Palworld: Tower Boss Locations (& Order To Defeat)

Find the most powerful bosses in the game.

One of the toughest adversaries you face in Palworld come in the form of Tower Bosses. These are scattered throughout the Palpagos Islands, with each region having one boss. Each boss is unique in nature and strength, hence requiring a different strategy to defeat.

When going after these Tower Bosses, the best way to approach them would be in order of easiest to hardest. As you battle one that has HP and strength matching your level, you would have a better chance at defeating the boss.

Best order to defeat all Tower Bosses in Palworld

There are five different Tower Bosses, each bound to its region and varying in strength and difficulty. Some of the regions in the Palpagos Islands have large towers called Syndicate Towers. The aforementioned bosses are located in these towers and are hence called Tower Bosses.

The five regions these Tower Bosses are located in, as well as their best order of defeat, are listed below:

1Zoe and Grizzbolt (Electric)10Windswept HillsTower of the Rayne Syndicate30, 550
2Lily and Lyleen (Grass)25Frostbound MountainsTower of the Free Pal Alliance69, 375
3Axel and Orserk (Electric/Dragon)40Mount ObsidianTower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre130, 700
4Marcus and Felaris (Fire)35Desiccated DesertTower of the PIDF146, 975
5Victor and Shadowbeak (Dark)50Astral MountainsTower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit200, 750

Where to find all Tower Bosses in Palworld?

As mentioned previously, there are five different Tower Bosses to beat in Palworld. Now that you have learned their order of defeat, you can travel to their locations and catch/killthem.

1. Zoe and Grizzbolt (level 10)

Zoe and Grizzbolt are the first Tower Boss you encounter in Palworld, defeated as part of the game tutorial. This boss is located inside the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, located centrally within the Windswept Hills region.

The closest Fast Travel point to this location is the Desolated Church, which is just west of the tower. The specific coordinates for this boss are 110, -431.

Zoe and Grizzbolt is an Electric elemental boss, so we recommend bringing some ground-type Pals to have the best chances of winning the fight.

2. Lily and Lyleen (level 25)

Lily and Lyleen should be the second Tower Boss you should go after in Palworld. This boss is located within the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, located centrally within the Frostbound Mountains at coordinates 182, 30.

The closest fast travel point to this location is the Snowy Mountain Fork, which is just west of it. Not far to the tower’s east, you can find the Sealed Realm of the Swift Fast Travel Point.


This is a Grass-type boss, so we recommend using Fire-type Pals against it.

3. Axel and Orserk (level 40)

Axel and Orsefk can be found within the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, which is located at the peak of Mount Obsidian at the coordinates -585, -515. The closest fast travel point to this location is the Mount Obsidian Midpoint, located east of it.


This boss is located inside the volcanic biome, so make sure to wear Heat-Resistant Armor when going after this boss.

Since this boss is not only an Electric but also a Dragon-type Pal, we recommend using a combination of Ground and Ice-type Pals against it.

4. Marcus and Felaris (level 35)

To find Marcus and Felaris, you have to make your way over to the Tower of the PIDF. This Syndicate Tower is located in the eastern parts of the Dessicated Desert region, at the coordinates 558, 335.


We recommend bringing both Heat and Cold-resistant Armor to the desert biome for the day and night cycle respectively.

The closest Fast Travel point from this location is the Duneshelter, which is located to its west. Lastly, when fighting this boss remember to bring Water-type Pals to have the best chance of defeating it.

5. Victor and Shadowbeak (level 50)

The Victor and Shadowbeak Tower Boss can be found inside the Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit at coordinates -147, 446. This is around the central area of the Astral Peaks region, which is very cold so remember to wear Cold-resistant Armor.

This is the hardest Tower Boss in the game, which is why we recommend going for it in the end when you are at a suitable level for the fight. We recommend using bringing in some Dragon-type Pals as they are the weakness of Dark bosses.

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