Octopath Traveler 2 Cleric Job Guide

The Cleric primarily uses the Staff to deal physical damage and Light to deal elemental damage in Octopath Traveler 2.

All of the eight different characters in Octopath Traveler 2 have their own unique jobs. You can think of these jobs as their classes, which define what sort of moves they can pull off, what sort of weapons and skills they can use, and how they can impact the battle.

Each of your Octopath 2 characters starts off with one job already equipped, which is their primary job. As such, there will be eight different jobs, but you can later unlock more secondary jobs and even secret jobs for your characters.

The Cleric is one such job that is Temenos’s primary job. The main function of a character with this job is to serve as a healer/support character with the help of all the different healing skills.

As for attacking, the Cleric primarily uses the Staff to deal physical damage and Light to deal elemental damage. If you feel like Temenos isn’t really the best option and others could do better, then you have to unlock the Cleric as a secondary job.

How to unlock the Cleric job in Octopath Traveler 2

To unlock the Octopath Traveler 2 Cleric job to use with your characters, you will have to get a Cleric License by paying a visit to the Cleric Guild. Remember that you will be unlocking as a secondary job because you will already have it equipped with Temenos as his primary job.

Most of the different Guilds are found in different towns, but you will find a few in the overworld as well. Upon your first visit to a particular guild, whatever job it may be concerned with, you will automatically receive a license for that particular job to use as a secondary job with other characters – but there’s even more to it.

Along with getting a job license, you will also receive two additional quests. Completing these quests will reward you with another license each. Combine that with the license you already received upon visiting the guild, you now have three different licenses to use with three different characters.

That said, you can even apply that to Cleric’s case. You can earn up to a total of three different job licenses for the Cleric. The other two licenses can be unlocked by bringing the High Priest’s Amulet and the High Priest’s Book of Scripture to the respective Guild.

The Cleric Guild is located in the Crestlands region – specifically in Flamechurch. That said, the first thing you need to do is travel to Flamechurch.

Head east towards the Eastern Flamechurch Pass from the Flamechurch. Once you reach there, continue on the eastern path. It will snake its way north east to Bolderfall.

You will eventually find a small church structure on a cliff across a rope bridge. Inside this house, you will find the Cleric Guild.

Head inside and talk to the woman next to the statue. She is the Cleric Guild Master and the NPC who will give you a Cleric job license in Octopath Traveler 2. Speak with her to unlock the job for any character of your choosing.

How to unlock Temenos’ Cleric EX skill in Octopath 2

Each of your characters in Octopath 2, with their own specific primary jobs, also have their own specific EX-Skills related to their jobs. These are highly useful skills that you can use to change the tide of the battle but will require an effort to unlock. An important thing to note, however, is that only the jobs’ primary users can unlock these EX Skills.

Each character has two different EX Skills that come with their jobs. The first EX skill is a bit of a trouble to unlock, as you must find a hidden altar. The second EX Skill can be easily unlocked by completing the character’s story chapters.

Temenos’s two EX Skills include the Prayer for Plenty and the Heavenly Shrine. The Heavenly Shrine is the second EX Skill, to unlock which you would have to complete Temenos’s story.

  • Prayer for Plenty EX Skill: Restores the HP of an individual unit.
  • Heavenly Shrine EX Skill: Depending on the amount of SP used, the skill does Light elemental damage to enemies.

To unlock the Prayer for Plenty EX Skill, you will have to find the Flamebringer Altar. As for the Flamebringer Altar’s location, you can find it in the Bolderfall Church. This is the same location where you can find the Cleric Guild Master to acquire the license.

To reach this location, you have to start from Bolderfall in the Crestlands region and travel northeast across the bridge.

Head inside the Bolderfall Church and make your way to the back where there is a bookshelf. The Flamebringer Altar is located on its left.

Interact with the Flamebringer Altar specifically with Temenos and you will unlock the Prayer for Plenty EX Skill.

Cleric active skills

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Holy LightDeals Light elemental damage to a single enemy target. Light6
Mystical StaffUses a staff attack on an individual enemy twice, while stealing SP worth 10% of the damage dealt by the attackStaff6
LuminescenceDeals Light elemental damage to all enemiesLight14
Heal WoundsRestores the whole party’s HPN/A15
Prayer to the FlameIncreases an individual unit’s physical and elemental defense stats for  2 turnsN/A8
Sacred ShieldGives a shield to a character that reduces damage taken from the next attack by half. N/A10
ReviveRevives the whole partyN/A40

Cleric divine skill

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Aelfric’s BlessingAllows a character to do an extra act for each turn for a maximum of three turns. N/A30

Cleric support skills

SkillDescriptionSkills Required
Evil WardGrants a higher chance of fleeing a battle.6
Inner StrengthIncreases your max SP by 50. 5
ResilienceIncreases the amount of healing done by a character. 4
Rise AgainAllows a downed character to recover 25% of their HP. This is going to activate only once per battle. 7

Best characters for the Cleric job in Octopath 2

The main function of characters that equip the Cleric as their primary or secondary job is to serve as healers or support characters. Temenos already serves as a good character for this job with the help of his EX Skills, but you can equip even more characters with the Cleric as a secondary job.

The best character for the Cleric job in Octopath 2 includes Osvald and Agnea. Agnea’s primary job is a Dancer, while Osvald’s primary job is a Scholar, but both of them can use the Cleric job at its full potential.

Agnea can help her allies by healing and buffing them up with the Cleric job equipped. On the other hand, Oswald can make good use of the Light elemental attacks that come with the Cleric job. Combine that with his already huge skillset, and you’ve got a dangerous character on your hands.

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