Best Job Combinations In Octopath Traveler 2

After accounting for their strengths and weaknesses, here are the best job combinations to choose for each character in Octopath Traveler 2.

Finding the right job combinations for all of your characters can be a bit difficult in Octopath Traveler 2. This is because every character comes with a set of two jobs, a primary job and a secondary one.

The Primary Job cannot be changed, however, you can assign a character with a Secondary Job which allows you to boost a character’s stats and give them new abilities. 

Each character has a unique primary job and aspects of these jobs can be transferred to other characters by selecting that job as a secondary job for them. The secondary jobs give the character access to an array of new abilities and skills while also boosting certain stats of the character. 

Even though there is no wrong option when choosing a secondary job, generally the best job combinations are those that help cover the weakness and type coverage of each character. 

Since there are eight different jobs for you to choose from, it can be quite confusing to determine the best ones for each character.

But not to worry as we have taken everything including character weaknesses and different attack combinations when determining the best job combinations for each character in Octopath Traveler 2. 


Best Hikari job combo in Octopath Traveler 2

Hikari has significant strengths when it comes to physical attack stats due to his Warrior job. So, pairing it with the following can help complement his strengths. 

Warrior and Merchant 

Combining both Hikari’s Warrior class with the Merchant secondary job allows you to perform amazing attack combos.  

Firstly, you can dodge enemy attacks and go on the counter-offensive by combining Vengeful Blade from the warrior job and Sidestep from the Merchant job

Secondly, the Merchant class abilities really complement Hikari’s personal abilities. You can combine Latent Power Plus and Full Power to great effect. 

This is one of the most popular Octopath Traveler 2 job combinations that almost every player likes to get for the early-mid game.

Warrior and Hunter 

The Hunter and Warrior class types are two of the best Physical attacking classes in the game. By combining both, Hikari will gain command over almost every weapon in the game. This will make him a more well-rounded and versatile option.  

The Warrior class already provides significant boosts to most of Hikari’s attack stats. When this is combined with the Take Aim and Eagle Eye abilities of the Hunter Class, Hikari can further increase damage output thanks to the added Crit. 

Best Agnea job combo in Octopath Traveler 2

Dancer and Apothecary 

Agnea’s Latent Power, All Together Now, allows her to change all the skills that only target single enemies to multi-target. By combining Agnea’s Dancer job with the Apothecary’s second job, you can really utilize this ability and make the most out of it. 

Apothecary has several healing and support abilities that when combined with Agnea’s Latent Power allow her to provide support buffs to all her allies at once. This makes her a strong support unit for your team. 

Apothecary also gives her the Healing Touch skill that when combined with her Latent Power, can be used to revive multiple allies at once. The use of this skill also comes cheap, only consuming 6 SP. 

This is significantly less than what a similar skill Revive from the Cleric secondary job would cost. The mentioned skill uses up to 40 SP. 

Dancer and Thief 

Agnea’s All Together Now Latent Power works well with the Thief’s secondary job as well. The Thief class benefits from its skills being transformed into multi-target ones. This allows you to spread out the damage and buffs they provide.  

Agnea is an excellent support unit who can use several of her abilities to provide boosts and support to ally units. But this can leave her unable to attack during some turns. 

This is where the Incidental Attack skill of the Thief class comes into play. The move allows Agnea to fight and continue supporting her allies. 

The thief class can also maximize Agnea’s already impressive speed stats to ensure that she will be the first attacker each turn. Using the Fleetfoot skill and the Surprise Attack, you can achieve a combination of impressive speed and high damage output.  

Best Throne job combo in Octopath Traveler 2 

Thief and Dancer 

The Dancer secondary job can be used to convert Throne into a support-type unit that can deliver Status Effects onto the opponent. 

The Dancer job gives her additional boosting and support abilities to complement the ones that the Thief class provides. 

This job combination allows Throne to deal impressive damage as well since her Latent power is excellent when paired with the Dancer class.  

Leave No Trace double the actions you can use each turn. This allows Throne to deliver multiple status effects and support actions each turn or attack using the second action. 

The Dancer class pairing also gives you great elemental-type coverage including Wind and Dark. 

Thief and Merchant 

This pairing can also improve Throne’s status as a support unit since the Merchant class is another secondary job that works well with her Latent Power, Leave No Trace. 

The Merchant skill’s Donate BP can be used to give your allies BP during the fight. Using Throne’s Latent Power, you can significantly increase the amount of BP transferred. 

You can do the same using the Boost-Start skill of the Merchant Class as well. This allows an ally to reach 3 BP each turn allowing them to start off the turn with a high-damage attack. 

This pairing also provides you with great weapon coverage including Polearm, Bow, Dagger, and Sword. 

