.

You can choose Pals like Frostallion and Jormuntide to lower Astegon’s health. I will recommend focusing more on using weapons to capture this Pal. The rocket launcher is the best weapon to lower this Alpha Pal Boss’s health significantly.

Just a couple of blows will do the job for you. If you don’t have the launcher, you can go for a high-caliber assault rifle. While attacking, you need to dodge Astegon’s attacks by running away or using the surroundings, as they can lower your health.

Once you have weakened the Pal enough, use a Legendary Sphere to capture this Alpha Pal. Low-quality Pal Spheres will not help you, so there is no point in wasting your time. If you have a Lyleen Noct pal, you can breed it with opposite-sex Pals like Pladius, Frostallion, and Jetragon to get the egg. Hatching the egg will get you the Astegon in Palworld.

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