Octopath Traveler 2 Hunter Job Guide

The Hunter job in Octopath Traveler 2 is a powerful physical attacker with the help of bows and axes as well as lightning elemental attacks.

The Hunter class is a powerful physical attacker that has an Axe and Bow to deal damage in Octopath Traveler 2. For Elemental Damage, Hunters are bestowed with the power of the Lightning element.

A Hunter is a reliable attacker that can inflict immense Physical damage with each precision-filled shot. A hunter can also capture a foe after defeating them as there is almost a quarter percent chance of auto-capture for him.

To make out the best of Hunter’s abilities, you need to know all about her skills and whether to pair her up with a Thief, Dancer, Cleric, or someone else. But before getting into that you must know how and where to get the Hunter Job

How to unlock the Hunter job in Octopath Traveler 2

The Primary User with the Octopath Traveler 2 Hunter Job is Ochette who takes on the job as soon as she learns about the deadly ‘Night of the Sacrlet Moon’. Being a hunter, she sets out to find the Creatures of Legend that are predicted to stop this disaster and can save her friends and her home.

If you wish to equip the Hunter secondary Job for another character, you need the Hunter License by talking to a Hunter Guild Master.

Go to the Toto’haha and select Beating Bay Anchorage. From there, you need to travel to the Western Tropu’hopu Traverse where you will find the Hunter Guild Master. Initiating a conversation with him will provide you with the Hunter’s License.   

How to unlock Ochette’s Hunter EX skill in Octopath 2

For EX Skill and to reach the Altar of Huntress location, you need to make your way to Western Tropu’hopu Traverse. This is a relatively easy location to reach.

Once there, head inside to learn Indomitable Beast which allows Ochette to increase his Speed, Evasion, and Physical Attack for three turns.

Hunter active skills

A Hunter has 7 Active Skills specific to the Job in addition to the 1 Divine Skill that is earned after acquiring all the Active Skills.

The first two Active Skills: Precise Shot and Thunder Bird, are present by default while the rest can be purchased in any order using Job Points.

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Precise ShotBow Attack on the foe for two times in a rowBow2 SP
ThunderbirdLightning-based elemental damage to one enemyLightning7 SP
Mercy StrikeBow Attack on a foe, if it is lethal then the foe is left with only 1 HPBow4 SP
Take AimAll allies will have greater Accuracy and Critical stats for the next 2 turnsBuff8 SP
Abating OrbAn attack by the enemy is rendered uselessDebuff9 SP
Leghold TrapForce an enemy to be the last to act for the next two turns.Debuff10 SP
Cleaving BowYou get a positive status effect based on the enemy type.Axe12 SP

The best skills to prioritize first are the Cleaving Bow and the Leghold Trap respectively.

Cleaving Bow is the strongest single-target skill you will have and Leghold Trap lets you manipulate the turn order which can make or break the battle.

Hunter divine skill

In Octopath Traveler 2, after acquiring all the Active Skills, you can acquire the Divine Skill for Hunter’s Job which will cost you 5000 Job Points to unlock. This skill is called Draefendi’s Bow and provides a specialized bow attack.

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Draefendi’s BowA powerful bow attack on all foes x3Bow30 SP

Hunter support skills

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
Heighten SensesIncreases the chances of you acting first in battle but it is not feasible if you equip different characters with this skill because it cannot be stacked up4 skills130 JP
Eagle EyeCritical stat increases by 50 for a character.5 skills630 JP
More Rare MonstersIncreases chances of encountering rare monsters which can raise the EXP and JP when defeated. Cannot be stacked6 skills1630 JP
Salt the WoundThe character has half a chance of acting two times in a fight but this effect cannot be stacked as well7 skills4630 JP

Best characters for the Hunter job in Octopath 2

Hikari is the best character you can pick for the Octopath Traveler 2 Hunter job. Hikari is also a strong Physical Attacker like Ochette and he can provide access to the weapons that are not provided in Hunter’s job.

Throne, as a Thief, is the queen of debuffing and after taking on Hunter as a secondary job she can use Leghold Trap to make the enemy act last. This adds insult to injury.

Agnea is also a good option for Hunter’s secondary job. Her ‘Dance Session’ skill will allow you to summon and add an allured person to your team.

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