Palworld: Kingpaca Location & How To Defeat

His Fluffy Majesty.

The royal giant llama also known as Kingpaca is one of the earlier Alpha Pals and world bosses you will encounter in Palworld. True to its name, Kingpaca will be accompanied by several Melpaccas that will join it in the fight and try to protect it to the best of their capabilities.

Did You Know

According to Paldeck, Kingpacas often compete with each other and the one with the greatest number of Melpaccas as one’s vassals wins this contest.

Upon defeat or capture Kingpaca will drop wool and can be used as a ground mount or worker Pal at your base for gathering. Given its traits, it is not especially helpful or useful as either a worker or a mount but it can increase your max carrying capacity by a bunch.

This guide will help you find and defeat Kingpaca and get one step closer to completing your Paldeck.

Where to find Kingpaca in Palworld?

Kingpaca can be encountered as a World Boss at the coordinates 50, -460. You can reach this location by traveling Northwest from the starting location but it is significantly far.

So, we recommend unlocking the Small Settlement Fast Travel Point first and then continuing to head northwest. This will help you if you need to respawn and return to the boss fight later.


Kingpaca can also be found in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2 but that is a fairly high-level area. It is better if you go for the level 23 Alpha Pal version by defeating it in a boss fight near the starting area.

How to defeat Kingpaca

Kingpaca is a Neutral Type pal and thankfully not one of the trickier enemies to fight. But if you are struggling due to a level difference, make sure to bring a few Dark Type Pals with you to maximize your party’s damage output.

There will be a couple of Melpacas around that will join the fight make sure to take them out first before shifting your focus to Kingpaca.

Once you have managed to bring its health down to double digits, start throwing Palspheres, if the regular blue ones do not work, occasionally throw a few Mega Spheres to enhance your capture rate.

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