Best Osvald job combo in Octopath Traveler 2 

Scholar and Cleric 

This job pairing can provide you with great elemental-type coverage and offers you a more well-rounded and versatile version of Osvald. The types covered include Fire, Lightning, Light, and Ice.  

Osvald’s Path Action, Mug, and the skills that come alongside Cleric are perfect for targeting a single opponent. Make use of the Mitigation and HP skills alongside Mug for maximum benefit. 

Alongside the elemental-type coverage, this Octopath Traveler 2 job combination will allow you to use more of these elemental attacks thanks to SP replenishing abilities. The Inner Strength and Mystical Staff are your go-to skills to spam to use more elemental skills. 

Scholar and Merchant 

Merchant is always a decent class to pair with for characters who can use the added BP to increase their damage output. This job combination relies on spamming the use of the Merchant’s Boost-Start ability to farm BP and then delivering devasting attacks during the start of a new turn. 

You can also benefit from the SP replenishing capability of the Rest skill. 

Best Temenos job combo in Octopath Traveler 2

Cleric and Scholar 

The Cleric class can help transform any character into a pseudo-support unit capable of providing support and delivering damage to the opponent. The many Mitigation and HP abilities of the Cleric class help achieve this. 

The scholar is a class with many SP-heavy skills that can be very taxing to use with other job combinations. However, with the Mystical Staff and Inner Strength skills, you can replenish your SP immediately to keep using your best skills. 

The scholar class can give Tememos access to many devastating spells. When combined with Judgment his Latent Power, which decreases the efficacy of an opponent’s shield, you can deal devasting damage. 

 Cleric and Warrior 

This job combination aims to enhance Tememos’ offensive abilities. The attack combo you’ll be using the most is the combination of his Latent Power Judgement and the Warrior class’s Aggressive Slash. Using this you will instantly shred down your enemy’s shield and leave them helpless.  

Incite will allow you to trick your enemies into attacking you, where you can then strike them with a combination of Judgement and Vengeful Blade leaving them with no shield in the process. 

Best Partito job combo in Octopath Traveler 2

Merchant and Apothecary 

The Merchant class and his latent power allow Partito to farm his BP up to the max. This can allow him to use the Dohter’s Charity, a Divine Skill that the Apothecary class provides. This move allows you to send effect items to your allies.  

The job combination will also provide him with decent elemental-type coverage as he is able to use ice and fire attacks. 

The combination also allows him to fully utilize his Merchant skills including Max BP Rehabilitate. 

Merchant and Dancer 

The combination will allow you to maximize the use of Sealticge’s Seduction as the merchant class skills will allow you to farm up BP so the move can be used during the first turn of attacks. 

The job combinations will also provide elemental-type coverage as Partitio gains access to Fire and Wind attacks that the Dance class provides. 

Ochette job combo in Octopath Traveler 2  

Hunter and Warrior  

The Warrior and Hunter classes are great pairing together since they both enhance the physical stats of a unit. The warrior class skill is a great pairing with her latent power as well. 

Use the Eagle Eye, Abide, and Take Aim attacks in combination with it to maximize your damage output. 

If the damage output wasn’t enough already Deal More Damage takes it to an even higher level by further enhancing physical attacks. 

This Octopath Traveler 2 job combination really benefits from the weapon coverage that the Hunter class provides. The weapon coverage includes Bow, Axe, Sword, and Polearms. 

Hunter and Thief 

Thief is an interesting pairing with Ochette’s Hunter job. You can maximize your haul of items since the job combination will allow you to use both the Capture and Steal skills that Hunter and Thief classes have to offer. 

The skills set that the Thief class comes with really compliments Ochette as a unit. You maximize her Crit boosting abilities and Heighten Senses skills by using them to improve the damage output of the Surprise Attack. 

This job combination also offers you excellent weapon coverage that includes Bow, Sword, Dagger, and Axe. 

Best Castti job combo in Octopath Traveler 2  

Apothecary and Cleric  

Job combinations are determined to cover all the weaknesses of a unit and the Cleric class fit the mold perfectly for the secondary job of Castti. 

Cassti is primarily a support unit whose abilities are generally aimed at supporting and healing a singular target. Combing these abilities with the mitigation skills that Cleric provides, Castti can use her skills on multiple targets. 

Apothecary and Dancer 

Similar to the previous job combination, the Dancer class will also cover one major weakness in Castti’s skillset which is her inability to provide other boosts. 

The Dancer class will help not only to change her skills to multi-target ones but also to grant boosts to allies. 

The combination of Sealticge’s Seduction and Replenish Health will allow Castti to perform party-wide healing. She will also be able to negate the status effects that enemy bosses can provide using a combination of her divine skill and Rehabilitate. 

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