All Pal Elements And Types In Palworld

Find the best elements for your Pals.

Every Pal has a different attribute attached to it which is known as the Pal’s Element in Palworld. These elements are the different types of damage that these pals do and what influence they have on the pal’s positives and negatives.

With over more than 100 variations of pals, it can become quite a challenge to select which ones to keep or which ones to butcher in Palworld.

To assist you in your journey of collecting the right pals, we’ve created a chart below that displays the strengths and weaknesses of each element type.

How the Elements work in Palworld

There are nine Element types in total. Each Element is strong against one element and weak against another. When going into combat, it is important that you know which Pal Elements will have an advantage in Palworld. Going in blind is never recommended.

The image and the chart below can further assist you in understanding the element types better.

ElementStrong AgainstWeak Against
FireIce and Grass Water

How to tell apart elements in Palworld

You can check your Pal’s element type by hovering below its name in either your Paldeck or Palbox. It is important to know that some Pals can have more than one element attributed to them.

For example, this Vanwyrm Cryst has Dark and Ice elements. So, it will be weak against Fire and Dragon-type elements. But will also do more damage to Neutral and Dragon Pals.

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