Palworld: Best Water Pals, Ranked

Water plants and enemies.

With so many creatures running around the Palpagos Island, you want to be able to get your hands on all of them. Some may wish to find the most useful ones around the camp, while others may wish to find a pure combat beast.

Many people find both capabilities in most Water-type Pals. But since there are so many Pals in this elemental type alone, it can become hard to choose which one to choose over the other. That said, to save you the trouble of finding and catching each Pal to test them, we’ve already done that job.

After considering the capabilities of these Pals in different situations, we have come up with a tier list of some of the best Water-type Pals in Palworld. The ranking system is a bit complex though, since there are many factors to consider, but we’ll guide you through it.

Palworld Tier List: Best Water Pals Ranked

When it comes to ranking the best Water Pals, there are a lot of things to consider. Since each player has their own specific playstyle and a different view on what a Pal should have, their preferences can vary considerably.

If we solely take into account the ease of access, skills, work suitability, and combat power though, we can have a better idea if one Pal is better than the other. A Pal that has a balance of all three aspects and is preferably very strong in its suit is considered to be one of the best ones.

Did You Know

Some Pals have more than one elemental types – like Water and Dragon, for example. We have considered Pals that have an additional elemental type other than Water in this guide as well.

This is how we have ranked the Pals and summed up each Water-type Pal in Palworld in a tier list. The best ones are assigned tier S, and the less useful ones move down the list to tier C. The Water Pals assigned rank A are still very good options to use, but are surpassed by tier S.

Tier B Water Pals can be used effectively but they are mostly specific situation-based. Lastly, tier C pals are the worst and are not recommended for use in the long term. The tier list is given below.

TierWater Pals
SJormuntide, Azurobe, Broncherry Aqua, Suzaku Aqua
APenking, Surfent, Relaxaurus, Elphidran Aqua
BCelaray, Gobfin, Kelpsea, Teafant
CPengullet, Fuack

Jormuntide (Water/Dragon)

Partner Skill: Stormbringer Sea Dragon (Can be mounted. Allows travel on water and negates stamina depletion)
Work Suitability: Watering Lv.4
Location: In a lake southeast of the Investigator’s Fork

If we consider Jormuntide’s sheer power, then that alone is enough to consider the best Pals in Palworld overall, not just Water-type. This is because Jormuntide not only possesses water but also the dragon elemental type, which allows it to have the advantages of both.

These two elemental types work very well together since the combined Skills you can get are overpowered. You can even get a Tri-Lightning ability, which strikes enemies with lightning. This, along with other abilities and its Partner Skill, not only makes Jormuntide the best mount for water but also for combat.

Finally, Jormuntide also has a level 4 Watering work suitability, which is the maximum level you can, and hence also makes it one of the best Pals for watering. With all of these advantages in a single Pal, Jormuntide is an absolute must-have if you want to make the later stages of the game easier for you.

Azurobe (Water/Dragon)

Partner Skill: Waterwing Dance (Can be mounted for traveling on water. Adds water damage to attacks)
Work Suitability: Watering Lv.3
Location: No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary

For the same reasons as Jormuntide, Azurobe is equally worthy to be one of the best Water-type Pals in Palworld. Not only is it a perfect mount to take you across the massive water bodies of Palpagos Island, but it is also very fierce in combat owing to its massive power.

Apart from granting a mount, its Partner skill also increases your water damage while on it, further adding to its combat potential.

Moreover, Azurobe also has a dragon elemental type along with a water one, which allows it to have the advantage of both types of abilities as well.

The only thing that Azurobe lacks is a level 3 Watering Work Suitability, as opposed to level 4 in the case of the former. Despite that, Azurobe is still an equally worthy Pal to choose given its massive potential.

Broncherry Aqua (Water/Grass)

Partner Skill: Over Affectionate (Grants bonus carrying capacity)
Work Suitability: Watering Lv.3
Location: Shaol Mineshaft

Consider the Broncherry Aqua as a simple Broncherry with the added benefits of the Water type. Since these two elemental types work well together, the abilities that you can get with this Pal are outstanding.

While also functioning as a mount, the bonus carrying capacity granted by the Broncherry Aqua is an invaluable Partner Skill when you have to move around a lot of stuff.

Though this one is slightly less proficient in combat compared to the former too, you wouldn’t find a more perfect Pal to take out when you’re planning to farm for resources.

Suzaku Aqua (Water)

Partner Skill: Wings of Water (Can be mounted to fly. Improves water attacks)
Work Suitability: Watering Lv.3
Location: Breed Suzaku and Jormuntide

The Suzaku Aqua is a unique Water-type Pal that lets you ride it as a flying mount. Combined with the ability to dash out water damage with your attacks, you’re practically a storm cloud.


You can also get a Suzaku Aqua from Huge Damp Eggs found in the wild.

The flying Pal can also hold its own pretty well as well thanks to its high damage output and overall power. As far as the stuff around the camp goes, the level 3 Watering Work Suitability also has a great hand in bringing the Pal into the S tier.

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