Octopath Traveler 2 Apothecary Job Guide

Characters equipped with the Apothecary job act as a supporting characters to remove afflictions in Octopath Traveler 2.

Apothecary is another primary job that can be equipped as a secondary job for your characters in Octopath Traveler 2. These characters are usually the ones who are single-target healers but with poison capabilities.

This is Castti’s primary job. Characters equipped with the Apothecary job act as a supporting characters that can remove afflictions and also debuff enemies.

Characters with the Apothecary Job are equipped with an axe as their weapon. They can also use the element of Ice to cause damage using the ‘Icicle’ Active Skill.

To equip a character with the Apothecary Job besides Castti, you will need to unlock it as a Secondary Job.

How to unlock the Apothecary job in Octopath Traveler 2

The Apothecary secondary job can be unlocked by receiving its license from a Guild Master.

As for the Apothecary Guild location, it is in the Conning Creak of the Harborlands region. To travel there, go to Canalbrine until you reach the Canalbrine Bridge.

Continue down till you reach the Western Conning Creek Coast. Here you will encounter the Apothecary Guild Master. Converse with him to obtain the Apothecary License. After receiving the Apothecary License, you can use it as a secondary job for any of your characters. 

How to unlock Casttis’ Apothecary EX skill in Octopath 2

In Octopath Traveler 2, each character can be equipped with an EX Skill related to their primary job. These skills are exclusive only to their primary users and prove to be helpful during the battle.

Castti EX Skills include the Drastic Measures and the Remedy. The second EX skill, Remedy requires you to complete Castti’s story.

  • Drastic Measures EX Skill: Deals damage using an axe on an individual enemy and also renders their defenses against status ailments useless.
  • Remedy EX Skill: Positive status effects or any individual unit that can be 3, 5, 7, or 9

You can unlock the Drastic Measures EX skill by visiting the Altar of the Charitable also known as Castti’s Altar. The Castti Altar location is the Northern Conning Creek Cost.

To reach this location, you have to start from Conning Creek in the Harborlands region and exit the town by traveling west. Once you reach a save point, start heading north to reach the Northern Conning Creek Cost.

Apothecary active skills

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Poison AxeEnemies take physical and poison damage with your axe attacks. Axe12
Sweeping CaveDeals physical damage caused by an axe on all enemiesAxe9
IcicleAll the members of the enemy’s party receive Ice damageIce7
Weak to PoisonAn enemy’s poison status remains for two turns. N/A4
RehabilitateFor 2 turns, protects a single member from status ailmentsN/A10
Replenish HealthProvides an individual unit with HP for their next 3 turnsN/A9
Healing TouchRestores a single member’s HPN/A6

Apothecary divine skill

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Dohter’s CharityIncreases the reach of your items for 3 turns making you able to exert effects on all members of the enemy’s partyN/A30

Apothecary support skills

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
Preventive MeasureAny character with this support skill won’t be affected by Enfeebling Effects for their first 3 turns in a fight74630 JP
Vigorous VictorRestores 30% HP and SP after winning a fight. 4130 JP
Inspiriting BreakRestores all the SP of an individual unit61630 JP
Hale and HeartySP is increased by 5005630 JP

Best characters for the Apothecary job in Octopath 2

Characters with the Apothecary Job are good debuffs to the enemies. Throne is an agile thief and can make use of the Poisoning ability effectively while also working well with the Apothecary support skills.

Partitio can collect BP for allies with the Apothecary secondary job while Agnea can use her Dance Session skill to make the Apothecary skills available to all her allies.  

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